Heero's Downfall- Heero and Relena Together? Oh no!!! (Comedy)
"I am Weak"
Heero's Downfall
Heero walked across the yard to where Relena was standing, surrounded by friends. Ugh! I hate her! He thought. But some things just have to be done. He reached her. He shot her friends evil looks and cleared his throat, sending them flying across the school yard in terror. Ha, what wimps! "Relena," Heero said looking into her eyes and feeling like he was going to blow chunks all over her and wishing he could. "Will you go out with me?" She looked up at him with the most ridiculous look on her face. "Oh YES!!" That started his misery. For the next three years he spent all his free time with her. Every minute he spent with her was unbearable, but he was not weak, and had to do what he had to do. And finally the day came. Heero could be free. In the cafeteria at lunch, after sitting down with their food, Heero turned to Relena, and began to speak loud enough for those around them to hear. "Relena, we've been dating for a long time now, and," He paused just for effect. She was, once again, staring up at him with that ridiculous look on her ugly face. This was when he got to do what he had been waiting for since he had met her. "Now I can honestly say that-" he was laughing inside now, and purposly talking louder. "- I HATE YOU!" Everyone was silent as Heero whipped out his gun and put it to her forehead. "I thought I'd give you a fair chance, although I should have done this LONG ago. And now Duo isn't here to stop me.  In fact NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME!" He was screaming now. I never knew how good this would feel! Then a something stopped him and he let out a bloodcurdling scream, "EXCEPT MY BLASTED CONCIENCE!" He lifted the gun from her forehead and shot at the ceiling. Then amongst the shower of ceiling and screams of terrified students, Heero sent the gun crashing down on Relena's head. She crumpled to the floor bleeding. I am weak. He stood up, and tossed a wad of bills at the lunch lady. "Sorry for the mess." And left forever.
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