Meditation with nature
Meditation with Nature to clean the emotional body
Sofia, Bulgaria, March 2005
Meditation to clean the emotional body with nature forces.

Channelled by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir the universal polar bear on March 24th 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Get comfortable in any way you like.

Just relax and breathe deeply, close your eyes.
Start to breath deeply, start to bring in the love and light through your crown chakra, down through your third eye, your throat chakra, into your thymus gland, your higher heart chakra,

with each breath, bring in more love and light.
You may see within your thymus gland a candle, that light that becomes brighter with every breath. Lightening up your palace. Your golden chamber of love and light

Just feel, see, allow, and imagine this flow of love and light to come into your heart chakra.

Building up a warm feeling of love in there.

With every out breath, let go of all strain and stress and discordant energy you may hold. Use your breath dear ones. Use your breath, it is powerful this combination of breathing and visualizing.

See the light becoming brighter.
Trigger the love the love the love, the light the light the light.

Let go, let go breathe it out, everything that is not in harmony and balance. Now allow this energy to flow further down in your chakra column, into your solar plexus and as this love flows into you solar plexus, allow it to scrub and clean all debris, anger and fear you may hold there. Breathe it out, don't hold it in. See it leave your physical body, see it leave your emotional body , mental body and into your spiritual body which is the outer part of your energy bodies, become light, transmute it there.

Keep on breathing seeing more love and light come through your crown, run it through your third eye and throat chakra, activate your heart chakra, your thymus, flowing then to your solar plexus, becoming brighter, cleaner, see it feel it, allow, imagine, visualize and as solar plexus cleanses, we see energy flow to the sacral, polarity chakra in the naval area.

Breathe in love and light and let go of anger and fear.
Of unworthiness, of all the strain and stress of 3D live
All fears that you may hold
All anxiety
Trigger the love, love love, the light light light

Breath in more light to your thymus gland, activated, activated.

See now the root chakra

Breath in light
See it running down through your chakra column and it opens up your prana tube, your channel of life force
And with every out breath , breath out the strain the fears.

All anger, all sadness and sorrow

All unworthiness
All guilt
That you may still hold
Now as you keep on breathing lets take a trip together. I would like you to see a golden thread created in your heart chakra, connecting to the one sitting on your right, building a sphere of golden light and with every  breath this thread becomes bigger, expanding.
More solid.
Beautiful connection of love and light of creation
From the Creator, see it connecting all of us. We are now building a group merkaba.
Its activated by love and light from I am of Source.
Becoming golden sphere of light, full of mahatma energy, feel and allow this mahatma energy to enter your energy field, filling up this ball of light and love
Golden silver violet, activating, activating. And this merkaba starts to spin. Spinning faster with every breath you take.
Now, I take up the speed to 99, 9% of the speed of light, and we take off from this space in Bulgaria and travel to Iceland, the small island in the middle of the northern Atlantic ocean and we have first been invited to visit the glacier, Temple glacier, it is in the centre of the land, a sacred place a vortex, a chakra of mother earth. We are going to land our merkabaship there on the ice cap and then we go inside the mountain into the earth where the beings that live there will spend some time with you to help you clear your emotional chakras further and your emotional body. I leave you to spend some minutes with those beings; they are 5th dimensional up to 7th dimension.

See and feel and allow this cleansing that you are offered to happen. They appreciate very much our visit there. They do not all look humanoid don't be afraid they are of love and light.

You can exchange energies with them if you like, the energies that you have in your genes from this Bulgarian DNA pool for those who are not Bulgarian, from your Source of genes.

There is a wonderful crystal inside this mountain that is connected with the earth grids.

Activated by the energies of the I am of Source. You can touch this crystal or you can go inside of it if you feel like it. It will further clean your emotional body if you don't like that you can go exploring this city of light inside this mountain.

Now let’s gather around again in our merkaba lightship. See, feel allow the connection in this group and we pick up a speed again going to travel to gether up into the sky and head west.

Northwest from Hofsjökull, Temple glacier, to the westfjords in Arnarfjord, the fjord of the Eagle is a wonderful combination of waterfalls, there are 6 or more waterfalls falling in a sequence down to the ocean from the mountain. At the top is the fall called Fjallfoss, the one name for these are Dynjandi. There are many nature spirits there and devas, water sylphs, fairies and other beings that will aid you. Connected with this place energetically are three other waterfalls in other parts of my country, one is the golden waterfall, Gullfoss, another is called Dettifoss, which translates the falling waterfall, its very powerful and has a lot of power to cleans you. Brother of these is the waterfall Glanni which has quite subtler energies, together these waterfalls are going to bath you to clean your lower chakras further of any emotional stuff that you may still keep in there, so dear ones dive in, stand in the water, feel it falling on your heads and shoulders. Feel it running through your chakra column, cleansing, purifying.

Just allow this to happen, dear ones, and keep on breathing. The beings are happy to work with you, know that there is also a pillar of light there that was activated a few years ago.

It has drawn to the site lot more beings then were there in the beginning, because nature beings like to be in the light and the love of the Creator.

Enjoy this sprinkling water. Some may need to stand in the most powerful of these waterfalls and others may choose to go to the smaller ones.

Everything will be perfect for each one of you.

Know that you are in charge, your God self is in charge of this cleansing.
Feel the relief.

Trigger the love, love love, the light light light.

Now I have been invited to take you to the holiest place in Iceland. To have the attunement there. Its the place where the parliament was established, where the tectonic plates are going away from each other, the Eurasian plate and the American plate. It’s a place of much energy and love.
And beautiful nature, with a lake, with rock, with lava, with flowers and trees.
Not trees that you know here that you cannot see the top of but smaller ones, birch, pine, grain, (evergreens)
but they hold big intensity of colours because of the purity of the nature, purity of energies. So lets gather again and we thank these spirits of these waterfalls, the devas of these waterfalls for their work on us. In all humbleness we leave them and gratitude because it is in this giving and receiving the biggest cleans is conducted or accomplished.

They are thankful for the love that you have channelled to them. Let’s gather again in the merkaba ship, see the connection and the spinning of the merkaba. We pick up lots of speed again, enough to get us in the sky and head south, south to Thingvellir.
The planes of the parliament.

And we sit down on Lögberg which is where the spokesmen stood and spoke out the laws of Iceland. There are energy lines running through there. And in this lake that is just in front of us now is an activated Star of David. We just sit down here on the lave field, know that we have activated your light body in a different way then expected in the beginning but know that it is activated.

Just breathe, breath in the love and light of the creator, the golden white light. Feel it see it allow it. Running into your physical body through your chakra column
And sandolphon will help you ground this as before and Bartek
Trigger the love love love, the light light light, see fee, allow this to happen, expand your energy fields.

The energies of this place helps you to stand in your power.

This is where the oldest parliament of the world was established the oldest democracy in the world, the land was ruled by the people.

From the year 930

It is a long history of standing in our own power and the energies of the land the earth and nature helps you as well. It is always on the move, it is always going with the flow, rejuvenating, it is not static, or holding accumulated energies, always new energy so just breathe in this energy and allow it to fill your DNA and activate your DNA with this. Ability for you to stand in your own power.

To be master of the energies, of your energies, of Gods energies, of the mahatma energy and now I ask my partner to bring to you the first 3 attunements of the SHAmballa 13D the first 3 levels.


We welcome you into the shamballa family of love and light

Breath in dear ones, allow the energies to ground.

You may see or feel standing beside you or in front of you a being of love and light, it may be an ascended master, it may be an angelic being or any other high light being from high levels or even from an other universe. This being has been appointed to you to help you, it is your shamballa master, shamballa guide. It may even be more then one being.

Now you can communicate with this being, get acquainted with her.

We give you a few minutes to communicate in energies, with words or with pictures or any other way you would like to communicate.

You will have able time to communicate with your shamballa guide in the future. But at this time I would like you to gather around again in the merkaba ship and I again take you and fly with you to this wonderful place we are sitting in here in Sofia, taking off now ……and settling gently in this room.
Grounding, settling the spinning, balancing, I send to each one of you an essence to help you balance and put into harmony all energies and grounding you.

When you are ready you start to move your body and start to move around. Gently moving around and no sudden movements as your body has been experiencing highly electrical event. Take your time gentle ones. I thank you.

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