Padmaja & Gurjeet

Warm welcome to Gurjeet Singh & Padmaja, a 'Very Special Couple of Schenectady'

(An article by Atlur Nagaraj, Nov'15, 2000)

What would be the simplest job on this earth? The answer would be to write two separate memoirs for Gurjeet and Padmaja. All you have to do is a "cut and paste". They share so many traits. They are funny, easy going, the list of common adjectives would go on and on. And are good organizers. They took the lead, I am told, for organizing the TCS PICNIC' 1999.

And when they are different, their traits are complimentary. For example, Padmaja likes to cook and Gurjeet to eat. Infact, if what Padmaja has told me is true, Gurjeet has more than doubled after marriage :-). And this, Believe it or not, troubles him quite a bit.

In fact, an introduction for both of them would not be necessary for the old timers here at Schenectady and their love blossomed in the woods around Niskayuna. I have heard of rumors that used to circulate when their love was a little more "secretive". It was in the TCS Picnic'1999 that many people started observing them as a couple. But now they are back where it all started, happily married.

For those who do know them: Padmaja was born and brought up in Rourkela and graduated from REC Rourkela. She joined TCS CAD/CAM at Chennai. She currently works for the case team and is known to be a hard worker.
Gurjeet was born and brought up in Mumbai and graduated from IIT Mumbai. He joined TCS CAD/CAM at Mumbai. He works for the iMAN team here at Schenectady. He has made Schenectady his home-town, if I may use the term, in US. This is his third visit here.

Padmaja's a great cook, I can vouch for that. So be good to them and they might just invite you over for dinner.

When asked to describe, how their Love started in Schenectady and ended in Marriage in India, Padmja cherished those golden moments....Here it is in her own words..... " We came here last here, I had come for a period of 3 months, He for a period of 8 months,....We had participated in the Carrom tournament that was held last year, incidentally we were 'partners during the Mixed Doubles of Carrom'..and probably that is where our love story started !!!! Fell in love and decided to get married. We went back to India and got married on 6th February’2000…. So now we are back again…happily married….!!!!"

This couple once again proved that they are very dynamic, by moving today from "West of Hillcrest' to 'East of Hillcrest', within less than a fortnight of their arrival in Schenectday.

We wish this couple a very happy stay here......


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