bulgaria travel march 2005
Bulgaria and Romania travel and Teaching
March 2005
Spiritual and family travel Easter 2005

Part 1

I am sitting at my computer, looking out on the birds flying against the wind and snow. Yes although the plants are waking up after the winter sleep my garden is covered with white, cold coat. My hands were freezing as I came home from work a feeling I had forgotten about while away from my home land.

I long for the warm days that are around the corner but while I wait for them I can warm my heart with the memories from our Easter trip to Eastern Europe.

A tour that I had known for a few years that we would make one day in order to share our knowledge and energies with people in the countries that had been partially isolated from the rest of Europe for 40 years after the WW II.

Looking back on how this came to be is like in a fairytale and yet one can marvel at how spirit works. Without the internet it would have been much more complicated.

On 25th of August 2003 I got an email from Romania saying:

“Dear Lilja,

                   My name is Irene and I am from Romania. I love the site mahatma.com.uk. I love the meditations I found here.
                 Last night I met someone named Lilja and she wanted to teach me something. Today, when I read again the "Clearance meditation” from oct 2000, I found your name and I associated you with the dream.
                What do you think about this?


I replied and since then we have communicated via internet. Soon I decided I would like to travel to Romania to meet this woman that had such a dream and see what would happen.
Actually we intended to travel there last year but because of my studies that was not possible so the direction was set on Easter 2005.

It was only to be a pleasure trip with some sharing with Irene and her best friends during Easter holiday.

But it turned out to be more of a trip to Bulgaria and only a short visit to Romania. The events that lead up to that started with a healing request sent through the shamballa md list on April 8th 2003. It was an unusual request that I felt I needed to respond to and do anything that was within my powers to help that person and being.
It was a success but there was not much communication between us in the form of emails in the next year. More of thoughts exchange or energy exchange from time to time.
On August 2nd 2004 the breakthrough came. I got this mail.

“Heya Lilja,
I was wondering are there some distant attunments in Shamballa? I have this urge and attraction to Shamballa/Mahatma energies again (it started before 2 years, but now it is VERY strong, cant even sleep from the energies around me). I was waiting some Shamballa Master to arrive in my area, but since the Croatia workshop is failed, there is not much hope in this direction.”

I have done one or two remote attunements to Shamballa 1-4 level but know that those can never substitute the real hands on attunements and teachings.

When I got the mail from my friend in Bulgaria I immediately felt that we should make a loop to our travel plan and also visit Sofia at Easter time. I never imagined it would be anything as wondrous as it turned out to be.

We decided to give a 13D shamballa workshop in Bulgaria. After only 4 weeks we had 11 people signed up for the workshop and in the end we had 33 people. A perfect master number.

We gave our son Unnar Freyr a choice of going with us to Africa in the summer or come with us to Bulgaria and Romania. He had no problem choosing. He does not like insects so Bulgaria won as the timing of our work was in early spring or late winter and not many flies or other insects around.

You see we live in a country where only 2000 species of insects live versus at least 25000 in Europe.

The tour started on a frosty day in March. My hands were as frozen as they were today but the temperature was lower. It went down to -8 or 10°C. This is very unusual winter and you may all agree with us there. When you think the spring has come suddenly winter sets in again. The fluctuation in the temperature is enormous.

Ups we were almost stopped at the passport gate in Keflavik. Unnar´s passport was only valid until April 13th 2005 and the rules state that a passport must be valid for at least 3 months longer then a stay in foreign country is planned. Puff we didn’t know that.

We were told that we might not be able to enter Bulgaria or Romania with this passport and might be sent home to get an extension.

Alright then, a nice officer in the airport police (our son’s boss) took the passport to his office and came back with a passport valid until October 2005. We could leave the country thanks to him.

England was a bit warmer then Iceland. Our dear friends Vivienne and her husband Mick waited at Stanstedt airport when we landed and drove us to their home in Flamstead. It felt like we had only been there last week and not a few months ago. The cats have even become my friends although one likes to bite my smelly toes. ?

It was only a very short stop as we woke up in the early morning to get a plane from Heathrow at 8am. This time Mick drove us to the airport. Thank you so much both of you wonderful beings.

This was the first time we flew with British airways. It was more luxury then the day before on the Iceland express plane. Good space for our legs and wider seats of leather. It was an airbus plane. Unnar got a book with riddles and puzzles to pass the time. We worked on it together, one of many pleasure times during the trip.

We were lucky with the weather all the way from England and took a lot of photos of the alpine mountains.

The energy change when we left Germany for the countries of East Europe was well noticeable. Elli got headache and I could feel denser energies and more suppression.

Heathrow and Sofia airport have little in common except for being an airport. We had to take a bus from the aeroplane to the hall.
Only a handful of people were going through the arrival hall.
The officer in the passport control made no remarks to Unnar´s passport.

It only took a few minutes to get the luggage and walk out to meet the welcoming team.

I had never seen a picture of Georgi and his sisters but there was no need for that. Smiling dark haired young man with red flower in his hand met me. It was good to finally see him and hug in 3D after all the hours we had spent in the chat room in past months preparing for the workshop.

His sister was there too, our private driver for the rest of our stay there. She was as radiating as he was.

It was warm spring day. The temperature over 15°C and the sun was shining. What a welcome. I could sense the energies of the over lightening deva of Sofia that we had worked with a few months earlier. It was a happy union.

I scanned the surroundings with open eyes and mind. The blocks of houses reminded me of Warsaw, Poland as I had in fact expected. They were built during socialist time when the most important part was to give everyone a place to live but beauty was not an issue. They were very dreary so much that I got a chill running down my back. This was a depressive environment, one that might kill any loving thought. I wonder if the summer flowers can change this at all.

I felt as if I had stepped back to the 1970´ when I saw the streets and bridges. I also wonder where and if the drivers had learned to drive at all, uahh and we in Iceland say we are bad drivers compared to Germany at least. I am not sure I would want to drive there myself.

We stopped by a new block painted in yellow, sunny colour. It was brand new and Georgi had not yet moved to his flat. The door to the flat was made of steel just like we had seen in Poland. My mind wandered to my wooden door at home with the glass windows.

The block on the other side of the street was one I did not want to be in if an earthquake should occur. The balconies were not straight and it looked as if it could fall down at any time plus there was no colour around unless you call concrete grey a colour.
But the good news was we had a view to the mountains and they looked inviting and wonderful.

The flat had great energies and was light and beautiful as to be expected from our host.
The bathroom and bedroom was ready as was the living room but there was no cooking facility. Oh my oh my and I had intended to make my self a porridge each morning as usual. We need to figure out what to eat in the morning that did not need much of cooling as there was no fridge either. Well, well that’s ok we would just go with the flow and make the best of it all.

After a short rest and little chat we went down town for a sightseeing of the centre of Sofia.

Of course not all of Sofia is from the time of communists so there are many beautiful buildings there similar to those we can see in other European cities from 19th century.
It also boosts of large parks with lots of vegetation and playgrounds.

There is also the biggest Orthodox Church in Europe, one with a roof coated with gold.

For an Icelander like us one of the most difficult things is to not being able to read the signs or at least try to understand them since they are written in Cyrillic alphabet which was founded in the 9th century AC.  http://www.balcanica.org/content/doc_47.shtml

More to come later.

Part 2

After a good walk around the city with our guide Georgi it was time to get acquainted with Bulgarian food. We went to a nice restaurant called Background. It was the start of French fries for Elli and Unnar which was a favourite all through the stay.
I tried fish but of course it could not sustain comparison with our Icelandic fresh fish. ?
I tell you its true, just come and visit us and you will know what I mean.
We meat there Georgis mother and sister which was very nice as I had heard a lot about her in past months. She was just as lovely as her two children. The only thing that was missing was me talking Bulgarian so we wouldn’t need translation all the time. We did not think of speaking German until that last evening me meat. (I need to brush the dust off my German before our next trip over there).

After the meal it was time to get back home and get some rest. We had been up since early morning after only 4 hours of sleep so we were starting to show our teeth all too much gasping for more air to stay awake.

Unnar was offered to sleep in the living room but chose to sleep between us in the king size bed. We had not had the pleasure of sharing bed with him and his dog since he was seven. It was a wonderful way of sharing love and energies in coming weeks away from home.
I must say we did not sleep much that first night and actually not the first 3 nights. We were not used to hard bed but after these first nights we started to sleep very well and our back never made trouble while there. 

Next day we were picked up around 11am. We were a bit hungry by then but made use of the leftovers from the plane the day before.

It was time to get out of Sofia and check first of all out the technical malls and then off to the mountains. We quickly discovered that technical stuff is not much cheaper in Bulgaria then here in Iceland and actually Unnar found out that play station costs less here at the airport.
Nothing was bought so off we went to get some fresh mountain air. The path was a bit slippery as it had snowed only the week before we came. On our way up to a monastery that was in the slopes we connected with the nature spirits and deva of the mountain. They were very busy preparing the growth of the plants. Spring was in the air.

After good walk and sliding down hill plus good food we went to Sofia Park, after short stop at the airport to buy tickets for Romania. There were not many around on this sunny, warm day except for a few Irish teenagers so we could go as often as we liked into the bump cars.
We had great time there, laughing, screaming and playing. Good release of energies for sure.

Next day we left Bulgaria. Romania was waiting. I woke up with diarreha. Ouch what was this cleansing all about I wondered. Maybe it was just the soup I had yesterday or it had more to do with energies. Even after we came to the airport I had to visit the loo all too often. I needed to heal right away. I picked up my compound X and had it work in the energy field, did not dare to use it in vivo. Elli, me and Georgi also worked on the energy fields clearing dark spots.
Hip, hip, hurray it worked and not one minute too late. Our plane turned out to be a small one called Yak -40 http://www.karabon.dir.bg/Yak-40.jpg
I am not even sure if there was any toilet on board.
We had nice flight; the service was perfect and guess what. My stomach was at peace.
After an hour flight we landed in Bucharest. Here it was clear that money had been used to build up new and well constructed terminal. We had again no problems with the passport officers and when we were out of the hall again we were met with flowers. This time it was a smiling lady that came to us to welcome the polar bears with the cub. It was Irene, the lady that I had visited in a dream. (Without my conscious knowing).
Our rental car was not there though. We had had a little change of arrival time and it looked like the rental people had not got our mail last night. Irene took up the phone and called them and then we went to find a smoke free area to chat. Yes that is one thing we had to get used to not having all too much of. People smoke everywhere unlike in many countries there were no rules about no smoking at restaurants and other public places. I guess we are very spoiled by now after Elli quit smoking and our working places became smoke free we prefer to eat our food in clear air. It tastes better that way.
We did not have to wait long for our car. It was a 2004 Selena, Romanian car. It did not have any luxury but it worked well if we don’t count the icy hill we almost got stuck in at one time.

Off we went heading north towards Campina. We drove past tiny houses, one horse wagon after another, people standing by the road selling mint. My camera was clicking every minute, all too bad I lost those in cyberspace somewhere so will just have to make do of my leaking brain.
We also passed many oilfields. Romania has the advantage over Bulgaria of being rich of oil. The roads were a bit better then in Bulgaria but the energies were heavier. More suppressed.
When in Campina we went straight to another friend, Violet and her husband Dan. This was where we were to stay. It was a little nervous smiling lady that greeted us, thinking what will they think of my apartment, is it good enough for them. Of course her apartment was great. It was actually wonderful and the kitchen offered smell of home cooked dinner.

After getting out the gifts for the hosts we sat down to chat and get to know each other. Dan spoke perfect English even with an accent that any English man would be proud of. He had learned it from TV and reading books.
TV was on showing Animal world and cartoon networks, something we never watch here in our home (costs too much). ?
We learned that during communism people only had two hours of TV and then there were only news of their ruler and what he was up to each day.

Soon Violet started to serve dinner. It started with smoked cheese, bread, smoked fish, bison cheese served with wine. It was good. Soon after a plate of soup appeared in front of us. Delicious. We were full, this was really tasty. But oh, it was only the beginning. There was still the meat in wine leaves to come and the chicken, plus the desert. We better get used to 5 courses in a meal instead of our usual one course dinner.
Violet has dreams of opening up a restaurant but bureaucracy inhibits that at the moment. I can only say she made the best food we got on this trip and we went to many restaurants.
The evening went on and my fiddle was aired and voice was tested. More people joined us as we shared energies and knowledge.
Morning came and again the mountains were waiting for us. This time the Transylvanian mountains.

Part 3
It was a cold morning although the sun was shining. The temperature had gone from +15°C to zero. It wasn’t clear in my mind how long this trip would be so we left the toothbrushes and extra cloths. We shouldn’t have done that as it turned out to be 2 days tour to the mountains.
Unnar was wearing his old sneakers with his big toe sticking out. He loved those shoes and despite many words and pleas we had no luck in having him use his other pair of shoes.
First stop was a mini bank so we would have money over the weekend. A few million lei in hand and we were ready to roll.

Leonas, Irene, Ionut, Daniella and Alex were our companions. Leonas is a forest ranger and to introduce the animals of the Romanian forests to us we went to a hunting museum. Hunting tradition represents a vigorous constitutive of the Romanian material and spiritual culture as says in the booklet we got. Actually they have hunting competition in Europe where a price is given for the biggest horns or biggest animal killed. Not quite what we stand for, saving life. But we saw what kind of animals are in the woods and mountains. Actually broader spectrum then I thought like Red deer, fellow deer, roe deer, chamois, wild boar, brown bear, wolf, lynx, fox, golden jackal, badger, hare, pheasant, capercaillie, hazel hen, quail and other birds. There are actually 30000 species of animals and 3500 species of plants in Romania. Huge difference from our 450 plants and 3 species or so of wild mammals in Iceland. LOL
But then we have countless numbers of seabirds and many other birds during summertime while most of them migrate to Iceland in the spring to nest.

Central Europe has a long history and it boosts of many castles, some more beautiful then others. We were to see two of them that weekend. The first one was the last Romanian king’s summer resort, called Peles castle, one of the most beautiful castles in whole of Europe. http://www.romaniatourism.com/castles.html

The other was Bran castle or sometimes referred to as Dracula castle. Bran castle was built in 14th century.

Unnar had read the book of Dracula the first days in Sofia. The story was written by the Irish writer Bram Stoker and pictures Vlad Tepes that ruled in 15th century.

On the walking path up the castle Peles we bought a very nice quartz crystal for Unnar. It looks like an egg but also as if a small bird with many feathers folded is coming out of it. It soon became his favourite crystal. Romania is rich of not only oil but also minerals. http://www.northstarminerals.com/gallery8.htm

We were soon to leave Muntenia and enter Transilvania. It had started to snow and Elli was a little worried about our little car and its summer tires. We stopped for lunch in a skiresort. It was not the best food i had got but when you are hungry you can eat almost anything.

It kept on snowing while we ate so when we left the hotel again it was a big question wheather we would make it up the slope or not onto the main road.

With a professional driver at the wheel the car managed what he was supposed to and we could go on to Bran but only driving 20 km/hour or less for the next 20 minutes or so. The road was icy and curving down hill. Good to have Elli there by my side. When we drove through the same pass the day after the road was clear.

On our way we had seen all kinds of houses from castles to sheds. The village we spent the night in, Bran, was very nice it had been build up around tourism but had for centuries been a meeting point for people of Romania. http://www.branturism.ro/en/historic1.htm

We went for a small sightseeing and a tour to the supermarket to get some food for the evening and a birthday party for young Alex.
At Bran castle we bought cheese from one of the shepards, stored in treebark and also smoked cheese. Both had different taste from what we have experience before plus it was made from sheep milk.
Something that met our eyes many times both in Romania and Bulgaria were shepards out with their sheep something we never see in our country now a days and if we would go far back in time we would not even see grown up people out with the icelandic sheeps but possibly young boys looking after them. A bit of nostlagia here, we say in icelandic and this comes from Snorra Edda ( the Sagas) “heimskur er sa er heima situr”(translates to “ ignorant is the man who sits at home”).  Easy to say, we learn a lot from travelling and the old Icelanders (in 9th-13th century) used to travel to Europe, Israel, Turkey and even US given that they had some rich family behind them.
We did a little bit of earthwork that night as we had done everywhere we stayed over night. Set up a mandala, pillar of light activated and the devas and naturespirits contacted. The devas of Romania seemed to be hiding a bit, not easy to contact and their vibration rather low.

We slept like a log that night, the first night with undisturbed sleep since our travel started.
The sun welcomed us when we woke up and the birds were singing. We had wonderful mountain view out through our window. After breakfast we went to see some animals and then off to Bran castle. Out side of the castle there were many souvenir boots selling dracula stuff but also a bit nicer things.
Inside the port there were handmade instruments, flutes, fiddles and different instruments made from pumpkin. I became very happy woman when i saw a fiddle bow that fit just with my daughters Icelandic fiddle (nothing like violin) and after a few misunderstandings i stood with a bow in my hand.

Inside the castle there was nothing that reminded of headless ruler and cruel man like Vlad Tepes had been but only of a nice, humanitarian queen that had used the castle as summerresort in last century, Queen Mary. The energies were nice and nothing there to do except enjoy.

We then headed up to the mountains, the camera did not hack the coldness so we have no pictures from that drive. The destination was a hotel high in the mountains where Irene and Leonas had spent their honeymoon. When we came there at last an empty big house looked at us. We went up an icy path to take a look and mother earth called for a warm hug from the big polarbear. He kissed the earth and had to be tended to by the cranio sacral therapist on the way back down hill. By the road we saw many shepards selling their products, cheese, honey and brewery.

Part 4
Driving back through the mountain pass Unnar asked when we were going to see the Dracula castle. His brain had not perceived Bran castle as Dracula castle. It was so different from his ide of how it should be according to the book he had just read.

So that is how reality can often be a lot different from the fiction or how we perceive things in different way depending on the individual.

After all the clean air we were getting hungry yet again so this time we stopped by a hotel in Bran and went in. My first stop was the WC and then it was straight out of the hotel again with all the others coming after me.

I shiver when I think of how the kitchen  looked like considering everything else in the restaurant. I longed for the cooking of Violet. ?

We had a sunny day driving back through the mountains, had lunch at the ski restaurant again and enjoyed the day in general. Unfortunately not all of our companions did since they were car sick and the boys slept parts of the way.

Back in Campina Violet waited smiling. She had been in the kitchen half the day preparing another delicious dinner for us.
I forgot to mention earlier that when I intended to give my food shamballa the first night at her house I felt that there was no more love needed for this food. It was made with so much love and tenderness.
She was an artist in the kitchen.
We enjoyed the 5 course dinner. This time we had again cheese, meetballs, delicious chicken with sauce and more. Unnar fell asleep right after we got back and slept through the night for total of 13 hours.
The morning after we started the day with mahatma meditation and simple shamballa attunement for Violet and Irene along with hands on. Then we went back to the mountains only not as far as before. As we drove through the center of Campina, Irene insisted we stopped and lured Unnar out of the car with her. They came back 5 minutes later with a small bag holding worn out shoes and Unnar had brand new sneekers on him. His feet had been wet the two days earlier in the mountain from walking in the snow with his toes standing out.

We wanted to visit a place where an orthodox priest had seen Mother Mary in a tree 3 years ago.
We were in for big dissapointment.

What had happened was that the place was being turned into a tourist place. Most likely hundreds of trees had been cut down so that a big church could be built along with a house for the priests and a smaller wooden church. Around the tree that the priest had seen Mother Mary had been built a round wooden building with shopping boot. Selling incent, icons etc and in the middle there was a place where you could write prayers.
It had no holy or sacred energies around only greed.

In the tree it self was an electrical cross and a church bell.

Our companions told us that this had been a sacred place before but felt as if was dirty now.
It was really sad to see how we humans treat nature and sacred places, there was no humbleness or respect for the energies or the physical structures that the creator had put there.

When we tuned further into the energies there we could sense the naturespirits in the woods around but they had withdrawn from the construction site.

We started working together, clearing the space to hold harmonious and balanced energies of love and light from Source.

After eating our lunchpack on a nearby trunk we walked back through the wood in the mud and on slippery path.

I felt like we needed to spend a bit more time around there so we ended up in a cafeteria of a hotel close to the mountain with view to mountain peak.

Driving back to Campina we stopped to get icecream in the best place around. Before the wall fell people had been able to go there every other Sunday to have ice and enjoy life but now they were striving to keep the home and family together and paying off the loans.
In the time of socialism they had at least had a home, work and good schools, now they had to think for them selves, buy a flat with their own money or get a loan from the bank (not an easy thing in Bulgaria) but seemed easier in Romania.

But then they had maybe to stand in a line for 5 hours to get some bread and milk and maybe they did not even get some.

We spent the evening with Daniella at her home, did some healing and the boys played chess and yu-gi-oh.

We had interesting exercise working on one in the group where he decided to block the energy coming to him. Still it did not work since he only blocked for energies running from my right hand thinking in the yoga way that energy come into our left side of the body and leave out on the right side. Well with shamballa energy can flow from every cell of our body so my left hand was sending energy to his body which was what he least expected.

Morning after it was time to pack, make some essence blends, do one more healing, this time for a young paralysed man that lived down stairs from Violet and then off to the airport to fly back to Sofia.

It was soon time for the Shamballa 13D course to start.

Part 5

It was a little bit bigger plane that brought us back over Romania to Sofia in Bulgaria.

Georgi and Eli met us again at the airport. They had been there for an hour so much was the excitement to get on with the shamballa work there. ?

After a short stop at the apartment where Eli noticed that our earthworker crystal had changed or as if a part of it was missing we went to Sofia´s park. Unnar got to play some football with a bit older kids (teenagers) and made quite some impression on them. Meanwhile we had a nice chat with Georgi.
That night we worked on getting back the crystal consciousness that seemed to have broken off on the plane flying from Romania. We retreived that in the Donabue on the boarder between Bulgaria and Romania. There was a lot of earthwork to be done in coming days and still really is.

Next day we went  to meet some of our students and Georgi´s friends. Unnar played a little football, now just sending the ball between him and me or his dad. We had on the other hand a little halting talk with our  friends since they did not have much practise in speaking or listening to english although they could read and write it.

It was a nice day and we enjoyed it. All of us went together to check out the hotel  hall where we were gonna do the course. It was a bit of a shock for me to walk into the hotel and specially when we came to the second floor where the conference room was. Outside of it all walls were painted black. Inside the green curtains were hanging loose so Elli went straight to work on that, making this look a bit nicer. I did not want to work much on the energies as I had decided that i wanted people in the course to sense and feel and learn how to change energies and work on it.
What we did was to find out where we would sit and set up the chairs and such.
This would be fine and actually it turned out to be just that.

We walked to Georgis working place (his mother´s bookstore) and got to meet his mother again. The bookstore is in a very nice neighbourhood and the energies were radiating just as the whole family was. I got on the internet for the first time since we left England. There was a netcafé next door to the bookstore. After dinner we walked back home. Unnar made a bet with Georgi that we would not make it in the 20 minutes that Georgi said we would. He had come to learn that an hour often became 90 minutes where Georgi was involved. Well ofcourse Unnar won, he made sure we would not walk too fast either. ?

He was in for the best icecream in town later as that was their bet.

We needed to be well rested and well prepared for the morning the day we had been waiting for the past 6 months was just by the corner.

That night we were locked inside the apartment. The key did not work well from the inside so Georgi took it with him. He was gonna make sure we would not run off before we started bombarding shamballa on everyone.

Part 6
When I started telling my story the snow was covering my garden but now it is starting to become green. Today is the first day of summer in Iceland. It does not mean that today is 20°C and sun so this makes it summer but rather that our old calander marks this Thursday (3rd one in the month of April ) as first day of summer here.

The birds are singing and the football team Unnar plays with has started their season of outdoor matches. They lost today but the focus is set on winning and having fun with it on Sunday when we go to Grindavik, fishing village close to the international airport.

well, we were actually going to tell you about the workshop.
I woke up early that day, put on a CD with Brian Grattan to raise my vibrations and prepare my lightbody for the day.
I love those CD´s and use them a lot for preparations not only on the day of workshopping but also the weeks before.

Eli, Georgis sister was a bit late that morning. There was a traffic accident on the streets between the hotel and our place. We arrived just at the time when we were supposed to start but it was alright. There were a few people coming with the train from outside of Sofia and they had not arrived yet. So we got time to set up the crystals and get out our stuff, the minidisc for recording the whole thing etc.

I was a little nervous, we had never taught this many people in one workshop before. Elli was his usual self.  I knew i did not need to worry, i had done Soul wisdom auric clearing for each one of the attendants. Some with Elli and even some with Georgi, the last two were done the night before as people were signing on until last day and we also had a few drop outs. So I knew the energies of all our students beforehand.

I also knew the stuff i was going to teach very well and I would only be in the role of channeling energies so no need for this anxiety of mine.

Well of course as soon as i opened my mouth in the circle all of that anxiety vanished and did not return again during the 5 days.

The Soulwisdom auric clearing is in my mind a very important part of preparation for such highly electrical and life changing event as Shamballa 13D workshop is. It makes it easier for people to assimilate the energies and work with them as many blockages have already been removed from their energy fields before the workshop.

I look at shamballa 13D as being highschool education in work with your lightbody and energy fields, it has much higher vibrations then Reiki (any kind of reiki really) and people that vibrate at low rate are not ready to receive this teaching just as we dont send our kids directly to University before they have learned the basics. They would not benefit from the teachings there as they do not have the understanding of it. Of course there are always some people that can jump over parts of the school system as they have gone through the teachings at other times and places. (other lifetimes or are able to access the informations directly from other planes.)
Why I mention this is because we had two or three people that we informed that we did not have space for in the workshop after we had checked out their energies. (Me and Georgi that is). One was into Black magic and all kinds of veird stuff and his energies felt very draining and yackie and the other had not high enough vibrations.

This also meant that there was less possibility of us having problems holding the high energies in the class that were needed for the process so that all would go smoothly and lovingly.

The unusual thing about our student group was that there were equally many men as women and the average age was approx. 33 years. The youngest student born 1987 (not counting Unnar as our student as of yet) and the oldest born 1947. Some had experience with energy work and others not.  Georgi had arranged for a professional interpetator but she gave up after the first day and never came back beside she had to have help from Georgi with the spiritual words so he took over this role and did it brilliantly.

Unnar had come with us to the hotel, bringing his yu-gi-oh cards, CD player and series about Donald duck and his friends. The conference room was in two parts and he found a place to stay in the inner one. He also brought his football with him so he could possibly go out to play during the workshop. Outside the hotel was a sport center so it should be easy for him.

The first day in Shamballa 13D we work with the emotional stuff, clearing it out, working on the lower chakras and lower vibrations of our beingness. At the same time we are building up group energy and people are getting to know each other.

Part of our role as teachers is holding the energies, calling on the support and protection teams (angels, ascended masters, lightbeings) and clearing the space as well as aiding the students during meditations and at other times to help them go as smoothly as possible through the processes. This was mostly in the good hands and energies of Elli. While in Romania he was the one who talked more or shared more knowledge as it happened but in the courses we give together its mainly me, Lilja that open up my mouth and allow the words to flow through me to our students.

Elli in his silent work was very busy during the whole workshop and did marvellous job there as usual.

I work mainly with my Godself so when I teach i am not channeling Germain but rather my own Godself.

I will never forget what Baba told us in Shasta 1998 or some other time when he was asked how he could make people feel all the unconditional love in his classes. He said that he expanded his energy fields in order to hold everyone within his field when he was teaching. Simple.

Alright you may say, we know that we have expanded fields as lightworkers and all that and should not need to do this consciously maybe but by doing so there is more density or intensity in the lightfield that we hold our students in. Does that make any sense to you?

As you might have guessed already at least those of you who know me, we invited the nature spirits and devas of Bulgaria and Romania to join us in the workshop and get the attunements. Those who could see or sense the energies of those beings later shared that there was huge difference between the vibrations of Romanian nature beings and the Bulgarian ones, even so much that they (romanian beings) were vibrating at very low level, oh, my oh my and we had turned down two human beings with low energies and yet invited those nature spirits. Holy moly!

I tell you it is easier to change and cocreate higher vibrations with a nature spirit then with a human being that has this logical mind working along with the subconscious and conscious.

So what did we do that day? I have almost forgotten but then I have all the recordings so that is no excuse for me. After some sharing from the people about them selves, their names and reason for coming to the workshop, I made clear to people that they needed to be sure they wanted these attunements and this raising of vibrations, if not they did not need to come back. I told the story of Baba when he had his reiki attunement removed with a blast and also told people about how i had removed reiki from some of the students there in the circle.

I introduced the shamballa family, YOU, the foundation and what it stands for etc etc.

I also had some information about health and lifestyle and about the chakras for those who did not have that basic knowledge.

Two meditations followed, one with AA Michael and one with nature that i may transcribe at a later date so you can enjoy it too.

Elli took care of the first 3 attunements (triple one).
It was funny when we asked people to work two and two together to ground the energies it took them long time to get started. This was new to them so we demonstrated to them what to do and things started to roll.

Only a handful of people out of the 30+ opened their mouth to share their experience during meditations and attunements at least while in the circle. The Kung fu master was one of them.

This first day went very well but we were exhausted afterwards.

Part 7

I am back at the computer. In the first day of the workshop we had done 3 meditations and lots of informations were brought through. The students had also done the first two halting healings on each other. People were starting to get to know each other, talk a bit in the lunch break and the few other breaks we had.

One student did not show up on the second day. He felt this was not for him and so be it.

We had undisturbed energies that day and the rest of the shamballa workshop. 
In the three days that followed we did a few personal sessions during lunch breaks and after class.

We also did a few clearings of Reiki attunements that were not in harmony and balance and after I learned how they were done I was left speechless. Here in Iceland at least the Reiki student needs to go to a one day workshop to receive the first attunement but there people had got it in 10 minutes or so without any teaching except for a few words on the history of Reiki and Usui plus they were shown the symbols.

All of our students felt big relieve after their channel was cleansed of the Reiki attunements and the carmic contract with their Reiki master was severed.

We were seeing a lot of changes in our students. Some had come with not much lifeforce or radiation in their eyes but as we worked further and further they were radiating more and more. The day before we had been shown where a cancer tumor had fallen off the skin of one of our student after the auric clearing had been done. This student showed huge changes throughout the days as we did some extra work during our breaks.

Sharing from Joroafter the 6th attunement and meditation in relation with that: When i said that i wanted to activate the merkaba with the golden white light of mahatma. I saw a form of merkaba  fields of merkaba that i have never seen before, it was something like three diamonds one into another with alot of facets. At the beginning they were with a lot of white blue color, very bright and shining. And then when i invited the energy of Source to come in and activate these fields around me they became golden of course, with very high speed i went up. I could see all the galaxies and the universe being a part of me, as if i had gone to high level where there was only mahatma. Thank you.

Since my memory was failing me big time i have been listening to the minidiscs we recorded most of the course onto so now I can tell you that in the first two days we had as guest stars, AAMichael, Vywamus, Golden boy (the consciousness that worked through the personality Brian Grattan), Ancient One and Germain. Most of them used my body as vehicle but Germain worked through Elli.

As you can just imagine my body had at times been trembling and shaking from the energies flowing through me. At the end of day two we grounded the energies by dancing to the music of Shadows. It was good to get the body moving around.

That day Unnar, our 11 year old had joined us while doing meditations or at least partially, he sometimes found his way to the other part of the conference hall to read rather then following the meditations but he got all the attunements and all the teaching was firmly received as he later showed when I found him telling people the exact same things as i had been telling ppl at the workshop.

At lunch time i introduced cranio sacral therapy to the group by working on a chosen person. I had actually picked her out during her auric clearing 6 months earlier.
People were very interested in this technique and my cranio tutor is now working on offering an introduction course in cranio sacral therapy in Bulgaria later this year or next year.

In the evening  we went to a restaurant with many of our students. It was a small place which specialized in fish. The smell of fish could be found far out into the street, this signaled to my brain that I should not try their speciality. Good and fresh fish does not smell at all so i ordered some mish mash. It took more then an hour to get the food and although Unnar went out with one of our student and his son to play in the park his food came to the table only 5 mintues before he arrived again 90 minutes later. They had then been in a fight with a bulldog that wanted absolutely to have his football.

We had great time that evening despite the lack of good food. We sang some folkmelodies both bulgarian and icelandic and did some shamballa on the food and on people. (ofcourse i cannot go anywhere without using it, its always there and there is always someone needing an extra touch)

Even when i went to Baba´s birthday party in Paris a few years back i was facilitating healing in the nightclub while others were dancing. Hihihih

Oh, i can dance too, you will see later in this story of mine.

My wonderful interpertator was having busy time. Since people could not come directly to me because of language problem he was taking the heat of listening to peoples requests, questions about all kinds of things, sometimes answering him self but other times waiting to get to me with the request.

I choose to answer these in the group rather then individually since often more then one person had same question.

We started day three with practical informations and demonstration on how to facilitate healing. Plus we talked about crystals, mandalas and many other things.

A lot of time went into talking about work with hyperactive kids or Unique children rather.
Unnar was kind enough to aid me in this teaching. We had two school teachers in the class and today i learned that one of them at least feels that there is less disturbance in the class room then before she took the course.  Well done people!

Shamballa on...

As we came to higher attunements the increase of energy multiplied. The love was flowing in the whole group and we were having lots of fun and much laughter.

Part 8

it’s a month since we got back home from our trip so I better finish my story soon before I forget more.
We were into the third day of work shopping.  It was Saturday, the day that everyone in Europe except Icelanders changed their clock so we started 1 hour earlier then usual according to our clock so two people slept in and came an hour late. But we were prepared for this kind of incident that day and just smiled when they finally arrived.

After all the demonstration and teaching in the morning we did a powerful 10th ray meditation in the afternoon with two attunements following right after. The grounding was done in pairs. Later that day it was time for some opening of the clown chakra.

So we did the clown meditation which I will share with you folks in coming days, just wish you could hear it at the same time as laughter is big part of the energies flowing there.
We also sent some healing to the swimming team in Cypress (the coach was in our class, while they were competing) and to a young lady that had signed up for the class but got sick and could not join us. We established a pillar of light and put all the requests of healing in the pillar. This is a very profound way of sending remote healing to many people at the same time. As for the young lady we envisioned that she was in the room with us, then we saw her grow in size so that her head was on the left from me at the end of our circle and her feet at the other end, this meant that me, Elli and Georgi were sitting approximately where here heart chakra was. In other words she was over 6 meters high and then everyone in the circle worked on her as if she was there with us lying on a healing table. The young woman later told her friend that she had indeed felt the healing coming to her.

That day we ended the course with some Bulgarian dances. I loved it not least since I have been dancing folk dances since the age of ten. That evening we went home to a mother of one of our students to facilitate some healing for her meanwhile Unnar stayed with Georgi´s sister watching football between Bulgaria and Sweden.

We drove to an apartment block on the other side of Sofia. As we came into the house we could instantly feel trapped and dark energies. I think people there need a huge group of Feng shui practitioners to get the energies running and to lighten up suppressed energies from the communist times.

The hall and staircase were uninviting and depressing.

The old lady came to the door and we followed her into the living room. It was as if we were coming into deep, dark forest. No bright colours or joy around. Georgi started working on the energies in the room and apartment while I used cranio sacral therapy to work on the old lady. Elli worked with shamballa energies on the lady from the sofa. (I was the only one using hands on). I combined my cranio work with EFT. When we left the house the atmosphere was hugely changed and the lady looked much better. The feedback we got a few days later was that she was much lighter in spirit and it was not as depressing to go visit her as before. Good group work there. We ended up in a Chinese restaurant that night.

Day four, the last day of Shamballa 13D started. It was also Easter day for us but not for our Bulgarian, Macedonian and Cypress friends, actually their Easter day is today, Sunday May1st. So Happy EASTER my friends.

We brought some Icelandic chocolate eggs with us for people to taste and enjoy with us.

The meditations that day included Mahatma spiritualization and merkaba activation using mahatma to activate the star tetrahedron. Georgi took care of that meditation. People were taken to new heights and new understandings that day.
We did group healing having fun student lying on a table while the rest of the group (+30) worked on him. The way we facilitated this was I choose one to put hands on the subjects head, one on the feet, one at each hand, one for each leg and then at the back of each of these there were 4 or 5 people. Then I, Elli, Unnar and Georgi connected these lines of healers. You can envision this as an octopus maybe or something else.

Later in the day people grounded the energies of new attunement with the shamballa train. Sitting on the floor, each after the other putting their hands on the shoulder of the next in front.  Nice one.

At the end of the course we handed out the diploma from the foundation. Unnar wanted absolutely to help me there and got that. He had become more and more active in the course and that last day we saw him sitting beaming light and love to the students that were in need of it during meditation or right after one.
We got many shamballa hugs that day.

After all the hugs and celebration I went to do cranio sacral session and then we were off to celebrate Easter day with Georgi and his family. We had been invited to his home for dinner. It was wonderful to get home made dinner again after all the restaurant food in past days.

Sharing from one of our students after the workshop.
“Shamballa 13d has come as wonderful change and refreshment in my life. One strong and permanent impulse for action, now I can allow myself to do the things which I previously wasn't doing or was delaying into the time because of lack of energy or creative force.
If before the workshop I was just a streamlet, now after it I'm feeling myself as mighty river with the ability to choose my own direction.
What ever to be written for Shamballa 13d it will not be enough or complete just because the experience goes beyond imagination.

Let it go in Light and Love  ”

What wonderful 4 days we had had. Full of love, light and laughter. We only wish we could do this more often, sharing knowledge and energy with people around the world.  People were glowing and we were two. We also loved sharing these days of teaching with our 11 year old boy. We can’t wait to get back to Sofia to share the shamballa energies with more people, getting to know another group of wonderful beings of light and love. That will actually happen in November this year when we travel back to Bulgaria.  Something I had not expected when this year  started.

I am cutting down my work at the Heart association to have more time to teach and do cranio sacral therapy. This is just what I came here to do, my service for mother earth and my path of evolution.

Although the 13 D workshop was over, the teaching was not finished. The next day it was time for the essences. Our students had seen a little bit of them as I had used them in the workshop but now it was time to focus only on them and what they can do for one.

A few people from the 13 D workshop had gone home to other parts of the country but new people joined us instead.

It made things a little complicated to handle as we had built up wonderful group energies in past 4 days that became mingled with new, unclear energies. (We had not done any clearing work on these additional people).
But what do you do when that happens, you solve the “problem” at hand the best way you can. Elli had hard work that day, clearing energies and so did Georgi. What I really think is that this was a great opportunity to learn, not only for us but for the whole group. This is what we encounter in our every day life. We meet people that have discordant energies or we are faced with our fears or inner blockages.

We had a DVD with us with video from Iceland so that people could feel, sense the energies of our land and get to know where these special energies come from.

We are only co creators working with nature, collecting energies, vibration on bottles. Something I have done now for 8 years.

After 5 minutes of the DVD playing the computer froze so we could not show more, but it was enough.

Now each student picked out a bottle from our collection of essences and sat down to sense its energies and how it affected their body physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
Then we all shared what was there.

It was amazing what came through and how everyone had something to say and tell us and how it fit with what was in the description of the essences.

For most people they felt it amazing how all this could come through this small bottle and how it really affected them.

We worked in a few different ways with the essences and then ended the day with a profound group healing for the earth, especially for Romania. The forces of the elements helped us, rain, thunder and lightning’s roared outside the hotel.

I will share in more details this day with the essences as I retrieve the info from my mini disc.

I really want to use this opportunity once again to thank all our students for showing up and making the workshops a reality and also our dear friend Georgi that made this happen in this very profound way. With out him nothing would have happened.

Still more to come

Part 9

The workshops were over and time to relax and wind off. We were all a bit tired as it had been intensive days with lots of energies running. The next morning was used to spend some money on clothes for my self and Elli and then we took the bus to Blagovegrad. It was raining in Sofia and not the best view but still we enjoyed the bus trip. What triggered the environmentalist in me was garbage along the road. There were busloads of plastic bottles and all kinds of paper and household garbage. It seemed to be no respect for nature and the environment there. The 20th century lifestyle had rushed in without any warning 10-15 years ago and people did not know how to handle the freedom it brought.

I was worried and still am about the water in the rivers and the ground water that can get contaminated. The factories had contaminated the air for decades during socialistic time, now they are being closed down or already have been but other kind of contamination is taking over.

Now that Bulgaria is joining the EU they need to take big steps to change this kind of thoughts and clean up the countryside. Hope it will be done in good harmony and balance with nature and the people and that the people will learn to honour and respect all life around them, life of plants and water included.

Along the road we saw many Shepard again.
As we came closer to Blagovegrad the rain stopped and sun started shining so we could enjoy the mountain sight.

We were met by our new friends Krazimir choreograph and folk dancer and Katja, folk dancer.
They showed us around the old town in Blagovegrad that I fell in love with. It is beautiful and you can enjoy pictures from that site on my photo page. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=7111328&uid=3460547

After a stroll around town we went to see the dance group. I had no knowledge on what age they were, adults or children.

I had brought my violin, video tape with Icelandic folkdances and my dance shoes.
At first we watched the children and teenagers practise for a show and then we taught them a few dances. At the end they taught us a few dances as well.

It was a nice diversity from teaching healing

We enjoyed the evening very much. I love dancing as well as teaching and being able to combine this was wonderful.

We had a late dinner in wonderful restaurant with too loud music but good tasting food.

The next day we again explored the town, bought some gifts and then it was back to the bus heading to Sofia. We had fully recharged our batteries in only 24 hours.

In Sofia our students were waiting for us in a restaurant or at least those who lived in and close to Sofia.

When we joined them the shamballa and light was radiating from the room where the were waiting. Smiles, laughter and enthusiastic faces met us.

It was a fantastic evening sharing energies again, eating good food and just being together again.

A few of us ended the night in Georgi´s apartment where I aired the violin and practised my singing in Icelandic. I only had a songbook with Icelandic melodies with me and promised I would be able to play more world known melodies next time around.

It was really difficult to say good bye to all the people and especially our host that night and the day after when it was time for our flight back to England.

It’s good that we got the internet to connect and we will be back.

In England we were again met by Vivienne, what a wonderful friend to have. ?

The day was spent in leisure as next day we were in for Oxford Street. Unnar wanted to see more of the city centre so we took the train and tube in to Covent Garden and strolled around with a stop in Neil’s yard and Denmark street where I indeed found a Music book with favourite songs 1001 of them so next time I will play more then Icelandic songs.

We only saw 50 meters of Oxford street as we went into the first sports shop and bought the football/soccer clothes and shoes Unnar needed. It was more then enough of the crowd and noise that the big city invites to a visitor so the rest of the day was spent in British museum seeing mummies and more.

Last day was spent in Avebury and Swindon with old friends.
It was now time to head home to our island up in the north and start our work again.

It had been eventful weeks. We had many new friends, had learned a lot and had enjoyed every minute of our vacation.
What had started with a dream and a few emails had become a huge adventure.

I hope you have enjoyed this a little with us and maybe some day you will be the one we visit or you will visit us here in Iceland.

Know you are always welcome.

I am sure there will be many more trips not only to Bulgaria but to other countries around the world. They are waiting and so are we.

Mosfellsbær, Iceland April and May 2005-05-03
Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir
The Shamballa foundation for MD healing funded all diplomas for the students in the workshop in Sofia.
Lilja and Elli donated their time and work.
Special thanks also to Georgi Georgiev which made all of this possible.
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