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John 5:39, "Search the scriptures; for ... they ... testify of me." --- Jesus
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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:"   (Prov. 17:22)
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A. UFOs have had a collective impact upon America as well as The Entire World.

1. Belief in the reality of UFOs is spreading rapidly in all areas of society throughout the world.

2. Many believe that they represent advanced life forms form deep in space.

B. The magnitude of an experience of a close encounter with a UFO is an enormously shattering Physical, Spiritual, and Psychological ordeal.

1. Some people have even died following a contact with UFOs.

2, The trauma has effects that go far beyond what the witness recalls consciously.

C. Yet, in America, there is the "Hope" that contact with Highly Evolved and Advanced but supposedly Benevolent entities would allegedly Save Our Planet From Destruction.

1. Around the world there is now Hope and Support for Contact With Alien Life.

2. In the scientific community there is an Extensive Search For Extraterrestrial Life called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

3. On October 12, 1992, NASA began the largest radio telescope search for extraterrestrial life in history.

("In just the first 60 seconds, NASA investigated more intensively than in all previous searches combined.")

D. Sociologist David Swift observes that the Underlying Message of the UFO phenomenon is clear --- that the creators of this "awesome object" (the UFO) have Incredible Knowledge and Power. He concedes the common hope that such knowledge and power might be applied toward Helping Humanity Solve Its Universal Problems. "This is an alluring message, and it will beocme more attractive with each failure of conventional attempts to solve our complex porblems. The thought of Salvatikon From The Sky is likely to grow in appeal."

E. Many UFO researchers believe that the UFO entities are Deliberately Programming Their Human Observers with falso information in order to hide their true nature and purpose.

1. UFOs are purposely hoping to "Change Our Belief System".

2, They are engaging in a "Worldwide Enterprise of Subliminal Seduction."

F. Please keep an Open Mind on this subject.

1. A Thousand years ago, men believed that the Earth Was Flat.

2. Five Hundred years ago, men believed that the Earth Was The Center of The Universe.

3. Two Hundred & Fifty years ago, men believed that "it was impossible for Stones To Fall From The Sky because there are no stones in the sky."

4. One Hundred years ago, men believed that there would never be Electric Lights In The Home.

5. Less Than One Hundred years ago, men believed that Man Could Never Fly.

6. Less Than Fifty years ago, men believed that Man Would Never Set Foot On The Moon.

7. Less Than Twenty-Five years ago, men believed that the Stories About UFO's circling the globe and landing on the earth Were Hoaxes, hallucinations, optical illusions, plasma discharge swamp gas, reflection of the sun through thin ice fog, or secret military space craft.

G. Because it is Sometimes So Unbelievable, the truth sometimes escapes becoming known.

I. UFOs Have Been Tracked On Radar, Fired On By Jet Fighter Planes, Photographed Hundreds of Times, And Left Indisputable Evidence When Landing on The Ground.

A. Fifteen Million Americans --- 11% of The Adult Population --- Claim To Have Seen A UFO.

1. President Jimmy Carter.

2. Senator Barry Goldwater.

3. Dr. J. Allen Hynek --- former chairman of astronomy at Northwestern University.

4. Astronaut John Young.

5. Prince Philip of England.

6. Mayor Donald Keyhoe during the Gemini 1 space shot.

7. Astronaut James McDivitt sighted three UFOs during his four day flight.

8. Gemini 5, 10, & 11 had similar experiences.

9. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

10. Aeronautical Engineers --- Airport Traffic Controllers --- Weather Bureau Observers --- FBI Agents --- State, County, and City Police --- Official Photographers --- Private Pilots --- Crews from American, United, Eastern, Pan American, Northwestern, Western, and Trans World Airlines --- U. S. Air Force.

B. Author Ed Vollowe says Every Generation in history, Except One, has a recorded reference to a UFO --- the one exception being the generation when Christ walked this earth.

C. On January 24, 1878, a Texas farmer, John Martin, reported spotting a circular object flying over his property at a high rate of speed --- airplanes were not invented by the Wright Brothers until 1903.

D. Modern interest in UFOs were initiated on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold, a Boise, Idaho businessman was flying his private plane over Mount Rainier. Traveling at an altitude of 10,000 feet he spotted a formation of bright aircraft coming from the vicinity of Mount Baker. So rapid was their speed that he assumed the craft were experimental jets being tested by the United States Air Force. As they came closer he was able to clock their speed at an incredible 1,300 miles per hour. Also, he noticed these metallic objects had no visible wings nor tails. Somewhat bewildered by the experience he reported it to the Air Force, who in return, informed him that they were not testing any experimental machinery that day. Newspapers across the country picked up his report and UFOs became front page news. When asked what the unidentified objects looked like, Arnold said, "like saucers flying through the air." --- FLYING SAUCER

II. Theories Concerning U.F.O.s:

A. METEOR --- Space "Junk" Theory.

1. UFOs have been reported Changing Direction and Angle in mid-air, a feat which cannot be matched by meteors.

2. UFOs have remained Stationary and visible For Hours on end. Such an occurrence is contrary to the nature of meteor activity.

3. UFOs have been clocked at speeds under 130 Miles Per Hour. Meteors travel at a minimum speed of 27,000 Miles Per Hour.


1. Many so-called UFO sightings Are Indeed mistaken natural phenomena:

a. Weather balloons --- Kites --- Blimps

b. Satellites

c. Temperature inversions --- Swamp gas, etc.

2. The United States Air Force's Project Blue Book stated that although this theory accounted for a majority of the sightings, it Could Not Explain Them All.

3. It Is This 6.5% That Remain Unsolved That We Want To Discuss.

C. MAN-MADE theory.

1. UFOs are Governmental Aircraft.

2. Both Russia and the United States feared that they belonged to the other.

3. However, Air Craft Cannot maneuver like the reported UFOs --- Human (Physical) Beings, no matter how advanced, are still Governed By Physical Laws.


1. The National Science Foundation reported last year that 47% of the citizenry of this country believe it is likely that some of the U.F.O.s reported are really space vehicle their civilizations (Time Magazine 12/1/87).

2. However, photos returned by our Mariner space probe of Mars in 1969 indicate that not only is Mars uninhabited, but it is Uninhabitable.

3. Venus, according to the results of a recent Explorer rocket to that planet, is believed to have temperatures up to 800 Degrees.

4. No life could be sustained on Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or distant Pluto where temperatures dip hundreds of degrees below zero.

5. Scientists have been Unable to find another planet, besides Earth, where there are Oceans, the main ingredient necessary for sustaining human life.

6. Traveling at the rate of one million miles a day, it would take 70,000 years to reach the Nearest Star --- if they come from Another Galaxy, then they come from a locale at least Two Million Light-Years Away.

7. Physical Being, no matter how advanced, are still governed by Physical Laws.

8. SPACE IS NOT A VACUUM, but contains cosmic gas, dust and particles. It is calculated that there is about one hydrogen atom per cubic centimeter, plus bits of dust and other material. A space vehicle traveling at a speed close to that of light, would collide with this space-material in the form of radiation --- and that with an impact of several hundred atom-smashers, say Professor Edward Purcell, the Nobel laureate of Harvard.

9. Two of the most respected and qualified researchers on the subject, Vallee and Hynek have Completely Discarded the theory that they come from another galaxy.

"If UFOs are indeed somebody else's nuts and bolts hardware, then we must still explain how such tangible hardware can Change Shape before our eyes, Vanish in a Cheat manner (not even leaving a grin), seemingly Melt Away in front of us, or apparently "Materialize" mysteriously before us without apparent detection by persons nearby or in neighboring towns. We must wonder too, Where UFOs Are "Hiding" when not manifesting themselves to human eyes."

10. No Extraterrestrial Theory is credible, Except where it can be Interpreted In A Spiritual Context (para-physical).

E. The PARAPHYSIAL Alternative.

1. The real question has never been the Validity of UFOs. It is their Nature that has been pondered.

2. RAF Air Marshall Lord Dowding in 1955 said concerning UFOs:

a. They are Paraphysial in nature. They are not made of matter as we know it, but are spiritual in substance.

b. They can render themselves invisible to human eyes. They have the ability to materialize and Dematerialize at will.

c. They are Immortal in nature. The UFOs are not flying saucers as such, but are mortal beings who can manifest themselves in various forms, including human form.

3. Author and Astrophysicist, Morris K. Jessup came to the conclusion that UFOs are paraphysial manifestations.

4. Kenneth Arnold after much research stated: "UFOs are Not Extraterrestrial, but are some form of "living energy" which is paraphysial or spiritual in nature and design.

5. Dr. Ivan T. Saunderson, a noted biologist and anthropologist, and Dr. Jacques Vallee, studied the extraterrestrial theory for years, but finally turned to the paraphysial hypothesis as the conclusive answer.

6. On May 3, 1969, RAF Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard delivered a lecture at Caxton Hall in London in which he stated the UFOs originate from beyond our own time frame and time cycle (the spirit world), but are not from outer space.

7. The United States Air Force Project Blue Book made some similar observations. Their research disclosed that:

UFOs have been clocked at Supersonic Speeds within the earth's atmosphere Without Producing A Sonic Boom. Such a feat could only be possible if UFOs were spiritual in nature. UFOs have been observed performing Impossible Turns And Maneuvers that defy the laws of inertia. Several have been spotted Plunging Into The Ocean Without Parting The Water or Causing A Splash. Others have Appeared and Disappeared from the view of scores of witnesses. The United States government has learned that the majority of all sighting throughout history have been objects of transparency or translucent in structure, Able To Change Size And Shape. Many appear simply as bright shining lights.

8. The "Condon Report" published by an Air Force sponsored scientific group at the University of Colorado, under the direction of Dr. E. U. Condon (Jan. 1969) arrived at Three Significant Conclusions:

a. There is no hard evidence that UFO space ships are from extraterrestrial civilizations.

b. The objects seen in the sky, and sometimes on the ground, were just as "material" as any other physical objects, although maybe only temporarily so.

c. The sightings of UFOs, spaceships and aircraft and their occupants should be attributed to Paraphysial Phenomena. That is UFOs belong to the same categories as seances, spiritist movements, etc. In short, they're Paraphysial.

9. Author Lynn E. Catoe says: "A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with Mysticism and the Metaphysical. It deals with subjects like Mental Telepathy, Automatic Writing, and Invisible Entities, as well as phenomena like Poltergeist manifestations and Possession ... many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to Demonic Possession and Psychic Phenomena which has long been known to theologians and parapsychologists."

10. Even Agnostic John Keel says: "Nearly all those who have finally come to an understanding of the true nature of the phenomenon have quietly abandoned the subject Because they found it impossible to articulate their findings and make the incredible (seem) credible. They were not silenced by the CIA or Air Force ... They were Rendered Mute By the Awesome And Overwhelming Realization That Man Is Not Alone; That The Human Race Is Merely A Trifling Part of Something Much Bigger."

11. Keel goes on to say that The Only Hypothesis that can answer the question posed by all the sightings, is the paraphysial one.

12. Eph. 6:12-13, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (places). Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."

Now, The Big Question, --- Is It Possible

That Demonic Spirits Could Be The

Answer To This Phenomenal?

We Shall See:

UFO entities are not physical beings from material worlds deep in space.

UFO beings are not extraterrestrials but part of the world of the occult.

The "Nonphysical" character of UFOs is overwhelming.

If You Are Not Saved, Nothing Else Matters
There Is No Second Chance After Death!
Hebrews 9:27

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