NARCOSIS interview


give us a bit of background to narcosis
Well we've been about for a good few years with previous line ups,but basically the line up since the split with MOROSE is when we started to get about a bit more and develop more of our own identity.Before that we did tapes,c.dr's and various bits here and there,but certainly nothing like we are doing today,though it's always been heavy with blast parts.As far as background in terms of personnel the only original members are broddy and myself,there have been loads since the begining. We have changed in style quite a bit since we stared,more of a gradual shift as we got better and older.

how FAST are narcosis?
Narcosis is mainly about speed but we do try to put other stuff in there.There are doom bits,noise bits,metal bits,clean parts,crust etc...At a gig i can imagine that it comes across as speed and not much else.But I think it's fair to say we are 'fast as fuck'.

how friendly are narcosis?
We are a damn friendly bunch of fellas,the type you would feel comfortable introducing to your Grandma or leaving your us to feed your Ma's cats while you have it large,snorting huge lines of special K in Ibiza for a month or 2.There are certain pics knocking about of myself and Mr Jamie Farrell being quite friendly,though there is nothing you can do about 1 pic and an deviant evening with photoshop....erm well that's my excuse anyway.

surely narcosis are "very friendly"
Ah of course!!!!Friendly an Ian Brady and Myra Hindley kind of way missed that one mate,see what happens when I forget to tkae my sanatogen!.That song's our bands anthem,the song that we want playing when we are headlining Wembley arena just to warm the crowd up,and of course it's gonna be up there in 'Top 80 songs to be played at my funeral'.A feelgood classic with a positive message for all you cleancut Euthymol kids.

what other songs would you want played at your funeral? how would you like to go out?
Dunno really 'Dead'by Napalm Death?Nah to obvious....something by NON would be good,Massona? I'd like to go out bare knuckle fighting grizzly bear cubs on wafer thin ice in Slovakia just as spring approaches.....Sorry couldn't think of anything better than that.

why play grind and not numetal/emo?
Well we are slowly but surley working upto that.It's the hours of musical dedication and mastery of all those obscure scales that I can't get my head around.Grind is a pisstake.Easy bollox you can blag your way out of and you even manage to get free booze along the way.Not to mention all the hordes of screaming women!!!

how has being in terrorizer helped the band? if at all. and i know some people will complain about appearing in terrorizer but why do you think they're just simply aren't fanzines covering grind stuff anymore?
First and foremost none of us give 2 fucks about who cares about what mags we have been in or might appear in the future.The only people it matters to is ourselves.If people have zines that want to give us an interview then we would take anything they have to offer with the same level of seriousness as we would any glossy mag,it's just that there are hardly any,or hardly any have been in touch.Terrorizer hasn't helped much at all really,everything we have done so far has been of our own backs through our own hard work.It was good having a song on the cover C.D 'cos we are a small unknown band and any sort of exposure is great and quite a few people have commented on it.But as grind is nerver gonna be the in thing i don't think people will be that bothered to bitch about us anyway.Though Christ knows what people will say when they find out about our contract with EMI!!

what other "small unknown" bands in the uk do people need to hear?
The best U.K bands in my humble opinion would be,Red Right hand,Pale Horse,Army of Flying Robots,Apatt,Bilge Pump,John Holmes,Beecher(though it's frowned upon to like them after their recent trip to the U.S)Phantom limb Management

i know your infamous for not liking many bands but what do you like?
Current faves have been the mighty Arsedestroyer,Sayyadina,the new Agoraphobic Nosebleed 3" and album,Discordance Axis, Estoteric(U.K)Corrupted,Cryptopsy,The Smiths,NON,Bastard Noise, John Weisse, DuranDuran.More long standing faves are the first 3 carcass albums,older Slayer,Brutal Truth,old Anathema,old E.N.T,Morbid Angel..... there are tons more

how great are 25 ta life?
I hope that isn't sarcasm ewan 'cos they are my favorite band and they look really cool ......especially Rick in his shiny shellies!!!!25 ta life a quite bad though don't know that many stories about them but i would like too,the music and pics tell all tho!!!Other noticable funnies are fury of five who are GREAT i urge ye all to check out the promo video that they did,pure entertainment.Earth crisis,madball are others who excell in the humour department!

are narcosis ever capable of being serious?
well on a musical level yeah but as far as on a personal level we are a bunch of clowns and laughing hyenas,always up for the crack 'n that....we laugh at farts and willies nothing else.Our humour is sophisticated,people on the relapse forum love us,they are smart too...

is it art?
Yes grind is most definatley art and i should know 'cos iv'e seen pics of jackson pollocks paintings,and picasso too.Our stuff is probably cubist with all the stops and starts,all shaved off at the end....

what do you think about jamie bulger?
no comment,I value my health....

is gurning necessary to play fast?
Well that all started as a homage/piss take of gords from John Holmes but since then it's sort of second nature 'cos we cant seem to do much else as it takes up a fair bit of concentration playing fast,plus people like to look at the funny smiley dirty haried men

i know you've got a split 10" coming out with keelhaul, melt banana and morser soon. how did that come about?
kunal who runs superfi records got hold of a copy of our album and the swarrrm split and liked the stuff.He originally had Dead Inside lined up to do it but as they split i suppose he didn't wanna be putting stuff out by bands that aren't knocking about. As we are such a nice bunch of chaps stepped in and bit his hand off and thats about it really.It's also good beacause hardly anyone knows about our band and getting hold of our records seems to be fucking hard work.This should be quite easy to track down.Other news is the new site that's up and running and this will be updated constantly.We have new shirt designs too so check the site for pics.


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