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What is the Pot Bot?
Well, we are, really. If you in anyway shine positivity, share information, or just plain enjoy the holy herb, then we all are capable of ensuring our peace was said where it is needed. What about an electronic assistant for that very end, though? Why not smoke pot, and adapt a porn bot to help everyone express themselves, instead of just annoying us with porn ads? Emotes have are a clumsy way to combine "characters" and the Pot Bot, like computer aided memory, and sometimes focused computer aided fun.

I am asking programmers to search downloads.com for "The Yahoo Bot", and work with me, a step at a time, to adapt it to the cause. legalizemichigan@yahoo.com

What Is Yahoo Messenger?
If you don't have Yahoo Messenger, or use yahoo chat at all, this is not really a section for you.
Please go back.
If you can see much good coming of this service, and want to poke around, do continue....

How to use these lists:
In your start menu, go to find, and search for "emote dat"
Open "emote_user.dat" in a notepad by double clicking the filename.
Highlight and copy any text below into your emote_user.dat file.
the "#" is just a placeholder, "skip this line", a statement
the "%s" is where it substitutes an emoted users name

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