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John 5:39, "Search the scriptures; for ... they ... testify of me." --- Jesus
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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:"   (Prov. 17:22)
"... the joy of the LORD is your strength."   (Neh. 8:10)

There are many Biblical Truths that should be hammered home to our children. I will attempt to very lovingly answer some intensely difficult questions in a simple but Biblically Sound manner. We are living in a day and age of Moral Relativism where everyone does that which is Right In Their Own Eyes. Just as the nail seems to have a mind of it's own, so do our children. And this is the way it should be. However, it is up to us, as parents, to teach them God's way. Therefore, this attempt to drive home the Truths of God's Word.

016 - Did God accept the Church's choosing of Matthias to replace Judas or did He reject that and choose Paul. In other words, what 12 names will be in the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 22::14).

015 - What about the heathen who has never heard the Gospel? Will they be saved if they merely believe in a Supreme Being (God), so long as they are sincere?

014 - What Does The Fish Sign With The Word "Ichthus" (Greek "ICQUS") Inside It Mean?

013 - Can You So Sin As To Lose Your Salvation?

012 - How Can I Forgive Myself And Get Rid of The Guilt Feelings?
               (Question From A Preacher)

011 - Should Christians Support The Death Penalty?

010 - Where Did Cain Get His Wife?

009 - Is It Possible That A Christians Can Live Under God's Curse?

008 - Is Jesus Really God And If So, How Do You Know?

007 - When Praying (Invocations / Benedictions) In Public Meetings, Should Christians Always Pray In The Name of "Jesus"?

006 - Since Cain Brought The Fruit of The Ground (His Profession), Why Did God Reject His Offering?

005 - Does The Devil Have Any Characteristics That Christians Should Imitate?

004 - Is Iraq Mentioned In The Bible And Is It Important In Bible Prophecy?

003 - What Is Your Opinion of The O. J. Simpson Verdict?

002 - Is There Ever A Point With God Where You've Continued A Pattern of Sin To The Point Where God Will No Longer Forgive You?

001 - If A Child Molester or A Mass Murderer Is On Death Row, And Is Saved, "Born Again," Should He Be Pardoned From Death Row?

If You Are Not Saved, Nothing Else Matters
There Is No Second Chance After Death!
Hebrews 9:27

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