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#devil gurl

herpes\pot smoking spreads herpes\did smoking pot give you herpes %s?
potTARD\you stupid maggots, you will NEVER legalize reefer\%s is a pot tard!
life\madatory life for pot smokers, Im a prison guard\I'd give you life for that %s, Im a prison Guard
breasts\pot smoking causes hypermasticity, YOU GROW TITS!\Did you smoke pot hoping you'd grow tits, %s?
corrupt\pot smoking leads to terrorism, yeah right, I don't even buy that one!\Corruption FEEDS off prohibition, %s
chronic\More expensive and better means you smoke less!\Are you on that SUPERWEED %s?

End Emote Data!

Devil Gurl

badgirl_420_666: oh man

can you draw that?
badgirl_420_666: i can draw anything

what is your cheerleaders character?
badgirl_420_666: devil gurl

you would have to argue for prohibition in character
you would have to be all "Pot smoking causes herpes"
" you stupid maggots, you will NEVER legalize reefer"
badgirl_420_666: Pot smoking causes herpes"?

legalizemichigan: obvious vindictive lies

badgirl_420_666: howbout charlie the roach
there already are comic books
badgirl_420_666: really
badgirl_420_666: like those bad political cartoons on pbs...that dancing congressional bill..instead of that a dancing blunt

good, you are inspired now too, eh
pass the petition
badgirl_420_666: right on
a cartoon on the petitioning process
badgirl_420_666: a cartoon blunt
legalizemichigan: im asking angel
shes a grapic artist
or she'd try. I got a perfect line for him "ere"
he'd carry a pen in his mouth, like a doobie

badgirl_420_666: They advertise food on TV.Advertising of cigarettes on TV is illegal'
I think so I don't remember a cigerette commercial
badgirl_420_666: ere?
I made a cartoon, two doobies passing a petition
one was passing the other the pen, said "ere"
legalizemichigan: like here holding a hit

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