Clown Meditation
Clown Meditation. Connection with Source and Earth
Channelled by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir, March 26th 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Ihhihihihihihihih ahahahhaahaa iahhahahaah ihihihihhih

Everyone laughing out loud.



Good, opening up blockages and expression


Doesnít it feel good to laugh; there are doctors out there that are teaching people to laugh to become whole.

Good laugh clears everything; it changes the chemistry in your body and makes you feel good.

They are all laughing on the inner planes, looking down on us. Spirals of lights and colours all around, they are having the best day of their life up there and this is Easter Sunday, much better then go to church I tell you, they are so serious in the church. (Showing faces)

Laughter in the group

Remarks from the group:
Elli: Who are you?

Lilja: Havenít you seen me before?

GH: I am mahatma, mahatma

Lilja: Oh, but I am Mahatma.
Itís not just I who is mahatma, its all of you, mahatma is within it is not outside of you, you are part of mahatma. We all are mahatma.

More laughter and jokes going on in the group

Alright people lets close our eyes and breathe in this love and this laughter. See it in your star tetrahedron; see how joyful your merkaba looks like now. Playing energies within in it.
Swirling, very joyful, see your merkaba spinning. Breathe in the golden white light of source. And from Source comes this joyful feeling as well, itís not from me it is from you. It is from your higher connection. Can you see your connection to your god source? Can you see it?
Can you see how wide it has become? Change form the first day. See and establish it further. A huge tube or channel going up through all 352 levels of creation to Source.
To the Creator
and now I would like you to take your mind and travel up this tube, can you do that?
Lets take off people, lets take off
Lets play like kids, we can check on the way if the channel isn't whole and perfect in every way and if you feel it is not, just put shamballa and mahatma on it.

See the golden white light come to the hole if it is there, making it perfect. You are very good goldsmith you know that.

Perfect hmmm
Perfect masters of energies
That is what you are.

Ok go on, tsju tsju tsju

You don't need to take much time to do this, you know, only 352 steps.

Although it is a long way in kilometres if we see it in that way, but you are infinite beings, you can do it in seconds.

So puff, go on
Up to the Source (playful voice), go on
Aff you are hesitating, go on.
Someone is hesitating, don't worry, you can do this
Hey, no worries, I can take you, here come in my arms.

You shouldn't be afraid you can do this, you are creators.

Ok you see any holes, hmmm repair them.
Go on we have a bit farther to go
Please do not forget to breath
Take a deep breath, you are holding your breath people
Did you think this is a class in holding breath?

(Breathing deeply)
Now it is class in breathing
Breathing gold light

(translator: I was breathing, I have to breathe too)

Breath in the mahatma,
Lets travel further, some people are already there others are still on the way.
Keep on going.
I will put a turbine in your ass, go on pufffff

(laughter in the room)

All of you see your self at the gate of the Creator
Now visualize you holding in your hand 5 nails, golden nails.
Plus a golden hammer
I would like you to fasten this channel you have. To nail your channel to the source.

So knock knock,  tsju tsju tsju, cluck cluck all five of them, with the hammer.
You are establishing firm and permanent connection with Source.

Feel it, doesn't it feel good to be connected at all times. You don't need to repeat this later. Itís only done once.
And its there for you, for no one else but you. You can always connect up there.
You should never feel disconnected again. If for some reason you think you are disconnected, just think again, move your sub consciousness into your body and say hay, it is there, i know so.
Seeeee, the gate will open and hey you will see I was there all the time, I was playing hide and seek.

Ok folks, everyone put the nails in?
Ah yes, good
Lets slide down again.
Letís make this a play,
who is first down into the body?
Spsisss I am here!(in fragment of a second)

Me too?
Oh, yeah, someone is going slowly, don't be so afraid, you will end in your body
Its just like kids, some go fast others go slow.
Its ok, we are here, don't be insecure.
Alright the last one is landing in the bodyyyyy
Go into your heart chakra, into your palace.
Have you seen how big it has become? Have you ever seen a huge palace?
How huge is the biggest palace in Bulgaria?
How many rooms, I wonder.
I tell you one thing.
Your heart palace is bigger then all palaces in the world come together.
That is how big your heart centre is.

It has all the precious stones and crystals in the world.
Its so wonderfullllll itís a beautiful place.
So you can go, play around, check all the rooms.

You can run around with your I am. Play with it. You know your inner child is very play full, it needs this. Hmmmm yeah run
Slide on the marble floor.
Yeah it is easy hahhahah

You can do anything you like. Maybe even have a swimming pool in there, if you like to swim and this water is healing, it is golden, sparkling light.
You may even have dolphins in there too, to play with, oh, itís nice,
Jump on the back of one, hehee, you can do the same, it flops, hmm nice.
Oh, someone is hanging in the lights, what do you think you are? Acrobat!
Hee, swirling around, hmm nice one.
Another is jumping from a swing, aaaa I broke my leg doing that, oh, well I was healed long time a go.
So you played around a little so lets establish or check our channel down,
Travel down so drrrrrrrrbrrrrrr to your Earthstar you see now this wide golden channel.......uuuu its not as wide as the other one, tsju tsju lets expand it. Out out out out, a little bit wider. Yeah better, a little bit wider, out out, expand. Donít forget to breath, Mahatma.
See it running through you, oh yeah you see the channel up, flowing brightly. Can you feel it? It is more, firmer and denser energies coming from the Source. (Breathing in) hm filling your body, mmmmmm wonderfuuuuullll.
My body is huge.

Can you see your body really huge? Something enormous?

Oh, yeahhhh , good
And your channel down, lets expand it a little further.... uuuhummm and this is golden. Letís run or slide down into the heart of the Earth.

On the way lets check if there is something broken on the way, you know you have the tools to repair it.

Take your time; you can slide very fast or slower.
Hmmm going through the crust and then the magma.
Itís hot hot hot hot
Oh, I'm burning
Huh I got through that, oh, to the crystal and who is there to meet me.
Oh, wonderful Goddess, Namaste Lady Gaia.
You see her?
Sense her?
Or just imagine her being there, its all the same, don't worry you don't need to see a shape!
It can be just light or some colour or just feeling and KNOWING she is there. Believe me its there. She is there, aha. Very much so ahhaa.

And now since all of you are down there. You know there is a wonderful bright crystal in there, beautiful. There is high ceiling there, really high, just like the sky is for us.
Not like the roof, it is much farther away and bright sparkling lights and colours.
Ummmm, some of these colours are there because of you you know because you have been grounding the shamballa and mahatma energies.
Now see again, 5 nails and your hammer.
Now nail , tsju tsju tsju tsju tsju into the core of the Earth, establishing firm and permanent grounding. Hmmm you feel the grounded ness. Better grounding then ever before, yes your feet are stuck in there for sure.
Now letís draw some energy from the Source.
Golden white light, multicolour shamballa, down your channel, through your body and down your grounding channel into the core of the Earth.
You know what. Lady Gaia blends these energies with her own and sends it back up. This is how she can express her self with Source. Through your channel. Without you she could not express her self. Hmmm she loves this.
Now receive a hug from her. Warm hug.
Oh my translator is only feeling. ( no translation going on)
Good hug from lady Gaia.

Know that you are always from now on grounded. You have established a wonderful channel from Source to Earth. Through your channel, through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. This is much expanded channel very wide and big. You can see it as big as you like, 10 meters, 10 km or 100 km. I want to see mine infinite.
You can do that too.
Puff lets do it. As far as you can go
Umm very nice, beautiful, ...... expanding....hmmm  enough of that, thatís enough (laughter in the group) ... I don't want to burn your circuits.

So lets go back into the heart palace.
I see the guys running very fast but I have a turbine. (Playful voice)
Tuffff. I go before you.
Hehehee I got there first.....

Alright now letís spend a few moments in our heart chakra or in the palace you can choose the room to sit in and meditate on the astral card you got this morning.
I will give you five minutes or so. See you later....

(7 minutes later)

(Soft voice now)

I would like you to see your merkaba fields again, activated, still spinning, see it and breath in  the golden white light of Source through your expanded channel and your firm connection with Source.

I am going to bring to you the 12th dimension and the golden ray, the 12th ray which is a collection of all rays and the ultimate ray.


See your DNA helixes being activated yet again. With this golden light, with this golden ray. See them spinning, the connection from source to earth through every cell of your body.

Allow this to happen you are the master; affirm  I allow this activation to happen. Remember I am not doing this but you are.


I salute you.

Elli channelling:
AA Michael welcomes you, you know me you know this is a special day for us.
We were laughing before. We were laughing because we are so happy that more people come to facilitate the shamballa healing. Most for your selves because when we are whole we are more able to let others feel like how it is to have shamballa healing and energies.
I hope you know that you have as well an angel in your hearts that you can cherish. If you are in doubt its familiar with some of us but then some take time to feel their soul and anker in their heart. I come here because it is a special day not just being here with you but then for some of us you know celebrating the day of another healer that the name was Jesus. He was helping people with his life on earth though he was as well on his journey as you are now.
So I ask you to just enjoy this day be your selves and do what ever you want it is up to you.
And you can call on us if you need some help anyone of us. And don't worry though many call on the same one we have many aspects so we can be in many places at the same time and you can too.
I leave you know
May you have a pleasant day

Oh, hear the birds singing they are celebrating with us.

You can come out of the meditation, different??
No itís good to channel your inner child some times.

You don't need to be serious all the time in meditation you can be joyful. The things happen anyway, isn't it so?

Group grounding.

Standing up.

(not everyone wanted to stand up, tooo spaced out)

Letís take each others hands.

Just feel this love, see our connection again. Affirm I am one with mother father god. I am instrument of thy will.

Now just send shamballa and mahatma to each one in this group in the circle.

You can see the spiralling lights and love, the geometrical forms, a huge star tetrahedron and other geometrical forms, octahedron, tetrahedron etc.
You can see it anyway you like.

Shamballa shamballa shamballa

On our journey in Palestinia and Egypt few years back there were a bus load of shamballa masters with hari baba and we used to sing on the bus.

(Whole group singing)
Shamballa is flowing flowing flowing, shamballa is flowing down to the Earth x3
Shamballa is flowing flowing flowing, shamballa is flowing out to the world x3
Shamballa is flowing flowing flowing, shamballa is flowing to the galaxy x3
Shamballa is flowing flowing flowing, shamballa is flowing to the universe x3
Shamballa is flowing flowing flowing, shamballa is flowing to the Creation x3
Perfect end of a joyful meditation

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