Rev Happy For State Represenative, 84th District

As a Michigan State Represenative, I would represent the people who have, up until now, been disenfranchised by the status quo. Foremost in this quest to bring more people in to the fold, I will stand up for our young citizens through supporting a reduction in the voting age to seventeen and opposing drug testing for education. Economicly, I would support a lifting of the ban on hemp farming to get more money in the pockets of our farmers, because in diesel fuel alone, hemp poses an increadable potential for farmers to boost their bottom line. And I would also attack the prison overpopulation problem by working to reduce penalties for non-violent drug crimes, saving a vast amount of resources it takes to warehouse people for behaviour that is harmless. Finally, I will attack the religiously biased inequities in homosexual rights and push for the extention of benifits to same sex partners for all state employees.

There is a reason why voter turnout is at such low levels and that is because the issues that concern the majority of voters are never discussed, because most politicians are afraid to discuss them. The topics I address in this blurb are just the tip of the iceberg: term limits on laws, taxing twinkees, medication and alcohol testing represenatives, removing laws concerning the holy and sacred ceremony of marriage, all could be addressed if we elect represenatives less concerned with honoring promises to campaign contributors, and more concerned with upholding the principles of liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happyness.

In order to end, really end terrorism, drug abuse, and corporate irresponsibility, we first need to attack corruption. Any person who choses to support jail time for pot patients, oppose gay marriage, wishes to continue the ban on oral sex or to encourage discrimination by law enforcement is essentially mandating corruption. It is time to stand up against such corruption, disguised as enforced morality. We need to use drug war tactics, entrapment, botched raids, terminal law enforcement to weed out the Benidict Arnolds in our hallowed halls. We need to declare war on hypocritical corruption.

Rev Happy

Thumb Minister Runs Against Sheriff, Trifold

Committee to Elect Rev A.S."Happy" Wright

PO Box 22, Deford, MI 48726

989 222 6969

The Green Party Of Michigan

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