Hello dear ones
I am Vywamus
Earlier this day we worked with the spiral of energy coming from I am of source
So now we will go on working with it

My brothers and sisters

I Vywamus ask you to start taking deep breaths again
Breathe in through your crown chakra the love vibration from Source
And breathe out through your earth star so that this love energy goes into Mother Earth

See a golden thread weaving it’s way from your heart chakra to each one in this chat room
Feel the connection becoming stronger and stronger and the thread becomes a big rope, a golden rope of love energy
Growing and growing in strength and power
Engulf all of you
In one golden sphere of love and light
We are one

Now see your Antahkarana coming from your crown chakra going upwards and onwards through all 352 levels of Creation
And connecting with the I AM of Source the Mahatma

See how these rainbow bridges are intertwined as we are all one

Now ask your godself if it is ready to anchor the Mahatma energy through your body physical and affirm
See it flow down the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana down all the 352 levels
Into your body physical and your subtle bodies and your Adam kadmon body
See it fill every single cell, every atom, every microtron
Growing in strength
Breathe in the light
Breathe in the love
And now let it flow into your earth star, the chakra that is beneath your feet
And further downward
Into the heart of Gaia our earth mother
Let us use a few moments to bring down this love, this Mahatma energy

See the golden, silver, violet energy flowing
And I Vywamus will bring it one level up…NOW   puff
And another  …..NOW  puff
I am the mahatma
Trigger the light, the light, the light
Trigger the love, the love, the love
See, feel, allow,  the energy to fill up the physical body of Gaia
See it flow to all underground cities in mother earth
To all beings that live in mother earth, in stones, in waterfalls, in mountains, everywhere

See it go to both poles and fill up all the crystalline nature of our planet, the earth, the water, the ocean, the ice
And we ask the elements to help us in this
Know that we are not alone in this work
Besides us are all the starry brothers and sisters
All the angelic realms
The archangelic realms
The nature spirits
And many more
Go on with your breaths
See the constant flow of golden silver, violet love, the mahatma coming down the antahkarana
Into the very heart of Gaia
And now see as it has filled up the physical body of Gaia and expands outwards
And reach into the hearts of all that are ready to accept this love and are walking on this earth
All humans that are ready to accept the Creators love
All animals
All plants
All insects
All spirits that walk with us
See the planet glow with this magical love
This transformational love
This unconditional love
Lets put in some more power and take it up one more level
NOW  puff
We are all one
We are Mahatma
Now see this golden river that has changed into an ocean of love start to fly and expand into the sky
Outwards, and outwards…
And now see, feel, imagine it filling up all of our star system
And engulf all the beings that live within it
And the planets
Trigger the light, the light, the light
Trigger the love, the love, the love
And now even further outwards and upwards through time and space and dimensions
Out through our galaxy,
And out through our Universe
We are unlimited
And even further out through all Universes
Know that you are all, and all is you
Now lets bring your consciousness into your physical body

And receive the gift of nature and this Creation
First in the form of the essence of Aurora borealis
See it form geometric forms through your lightbodies
And then in the form of the essence of the glacier
Snaefellsjokul, receive it NOW
We also give this to the earth
See it flow within the energy grid lines of the earth
And now we all transform into a cloud that hovers over Jerusalem
Israel and Palestinia
And from that cloud there pours down heavy rainfall of the essence
Paradise, soothing, calming
Feel it also in your hearts
Feel the peace inside you
The love
And the connection with all that is

(Now come back into your body physical and take some time to readjust)

I am Mahatma/Vywamus and leave you in peace.

Written down by Betty Whitehorn on the night of Jan 1st 2001

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An online meditation 01-01-01 at 5:30 am GMT
Vywamus through Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir, Iceland
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