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For the price of a cup a coffee a day, under $4.20 a month, just $50 a year, you can have a Membership to organizations like NORML, earn protestor points for cool products like Marijuana Lei's and Semenex, and help make pot legal in an organization made by the people, for the people....

Join Your Local 420, just $4.20 a month.
Mail Checks or Money order to:
Rev. A.S. Wright at the address above.

Membership includes:
Choice of Cause to Donate Proceeds To, Membership to the Org
Counting of Votes on Issues,
Protestor Pricing
Ability to Earn PROTESTOR POINTS Towards Free Products

acts points
Write Your Reps 1
Get Published 10
Air Time On Radio 50
Run For Office 100

Proceeds to help Thumb Area MMM support the Marijuana Movement in general
preferably the Flint Marijuana March
or one of these related causes

(This is an outline. Take it as seriously as you are about freeing the fucking weed.-Rev Happy)

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