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"If They Don't Have a File On Me Yet, They're Not Even Paying Attention"

HR 197:Bill To Decriminalize Statewide
Please Register Your Opionion On this Issue!

Why Is There No Good Weed In Michigan?
You Dirty, Jobless, laying on the sofa, brain dead perverts....

TNU-Thumb Narcotics-Small Time
Tiny Busts Eating the Heart Out of Rural America
**Published LTE Included**

Marijuana Cheerleader Of The Month
Uncle Betsy

*****Alert******Call John Conyers 202/225-5126
The RAVE act is being snuck through!

Product(s) HIGHlight- Tile Box
Yeah, We gotta Cafe Shop Too. Cool?

Letter of Support for when the Man's (Got's - Put's) You Down.

What Do Casino's Have To Gain From Legal Pot?

Kid Rock Helps Narc
Rock "Star" testifies in parole hearing to free dirtbag...

Band Of the Month
Buddha Fulla Rhymez-

Corrupt Official Of The Month
Three Thumb Officers using
and distributing steroids on the job

Every Sunday: Flint Peace Protest
Hash Bash: First Saturday In April
4/5 Ypsi:Libertarian Party Convention
4/10 Student's HEA Call to Action
4/19 NJLMF Day Your Local Courthouse
4/18-20 Elkhart Indiana:Spring Daze
4/21 Picknic W/the DEA: Detroit & Saginaw

4/23 Tri-County NORML
4/26:Gratiot Highway:NORML Cleaning Up

4/26 Pittfest @ The Machine Shop
4/27 Flint Greens@Local 432
1st Sat.May/Michigan Marijuana Marches
May 3rd
5/9-11 Mesic: Mushroom Festival
5/10 Flint: Buddah Fulla Rhymez@ The Machine Shop

Rev.A.S."Happy" Wright PO Box 22 Deford MI 48729 (989)222-6969

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