APATT Interview


give us a bit of background to apatt.
First collaborating in 1998. a.P.A.t.T.started as an outlet for musicians from different bands to try ideas above or below their normal writing ethos. Although beginning as a studio project, over the last few years it has become a full live spectacle featuring many guest musicians and visually entertaining the north-west underground music scene.(sic) The last E.P. (e.p.) has been well recieved and the next release is due for January 2004.

what does apatt mean?
a.P.a.t.T. is literally the brainchild of three women from sale in Manchester called Karen Stack, Jane Midi and Kathy Lies. Writing, producing and performing for each of their youngest sons to sing on it, is a turn of fate that it is their mothers who explain a.Positve.approach.to.Totality. to them.

so, you've got a love song to idi amin. were you devastated at his recent death? i believe vice magazine declared him to be one of the snappiest dressed dictators of all time. is that why you loved him?
In march 19992 a call was made to the London offices of Hat Trick Productions, a television company that makes comedy programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and Granada Television. The call was from a near unintelligible Idi Amin from his home in exile near to the palace of Colonel Gadaffi in Libya. The lady who answered was ordered to put him on speakerphone and to the reception room he barked an idea for a show about his life. It was he said to right a wrong of British misinformation about his rule of 1970's Uganda, the systematic killings of its people and his mental state. His pitch was detailed in every respect. So much so he even had the opening music, which while inconsolably sobbing he sang, to now horrified reception area. Track 4 on the first a.P.a.t.T. E.p. is a rendition of this.

there's obviously a load of pop influence in apatt and you also do a pop side project so i take it you like pop. what do you reckon of pop music at the moment? you into stuff like justin timberlake?
Pop?mmmmmmmmevery day someone mentions pop and how its being changed/changing, when in fact ever since the distribution of the Jukebox amongst the working class drinking dens, folk have cut a rug to the careering notes of teenage poplunk from here and there. It's no different now. It's just packaged towards 7 - 14 year olds and slightly sinister all round. a.P.a.t.T. Says let's get back to the peak pop perfection of tear jerking anthems in hot water with Level 42. And the towering harmonies of Hue and Cry.

i know some of you were in red right hand but what other bands/music things have you done?
AllDayGlow - Pop goes the weasel (aPeHat Records) single imminent
Seven foot roket - non-instrumental music - RIP
Amnesia - Bootle/Klondike bay thrash (Noodlesrecords) - RIP
Pariah - Played at the British legion RIP
Hybrid - Post musicb RIP
99 Steps to Street - Grind (aPeHat Records)
(Pants) - Comp Drum/Guitaryheavey (aPeHat Records)out now
Playing 29th Oct Zanzibar, Liv Digital Farmer queen don't show -Not yet had tapes baked
Biscuit Factory -Rock covers party outfit [got people on the dance floor to rock 'hits' they recognised, only to unleash into a ten-minute performance piece involving three local journalists being invited as guests and promptly being ridiculed by the band with onions until they left].
Leslie is free - Gutsy Two piece working on Mp4 at the mo
RedRightHand - blah doom blah playing with sunn o))) Leeds 30th oct
D.J.P.a.t.T. - Musical couriers for outbound performance pieces Liverpool 31st Heebeejeebees

do you think that you're open ended song style (ie can go anywhere from full on pop to grind) stops people getting into you what with most people liking genre-specific bands all nice and neatly packaged for them?

you also do apehat records. what are the other groups on the roster like?
See above

do you prefer doing it all diy and underground or are you looking to have full page ads in nme or whatever? do any magazines give a shit about what you release at all? why do you think so many people don't think cdrs are a valid medium?
Cd-r is more of a stepping-stone. For an ideal representation of music, a.P.A.t.T. are currently conducting research into connecting leads that have regular home stereo adapters that plug straight from the mind of the band into the mind of the listener. Our prime concern is make music. To do this, consists of actually doing something. We have never lost revenue nor gained. And I believe it will stay that way. The stepping stone aformentioned is being we have been given funding by Lowsly Sound(London Label) for our forth-coming release (aPehAt records) meaning that its not DIY any more, its not CD-R anymore, but yet we still have full control of the whole process (cover, ownership rights, etcetc)

how do you describe your music to your mum?
Well they're our mother's songs, so there is no need to. See above.



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