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   Family Violence Quiz
   Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Characteristics

"He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love." --- (SofS 2:4)
Travis Case, Pastor/Teacher          Northgate Baptist Church          F.E.A.S.T Ministries

   True - False

01. _____ _____ Most battered women don't leave their abusive partner.

02. _____ _____ Beating someone is a crime.

03. _____ _____ Alcohol abuse causes family violence.

04. _____ _____ Workers in battered women's shelters tell the women what to do and take all the steps for them.

05. _____ _____ Shelters in Texas serve men only.

06. _____ _____ Battering and sexual abuse are closely linked in many families.

07. _____ _____ More children are served in battered women's shelters than are adults.

08. _____ _____ Some women are responsible for the fact that their mates beat them.

09. _____ _____ Statistically, people are safer on the street than inside their own homes.

10. _____ _____ Family violence occurs only in lower socioeconomic families.

11. _____ _____ Nationally, the FBI estimates that one out of five women will be physically abused at some point in her life by a man with whom she lives.

12. _____ _____ Battered women generally share characteristics, qualities, or behavior that can explain wife beating.

13. _____ _____ Most abusive husbands do not batter their wives during pregnancy.

14. _____ _____ Often men who abuse their wives change their behavior on their own.

15. _____ _____ Studies indicate that those husbands who do seek help in attempting to change violent behavior, do so when the wife is living in the home.

16. _____ _____ Children often act out after a family violence incident at home.

17. _____ _____ Children who witness violence between parents are more likely as adults to engage in violence with their own partners.

18. _____ _____ Non-violent sexual behavior between a child and an adult is not damaging to the child.

19. _____ _____ In at least one-third of the homes where the mother is beaten, the children are also abused.

20. _____ _____ The extent to which a wife believes the violence to be her responsibility is often the extent to which she will stay in a violent marriage.

21. _____ _____ Battered women usually tell friends and family about the violence.

22. _____ _____ Battered women usually stay in an abusive marriage because of the affection they feel for the man.



Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence




A. Domestic disturbance calls have traditionally been the Least Favorite Call for officers to respond to --- Because of:

1. The Unpredictability of domestic situations,

2. Some officers believe that family arguments should be Private Affairs and not police business.

3. Some officers even believe that the Victims of abuse Probably Deserved whatever happened to them.

B. Officers need specialized training in Conflict Intervention and Conflict Management.

1. In the past Officer Survival was the Primary Focus of domestic abuse training.

2. Today's officers need to understand the very Nature of Domestic Violence --- not the reason for any one particular argument, but the Continuing Cycle of Violence.

3. Many Departmental Domestic Violence Procedures have been considered Unsympathetic, Inadequate, or Improper Response to domestic abuse.

C. Police concern about Civil Liability is a great motivating factor for developing domestic abuse policies.

They must understand abuse laws and their department policies that apply to domestic violence.

D. Mandatory or Pro-Arrest policies are highly Controversial --- however, their Immediate Effects are easily recognizable:

a. Mandatory Arrest Policy is that the officer Shall Arrest in an abuse situation, anytime an arrest is allowed by law.

b. Pro-Arrest Policy differs only slightly, in that Arrest Is The Preferred, rather than the Mandated, response.

1. Effectiveness --- A clear message is sent to the abuser that Domestic Violence Will Not Be Tolerated, thus reducing repeat calls.

2. Victim's Safety ---

a. The Victim is informed about the police response to domestic violence, and about options that help the victim to prevent further abuse.

b. The Suspect is arrested whenever allowed by law, providing the victim with the best protection possible for their immediate physical safety.

3. Officer Safety --- The suspect and victim are immediately separated.

a. Arguments are not given a chance to escalate.

b. Arrest are made as mandated by policy or law.

c. Officers maintain complete control of the situation.

E. Several states currently require departments to implement domestic abuse policies.

1. Disputes involving Physical Violence are being handled as Criminal Acts in most states, and are being investigated accordingly.

2. Many states have changed their laws to make all forms of domestic abuse a crime.

F. Lt. Jack McGrady of the Nantucket (Massachusetts) Police Department says: "Our court, while seeing an Increase In Arrests for abuse cases after the implementation of the pro-arrest policy, is seeing a Decrease In Repeat Offenders."

G. In Massachusetts the officer must:

1. Explain to the abuse victim their Rights and their Options.

2. Assist the victim by activating the emergency judicial system whenever the court is closed for business.

3. Inform the victim that the abuser (if arrested) will be eligible for bail and may be promptly released.

4. Arrest any person the officer witnesses violating, or has probable cause to believe has violated, a court order regarding abuse.

5. Arrest shall be the Preferred Response whenever an officer Witnesses or has Probable Cause to believe that a person has committed a felony or abuse-related misdemeanor.

H. An Officer's Discretion to arrest should Not Be Influenced by:

1. The Victim's Request that the abuser not be arrested.

2. Speculation that the victim may not pursue prosecution.

3. Verbal Assurances that the violence will stop.

I. It is Essential For The Victim's Safety that officers:

1. Know what constitutes abuse according to their particular state law.

2. Know what relationship, if any (between victim and abuser), is required by state law for abuse to exist.

3. Know when he can enter a private premise.

4. Know what actions he is required to take.

5. Know what assistance they should provide to the victim.

a. The officer does not need to become involved in the victim's psychological counseling.

b. Should be able to pass on information about other agencies.

J. Domestic violence is a Community Problem which requires a Community Response --- of which the police are only one facet.

1. The police need to be backed up by their community with adequate services.

2. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence --- (1-800-333-7233)



Characteristics of Domestic Violence





Found in all socioeconomic levels, educational, and racial groups.



Poor impulse control, explosive temper, low frustration tolerance.

Long suffering, martyr-like endurance.

Combination of poor impulse control and martyr-like.

Can appear to be normal family man in public or to boss.

Show signs of stress and psychosomatic complaints.

Depression, signs of stress, high absence from school.

Emotional dependency, subject to secret depressions known only to family.

Economic and emotional dependency subject to depression, high risk for secret use of drugs, alcohol, home accidents.

Economic and emotionally dependent, runaway, isolation, loneliness, fear.

Very now oriented, wants immediate rewards.

Travels miles on tiny bits of reinforcement.

Poor impulse control, hope that things will improve.

Big ego, needs constant reinforcement, not always noticeable outside family.

Unsure of own ego needs, defines self in terms of family, job.

Unsure of self.

Low self-esteem, disappointed in career even if successful by other standards.

Low self-esteem, continually hopes that mate will get lucky break.

Low self-esteem.

Promises to do better in the future.

Unrealistic hope and belief in promises.

Mixture of hope and depression.

Believes self to have poor social skills, closest friend his own mate, few friends outside family.

Socially isolated, even loss of contact with own family.

Increased social isolation, peer isolation.

Extremely jealous, fears being cheated on.

Can never convince partner of loyalty.

Feels must prove self as mother does.

Checks up on mate, checks mileage, frequent calls home.

Accepts all blame, unable to assess danger.

Poor definition of personal boundaries.

Believes forcible behavior will save family.

Believes acceptance of violence will lead to working out problems.

May assume violence is normal.

May not experience guilt.

Accepts guilt, thinks mate can't help it.

Blames self for family feuds.

General history of family violence.


Continues family violence into adulthood.

Participates in pecking order violence.


Same, also may include pets as targets.

Assaultive skills improve with age and experience but anger potential rises also.

May learn to divert some violence but becomes careless about seriousness of danger, judgement deteriorates.

Uses violence as problem solving technique.

Demanding and often times assaultive in sexual activities, sometimes punishes with abstinence, at times experiences impotence.

Poor sexual self-image, assumes role is to accept totally partner's sexual behavior, attempts to punish partner with abstinence result in abuse.

Poor sexual image, unclear about appropriate behavior, confuses model identification.

Controls by threatening homicide and/or suicide, often attempts one or both when partner separates, known to complete either or both.

Frequently contemplates suicide, history of minor attempts, occasionally completes either suicide or homicide of partner.

Heightened suicide attempts, increased thoughts of doing away with self and/or murdering parents, prone to negligence and carelessness.

If You Are Not Saved, Nothing Else Matters

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