Amazing Facts & Incidents of TATASCH Cricket Tournament –2001

Amazing Facts & Incidents of TATASCH Cricket Tournament –2001

(  -by Basavaraj. Benki)


  1. What is the number of overs, if  12 balls are bowled?

     If you answer  “TWO” , you better contact Uma for the right answer !!!  According to  our official scorers Sita & Kannan it is “ONE” over….
    In the first over of finals, Uma bowled 12 balls continuously to complete ONE over, as there were SIX extras in that over !!!!

  1. Every rule has an exception’ is proved once again by Jubilant Indians in the finals when they disproved the most popular equation  of this tournament …

    Jubilant Indians – Subratho = Zero”

    May be to help his team to prove the above, Subratho was out for duck in the finals.



  1. Anil just missed a Hatrick !!!!!

    “So…bad !!!!”
    if you  say like this, you are totally wrong!!!…. b’cuz,  the reaction of his teammates for the above  was “Thanks God!!!!” 

    The reason being, Anil was declared ‘run-out’ in the two successive earlier matches  and missed his hatrick in getting out as a result of  ‘RUNOUT’  in the third match !!!!!


  1. Have you ever heard of  TWO different set of  umpires, one  for each innings???

    It happened in a batch between  Ball Breakers and Jubilant Indians…

  1. Celebrate your success within your boundary ( limits)!!!!

    The umpire Sam taught this lesson to Shekhar, by declaring  the batsman
    ‘Not Out’, as Shekar went out of the boundary line to  celebrate, after taking a spectacular catch  !!!!!

  1. What can just one SINGLE OVER  do???

    It can decide who is going to lift the Cricket Trophy.
    One magical over from Karthik  shattered the dreams  of ‘India Seniors’, which saw the dismissal of 3 star batsmen, Raghu, Anil & Srinath.

  1. Right-handers always need  NOT bring ‘RIGHT’ things to the team!!

    The find of this year’s TATASCH tournaments is  LEFT-hander Srinath’, who has been nicknamed as ‘Ball-Destroyer’  and ‘Sixer Srinath’

  1. Can you even think of playing in Semi-finals if your team is already is out of the tournament in the preliminary rounds itself?

    Ask Azad for this achievement !!! He was a proud member of ‘Ball-Breakers’ from the beginning but missed both the league matches as he had to make unavoidable trips to NJ. But shifted to Bulandi (the very team which beat his parent team Ball-Breakers) and played in the Semi-finals !!!!

  1. U have heard of importing Balls, Bats, stumps etc??? But have you heard of importing the captain for the cricket team?

    Yep… “Ball-Breakers’ have imported their Captain Chandru from India, who also bought a dozen of hard Tennis balls, along with him !!!! Thanks to Chandru for his Balls!!!!!

  1. The singles, doubles & triples taken by Subratho can NOT be considered as RUNS…

    Why???? B’cuz this Penguin Subratho walks b/w the wickets instead of RUNNING…Hence they should be called ‘WALKS’ and not definitely RUNS

  1. How do the ultimate winners ‘Jubilant Indians’,  celebrate their victory???
    By watching ‘Lagaan’ !!!!! Only to find many similarities in that movies like, the team which batted second won the game, it rained immediately after the end of the match etc…




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