Bongwater Energy Drink

Liquid Refreshments:

Now Available
Bongwater Energy Drink
in Glass and Plastic Bottles
MI 10c Deposit
Eight Flavors Available

Contains no THC,
not for use in Bongs.

Find It At:
Flint:XTC Tattoo
New Baltimore:Bayshore Market
Marlette Pronto Mart
Deford Country Station


Item Cash(Credit) # Per Bottle  
A Bottle $1.75 1 $1.75 Flavors Subject to Availabity
3 for 5 $5 3 $1.66 prices not including deposit
Case of 24 $30($36) 24 $1.25($1.50) (consignment to prefered businesses)
10 Cases $264($300) 240 $1.10($1.25) wholesale orders welcome

Now Serving
in plastic 20oz Bottles:
Doo Whut?™ (A bright yellow citrus mist that's mellow and sho' doo gives a mountain of flavor)NEW!
Rasta Cherry™ (Full bodied rich red cherry, goes great with Jerk Chicken and other Jamaican treats! Chill with this cherry today... cool runnings, mon!)
Purple Haze™ (Our Mystery Drink - looks like a black light! What flavor is it? Let it run through your brain and you'll figure it out... Jimi would be so proud!)
In Collectors Glass Bottles:
The Original 420 Chronic Tonic™ (Exotic blend of Citrus and other eclectic fruity flavors... truly an original taste!)
Look For These Flavors in the future:
Green Dreams™ (Intense Lime that's so sublime! Not a wimpy lemon-lime soda... this drink has bite!)
Mowii Wowii™ (Sharp South Seas style Kiwi-Strawberry with a delightful bite!)
Cottonmouth Quencher™ (Awesome Creme Soda with a surprisingly snappy finish. Reported to get rid of cottonmouth, no matter how you got it.)
Jamaican Sunrise™ (Laid back and smooth Caribbean style sparkling Apricot-Peach)
Lucid Lemon™ (A clearly superior citrus punch for your favorite lemonhead!)NEW!
Bell Bottom Blooz™ (A laid back harmonious Blueberry blend thad packs a citrus punch!)

Rev. A.S."Happy" Wright PO Box 22 Deford, MI 48729 (989)222-6969
Tasty And Vitamin Enriched

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