Barbara Braswell Chapman

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Snellville, GA

Spouse - Wayne Chapman

E-mail -

Previous High School - Kaiserslautern American High School, Germany (10), (11)

High School Activities - Host Nation Club (11); FTA (10), (11); German Club (12)

February, 2002:

I am married to Wayne Chapman and we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this December. We have two children, both married. Lori, our youngest, has been married for two years to a Baptist Youth Minister. Joseph has been married for three years and is the father of our two grandsons, Eli, two years old and Zach, 8 months old. I am actively enjoying being a Me Maw.

I'm a small group leader with our church, the Atlanta Vineyard Christian Fellowship, and I love to do counted cross-stitch.

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