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happyhouse@excite.com http://www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/promotion/
See who's visiting this page.PO Box 22 Deford MI 48729 Voicemail: (989) 222-6969
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#Devil Gurl

# (standard text)You can add custom emotions to this file
# syntax:
# EmotionName\Room Emotion Text\User Emotion Text(should contain a %s where you want the user name to appear)(end standard text)

Cycle\http://www.hempcycle.org/ 150 MPG off Hemp Deezal! \Didja know you can fuel vehicles off hemp oil %s?http://www.hempcycle.org/
Bongwater\www.drinkbongwater.com TASTY ENERGY DRINK\Passes %s a bongwater energy drink. www.drinkbongwater.com
lunchbox\Thong, Ornament, Lunchbox www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/promotion/lunchbox.htm\Hey %s, would you wear a thong? www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/promotion/lunchbox.htm

Cheer\www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/products/mjcheer FREE THE FUCKING WEED\invites %s to be a Pot cheerleader www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/products/mjcheer
March\Find Your Marijuana March www.cures-not-wars.org\Have you found your local march for this may %s? www.cures-not-wars.org
greenpanther\www.greenpanthers.org\Spraypaints a pot leaf on %s back www.greenpanthers.org
legalize\www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan just Try to FREE the WEED\Are you trying %s?
MMM\www.mmm420.org\Are you a member of the Michigan Marijuana Movement %s?
Schools\Build Schools, NOT PRISONS www.ssdp.org\Educate, don't incarcerate %s! www.ssdp.org
Radio\Request News at 4:20 on your local radio
Racist\The Drug War Is A Racist War

BOT\I AM THE POT BOT\Can you help make the pot bot %s?email happyhouse@excite.com
Pass\Passes a joint around the room\Passes a joint to %s
hits\hits it\are you gonna hit this %s?
peace\Shines Peace on the Room\tells %s to peace the fuck out
Custom\Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file\Hey %s you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file
STFU\SHUT THE FUCK UP\tells %s to shut the fuck up
View\ALadies, invite me to view please\can I view %s ?

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