Event : Case Cross-Cultural Dinner

Event : CASE Cross-Cultural Dinner


Venue: Auditorium B, Building 37       Date & Time : Friday, 11th May '2001, 4:30 PM - 8:30PM

CASE Cross-Cultural Dinner was the first of its kind in GEPS, Schenectady. And this get-together was called for to promote inter-personal relations amongst people with various cultural backgrounds. About 50 people attended the get-together. The crowd was a healthy mix of Americans, Indians and Mexicans. One of our clients, Eric Paulsen planned the seating arrangements very meticulously consisting of 8 tables naming each table after famous cities viz., Bombay, Calcutta, New York, Paris, San Francisco, London, Mexico City and Acapulco. Seating was planned in such a way that all tables had a mix of people from all the three nations. And national flags of the three nations adorned each table. The tables also had the geographical maps of India and Mexico.


The evening started with a presentation "Know your Co-workers Better".  This presentation was prepared by Chockalingam Srinivasan and it contained the personality profile and an individual picture of all the attendees.  Trivia such as people's interests, hobbies, favourite movies etc. were captured in the presentation. Everyone had an amused expression on their faces when they got to know some trait of their colleagues that they had not known before.


Next, Sasi Kumar Allidurai gave a brief presentation on various cultural aspects of India, its location, tourist attraction spots and other interesting facts about our country.  An overview of the TATA group and the various businesses of the group was also briefed.  After this, one of our colleagues, Mauricio Sanchez, of CIAT gave a similar overview of Mexico and CIAT.

The evening then progressed with some interesting team-building games organised by Sasi and Padmaja.  Each group did their best in bridging all the cultural barriers and worked together as a team.  Dinner was served after this and the night was in full swing. Tapan Das and Pradeep Kumar Senapati presented a Oriya Bhajan. Anand Ayyachamy and Senthil Nagarajan sang Tamil songs. The group song " Mera Joota Hai Japani" from the movie "Shree 420" set everyone clapping their hands and tapping their feet. The CIAT team then sung a Spanish song "El Rey" which means "The King" in Spanish. Another client Kevin O Dell from CASE, Fluids Team then sung an English song "Row..Row" and the entire auditorium was thundering with claps.

Joe Barnes, Global Leader for the CASE team addressed the crowd with a wrap up message emphasizing the importance of working as a team. He then appreciated how the evening had helped            achieve the same.

The crowning glory of the evening was the traditional Mexican Game "Pinąta". A Pinąta is a big cardboard toy stuffed with chocolates and Candies hung from the ceiling. three Pinątas were hung up from the ceiling and the participants were blind-folded and given a stick to hit them. There was lot of noise and as the crowd tried to distract the player away Pinąta.


The event was successful in bringing the best of the three cultures together and ended with a hope of better interaction and team work among the CASE group.


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