Curtis Grace

Orlando, FL

Spouse - Kathy

E-mail -

High School Activities - Torch Society (10); Band (10), (11), (12 - Quartermaster)

Other Information - Curtis writes in

(2000) I am still living in Orlando and work for the City of Altamonte Springs in the Information Systems Division. I'm married to the former Kathy Noble and have two daughters. Katie, who is almost 18, just graduated from Boone (2000), and her sister Sarah is going to be a sophomore. I am still playing trumpet in a brass ensemble and sometimes quintet at 1st Presbyterian Church of Orlando. My biggest avocation for the last 14 years has been as a softball umpire. I do both fast and slow pitch at all levels from the U.S. National Team to High School and rec leagues. I've done 11 ASA Nat'l Championships, the Jr. College Nat'l Championship and am one of 250 or so umpires certified to represent the U.S. in International competition.

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