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Please Do WHATEVER YOU CAN to free the weed,

1. Why do you want pot legal?

2. What Mardi Grass character would you most fit?

3.On a scale of one showing up to a single protest in costume and ten going to jail or doing porn for pot, how would you describe your interest?

4.Do you want to e-mail, chat, flier and/or cam for the cause, and if any, who would you target?

5.Could you offer legal products locally to spread the word through capitol activism?

6.Can you provide a (1.smoking and possibly 2.In character) pic for the directories?

7.Would you be interested in the national tour in 2004, and if you are not sure, what might persuade you?

8.Can you write a Resolution describing your focus and direction?

Please add legalizemichigan to your yahoo-freinds lists to get IM updates and new MJ missions

Want an Interview? (A cam would help, pictures will do) Would you rather a man or a woman do it?
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