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Dear Classmates:

For photos of the 2005 Reunion - Classes of 1969-1970-1971, click on 2005 Reunion Photos.

On a sad note, since our 30th reunion we've become aware of more of our class members who have died - Dora Carter, Ken Ditto, Sheila Heidgerken Sanchez, Janet Johanson Douglas, Clay Mesa, Chuck Mosley, Barry Sample, Craig Sikes, Rodney Stienstra and Libby Sylvester Jones. They join John Archambault, Clyde D'Orsay, Richard Hodgskin, Pam Johnson Davis, Robert Knight, Patty Lou Kreidler, Phil Merrick, Michael P. Murphy, Harry Patiry, Frances Powe, Gerald Schrader, Terry Sills and Richard Smeltzer. We miss them greatly.

There are too many "lost" alumni - those for whom we don't have a current address. There are also several whom we've tried to contact, but they don't respond to snail mail and/or e-mail (so we don't know if the addresses we have are correct for them). Please take a look at and if you know how to get in touch with anyone on the list, please let me know. We want as many as possible to be kept informed.

This site is not only a bulletin board for announcements to members of the Class of 71, but is also an "on-line directory", containing e-mail addresses and biographical information for the people who were a part of our class. This includes some who were with us for some of the earlier years, and then wound up actually graduating from another school. To get to the list of Alumni, just click on the link below.

You can get in touch with me at Hope to hear from you.

Gayle Prince Rajtar

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