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Halloweed Costumes and Characters
(No nudes will be posted unless they are done Artisticly and Tastefully)
send in a pic of you as or develop the lines of:

Custom Emotes For Haloweed Characters

Spongbob Square Pants
4-20 Stormtroopers
Santa Clause-what makes him so jolly
Ephedrine Elves
Rastafari - I and I are livicated to freeing the Jah given herb(mon)
Ganja Goddess
Hash Assassians
Meth Monsters
Ibogain Bwiti
Hemp Hippie
Stoner Secretary
Northernlights Nurse and Medical Marijuana Barbie
Bud Barbie-w/ 4 foot graphix bong
Dank Defender- legalization Lawyer
Pot Jesus - He annointed with oil, burnt incense, sacrificed, for what?
Crack Whores-I started snorting suger, next thing you know, it was oral sex for herion
Pot Fairy-The pot fairy defense:answer to "Who's put this there?"
Pot Princess-Let them eat hemp
Cannabis Cheerleader -POT PRIDE
Prohibition Demon
Catnip Kittens
Bud Bunnies
420Honeys-Bongwater Babes
Judges with Joints
Harry Pot Head
Stoner Souts Troop 420
Hemp Brownies
Cannabis Queen
The Mary Jay Girls-MJ Cheerleaders Sales ladies-A Bongstore in a box


well put it on the MJ Cheerleader Bites CD

fallingangel002: theres gonna be an mj cd?

Cheerleaders Bites Cd

fallingangel002: good idea huh?

it is possible
even levels of cd

fallingangel002: with pictures on the cover of the cheerleaders

the peaceleaf
I am going to unify the movement with the peaceleaf

fallingangel002: hehe better
fallingangel002: and she's buying th estairway to heaven
fallingangel002: hehe sry

and Im burning the stairway to heaven

fallingangel002: noo
fallingangel002: not untill I pay for it

it is an interesting image
a lit joint

fallingangel002: interesting
smoke in the shape of a staircase
you with a guitar on those steps
people walking up them

fallingangel002: I like it

the joint can be on a table, in the foreground

fallingangel002: hmm
fallingangel002: a light at the top of the stairway

the sun
a rainbow under it
made out of the words Tom and Rollie

fallingangel002: the peace leaf worked into it na that would ruin it

you are very right
good minds eye
I had a dream
that I lived in an apartment
in downtown detroit

fallingangel002: ya

with a zztop car
and it broke down
and the neighbors fixed it cuz it was a cool car
and they cared
kinda nice

fallingangel002: those days are fading away
fallingangel002: though
fallingangel002: what do you think it meant

I think in dreams we are our GOD
even atheists can reason that
cuz in dreams we create every image
every blade of grass
we put there
so that is religion
that car in the garage

fallingangel002: wow

my mechanic is there
and willing
all I have to do is break down
it is a faith dream, a re-affermation

Spongebob Square Pants

badgirl_420_666: who lives in a bananna under the sea
badgirl_420_666: sponge bob boner pants
badgirl_420_666: yellow and long and hard is he
badgirl_420_666: sponge bob boner pants
badgirl_420_666: if boners are something you wish
badgirl_420_666: sponge bob boner pants
badgirl_420_666: lay on the floor and let boner dance

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