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Pohibition And The KKK
A whole new slant on "pick your enemies wisely"

Gay People
Matters not only of choice, but specifically the quality of life, liberty, and happiness for everyone

US Should Butt Out Of Canada's MJ Laws
Cannabis is apparently legal in Canada

ANA Backs Medical Marijuana
The American Nurses Association supports pot patient's rights

Thumb Narcotics Group:Remove Funding Minister tries to revoke city funding of local narcs

Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick(D-MI)
We Now Have 2 reps in Detroit that are sympathetic

Biodiesel Slated For "Hazardous" Classification
MDEQ set to consider Hemp Fuel toxic when it isn't

Product HIGHlight:

Smokopeli's- Perfect for your zen room

Corrupt Official Of The Month
7 More Of Detroits Finest Indicted

Band Of the Month:

Should Doctors get their license pulled for prescribing pot?

Marijuana Cheerleader Of The Month

Catie-Wannabe Hippie


7/18-20 Lacota: Michigan Summer Peace Fest
7/23 Tri County NORML
8/22-24 SaultSteMarieONTARIO: Hempfest
1stSatOct/Scarecrow Burning Oct4

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