Robert Allen (Bobby) Kelly

West Springfield, MA

Spouse - Debbi

E-mail -

High School Activities - Hi-Y (12); Band (10), (11), (12); Student Council (10), (11); Senior Council (12)

Information as of late 2001:

Spouse: Debbi (Boone Class of '74, married since 1975). She's a stay-at-home mom who also works with troubled kids.

Kids: Geoff (23) - trumpet major at Westfield State University, in Army Reserve playing trumpet with the 94th Band.
.......April (22) - taking a hiatus from college (marketing major), working for Cigna.
.......Robby (13) - 8th grader.
.......Briana (6) - 1st grader.
.......Jose (19) - foster child.

Job: Bobby's in the electrical field, switching from wholesale supply to manufacturing seven years ago when I joined Siemens as a sales engineer. He has a home office, but travels throughout Massachusetts (less travel since they downsized in October 2001). He still plays music for fun and money, teaches occasionally and judges band contests for several regional and two national circuits (DCI and USSBA).

Other Information - There are a pair of small "then" and "now" photos of Bobby on, that don't reproduce well here. You can view them on that site, along with the following which he wrote:

"I always enjoyed Hell Night ... raising the chicken on Edgewater's flagpole ... weekend football games at Lake Como ... cruisin with Eddie McQuain and other friends, the Steak & Shake, beach, etc...."

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