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In 1999, Medical Marijuana Barbie, created and carried a sign that read "Free Weed and Oral Sex". With that began the avalanche of change called the Marijuana Cheerleaders.

Bud Babes. Hookers4Herbs. Ganja Goddesses, 420Honeys, whatever you choose to call them, they are the fine ladies of cannabis, doing what they can to level the Ivory Tower of Babalon called prohibition. The DEA has been screwing America for years. Now it is the DEA's turn to get screwed. With ladies this fine, I either hope they may like it, or would think they are GAY.

You don't have to get naked, you don't have to be a perfect ten. What does it take to be a MJ Cheerleader? You have to be willing to whatever YOU CAN to free the God Given Herb. If we have to storm every state capitol, bearing a little flesh and waving waterbongs that look like giant penises, the LAW WILL CHANGE.

A tour is possible, the goal is fifty girls in each State. The MJ Cheeleaders will evolve to become the Amway of pot. Lets change the laws by educating, entertaining, and giving the people of America what they deserve!

Also, this is not just for us stupid dogs to drool over. If you are interested in becoming a MJ Cheerleader, please help me make it so that other ladies can enjoy the service. How do we get all you fine ladies more involved? How can we make it fair and fun for both sexes? What should we offer to active and fully participating cheerleaders? Money? Bongs? Clothes? Free Weed? Activists get free weed from the strangers that depend on them.

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