It's a Gundam!
It's a Gundam!
Here the Characters will explain for you about the Gundams.
Gundam Numbers - Names - Pilots
01 - Wing Gundam later Wing Zero - Heero Yuy
02 - Deathscythe - Duo Maxwell
03 - Heavy Arms - Trowa Barton
04 - Sandrock - Quatre Raberba Winner
05 is Altron or Nataku - Chang Wufei
"We'll refer to the unit that fell over the Pacific Ocean as Gundam 01.  It can transform into an aircraft. 
Next, the Gundam 02. 02's features allow it to remain unnoticed.
And with 03 the main point is to get it to use up all of it's firepower at an early stage. 
This is true for all of them but not one moblie suit excels in an organized battle.
04 is also a close range battle type. 
Make sure when battling 05 to avoid direct combat.  Stop it in it's footsteps and barrage until it's destroyed.  Be extremely cautious of the firepower in it's left arm." Lady Une
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