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I will continue to make legalization my primary focus, devoting untold hours and going well out of my way to do anything I can to free the holy herb, with little to no compensation. I do not ask anything of the sort of you.

Rev Happy

What I am asking you now is for you to resolve, in writing to at least continue to take steps towards changing the laws. Don't do whatever it takes, but just do whatever you can. Talk to people, and try to get them interested in the cause. Send $4.20 to a random or a specific pot charity. Sell some items locally that promote the cause. Post a few fliers. Write to your reps at least quarterly. All that, or at least one of the above, in time, you can do.

But right now (or when you get really high) please send, by email or IM, at least one sentance, but preferably a few paragraphs on what you resolve to DO about the drug war. Do you WANT to resolve it? How? Your reply could be "I want to be cute!", but SOMETHING to show you are still interested.

I have over 50 "cheerleaders" on my friends list. Some of you really do want to change the laws. Please be one of them, and resolve before the new year, to: Yahoo ID: legalizemichigan

Responses will be posted, lurkers will be removed. POT PRIDE free the fucking weed.

I will be announcing the January MJ Cheerleader of the month with the posting of resolutions, if you would like to be considered, please send your cheerleader character pics in.

Need idea's? Look at the characters page:

Should we vote on it, or would you prefer for me to decide?

I am looking for new years real solutions. Do you have one yet? Heres mine:

lexi_hardyboyz420: um, ok..."in 2003 i will use my sense of humor, my adorable self, and my intelligence to try and get marajuana legalized"

hippie_stoner_flower_child: To get a march organized for the carbondale area

doke_some_smoobage: Fuck hope, smoke dope! This year I will strive to make all of the corporate snobs and the right-wingers hear me out and listen to the Legalization Lawyer! I will not allow my voice to go unheard. No matter who it is: a straightedge punk or a fortune 500 executive, my opinions will be voiced! I don't care if they don't want to smoke, that's fine, just don't ruin it for the rest of us who do! FREE THE MOTHER FUCKING WEED!

treyofdizzy In the year 2003 I will stand up for my rights and fight for legalization... I mean How can a plant be a crime? FREE THE PLANT .. PLANT YOUR SEEDS first thing I''m gonna do come february is get 2 pounds and head to Vegas to Party!

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