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Veerappan's IT Related Demands:

1) 205GB of Data Transfer to Tamil Nadu through Cauvery link.
2) Mandatory programming language in Karnatake should be Tamil.
3) e-Statue for Thriuvalluvar in www.tamils@b'
4) ISDN internet connection for Tamils who were affected by the Cauvery Delink protocol.
5) All the people arrested by Internet Police on TADA (Trade Affecting Data Acquisition) should be released.
6) All the Task Force Anti Virus softwares/hardwares to disabled. And compensation should be paid for all the Viruses denied access by this software/hardware.
7) Handover Bill Gates to me, because his OS has failed my despatch, twice.
8) Highway corridor from Bangalore and Chennai to Mudumalai forest.
9) 75% of Wipro and Infosys shares to be transferred to my name.
10) ITPL registration should be done without any formalities for his company VIPRO (Veerappan IT Products).
( Author-Anonymous!!!,     Contributed by: Betty.A.M.(a TCSer, @ Denver)



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