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Support the Pot Goddess's Revenge:
Sponsership for 2004 Nationwide tour

Sponsor a girl for anywhere from $420 to $4.20,
will place your logo, name, or a few words of your choice on her page and gear.
size of sponsership depends on size of contribution.
includes 1 to 100 times voting rights(depending on contribution)

Contest Entries:
Win a Cam for talking to new people about pot
Cash or Prizes to Cheerleader of the Month
Voting Rights $4.20 a month, but anyone can vote
Voters Chat and cam with ladies
Ladies earn votes and new members
Winner determined through monthly yahoogroups poll,
only registered members votes count.
potential cam, computer, bong, prizes,
and/or several simultaneous seperate contests
Contestant must have full info and topical pic.

Make Money Promoting "Changing Marijuana Laws":
Distribute products locally
"Capitalist Activism"
Party Stores, events, "Stonerware" parties
Sales=Revenue for cause + income for salesperson
Sales also means catalog, which means models and ads wanted as well.

Don't fret that the funding is being squandered
All contributions will be posted publicly online, "in the name of"
Expenses will also be made public
A full board to be elected from the ranks

Send $4.20 or more to:
Rev. A.S.Wright PO Box 22 Deford, MI, 48729

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