TCS celebrates the festival of Lights

TCSers  at Schenectady celebrates the Ffestival of Lights , along with clients


- by Ravi Kandarpa



The curtain was finally raised for the much-awaited Diwali get-together on December 02nd 2001 at the Jewish Community Center. The enthusiastic community members gathered in the hall by noon of the surprisingly warm Sunday. The members were divided into 4 groups namely -Peanuts (Group-1), Walnuts (Group-2),- Coconuts (Group-3)- and Cashewnuts (Group-4)  at the time of entry. For the first time, our GE clients like Rebecca Nold, Ravindra Tetambe, etc.,along with their families were invited, for our community function. This event provided an opportunity for our clients to know about our Indian culture and tradition, and to interact with our Indian families. Manga and Suchitra compered the evening eventsprograms.


Rebecca Nold, Generator Technology Dept, GE-PS and Chacko Matthew, Center Manager, GE-ODC Chennai lighted the candle to kickoff the event. After the prayer song by Chakri, was it was time for  fancy show by kids, which featured,  Mmastertser  Vishal (s/o Rajesh & Shailaja) as Krishna  and Master VishnuTeja (s/o Bhatala Prabhakar & JayaSudha)as  Radha.. They received a big applause from the audience. Later the community ladies re-mixed both of the Hindi (by Anitha, Suchitra, Bhanu & Namitha)  and Tamil ( by  Nitya, Priya Javahar, Priya Ngendran, Jayanthi, Thenmozhi and Aruna) versions to the present the innovative group song "Ooo la la la".


Karthik organized a game "Who am I?" in which 5 persons from each group were called and a label was pasted on each of their backs. They were allowed to converse with each other but barred from actually readout loudly other’s labels. The task was to find their labeled identity through a coordinated team effort. Group-4 were declared as winnerswon  of this the game, as . Aall the 5 contestants identified their labels in a shortest time.


The next event was the cake cutting ceremony for the birthday boys n gals, (Sound, Venki, Anand, Durga Prasad,Padmaja, Naren, Chandra, Rishi, Jayanthi,
Nithya,Karthik, Prabhakar Bathala and Harish Kumar--
  pls get missing names by Manga), the wedding anniversary couples of November and December months(Naren & Priya; Srinivasan & Suchtra; Harish & Samatha ; Prabhakar & Jayasudha  --pls get missing names by Manga),  and the new members of our community. Vanitha and Kalyani conducted "Memory Game" all for these members. A tray of 20 items was shown to them for one minute. Padmaja emerged as the winner by remembering and jotting down 12 of those 20 items. The next game was "Mad(e) for each other" for the couples by Basav and Raghu.N. . Initially the husbands wrote the answers for 6 questions and later their wives were publicly interviewed to check for the conformity. The newly wed couple Sridhar and Jyothi had an exciting win in this game.


There was a big cheer of expectation in the crowd as Manga, one of the striking comperer announced the skit "Modern Ramayan". The play incorporated the Ramayan theme into the current computer computer eraage. Splendid performances on the stage entertained the audience. This comical script brought out some talented actors of the community like Shiv, Raghavendra, Vishy and others. Those great performances include Chakri as Dasarath, Vishy and Kalai as Ram and Lakshman, Raghavendra as Sita and Sudip as Ravan. Of course, Shiv narrated the story after every scene in an impressive style. Supporting actors were Kalyani as Kaikeyi, Shraban as Hanuman and Ravi as Vibheeshan.


Soon, the "Tambola" started and everyone was deeply involved in the game as the numbers were picked. But, it had to be given a break as a grand planned potluck lunch was waiting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch, which included many mouthwatering cuisines like biriyani, Alu sabjies, pakoda, sambar, curd rice, Ghajar Halva, kheer and many others.Thanks to the terrific work of ‘food-team’.


With the "Tambola"  continuing intermittently, Sound readied his troops for the mime show. The show begins with how 5 boys use their dancing talent to attract a girl on the crosswalk, only to realize at the end that she is blind and was waiting to be escorted. The stars of this hilarious show,  featured included  Kalyani as the girl, Basav, Karthik, Kalai, Raghavendra and Sudip as dancers  around her. The other shows were the comic ad-shows of Aptech and NIIT, enacted by Sound , Kalyani, Vishy and others.




The group song " uthe sabke kadam....dekho ram..pam..pam..." ( by Raghu, Raghavendra, Vishy, Chakri, Suchitra, Padmaja and ----- with Kalyani on keyboard) created big applause & appreciation from the crowd.  Priya Jawahar entertained the audience with a sweet Tamil solo. It was time then for some group games by Karthik. They were like the "Words within a Wword", won by Group-4 and "Dumb-Cc" won by the Group-2.  Karthik and Basav could take the audience over  reels of excitement during these events.


Final round of Tamboola was continued before Lakshmikanthan, Project Manager CASE Group GE-ODC, Chennai distributed the prizes for all the winners of Tamboola, and other games and mementos to all organizers.   The winners of Tamboola were  Kannan, Gujeet, Bhagwan, Ramamurthy  and --- (pls ask Manga for names) Thanks to all the organizers who have put their best efforts to make this a very successful event. The fun-filled evening ascribed to the festival of flights was able to bring the joy of delights to the community folks and gave an opportunity for the clients to know about Indian festival, dances, songs, culture and tradition.


With many thanks to Raghu, pictures of this event can be found at





Master Vishal Son of  Rajesh & Shailaja


Master VishnuTeja- Son of  Bhatala Prabhakar & JayaSudha


Hindi version - Anitha, Suchitra, Bhanu & Namitha) 


Tamil  version -  Nitya, Priya Javahar, Priya Ngendran, Jayanthi, Thenmozhi and Aruna


Birthday Boys n Gals for Nov/Dec: Sound, Venki, Anand, Durga Prasad,Padmaja, Naren, Chandra, Rishi, Jayanthi, Nithya,Karthik, Prabhakar Bathala, Azad and Harish Kumar etc.,


The Wedding Anniversary couples of Nov/Dec: Naren & Priya; Srinivasan & Suchtra; Harish & Samatha ; Prabhakar & Jayasudha 



Group Song: Raghu, Raghavendra, Vishy, Chakri, Suchitra, Padmaja and Anitha with Kalyani on keyboard


Winners of Tamboola: Kannan, Gujeet, Bhagwan, Ramamurthy  etc

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