Episode 3: A Gallant (splendid) swordsman

[Hitomi is seen, in the grip of escaflowne, as they are lifted up by the column of light. escaflowne loses its grip on hitomi and she falls. The pillar of light descends into a forest. The shine is caught in the relfection of a strange creature's glasses. ]

[title screen]

Van:[walking in the forest alone] From the position of the stars, I am sure this is Gaea. Was she taken to the other place?

[somewhere else in the forest, Hitomi is crouched under a tree -- shivering and afraid]

Hitomi: What should I do, I 'm alone in a place like this.[she takes out her pendant and lets it dangle from the chain] Please, [to the pendant] tell me where to go. [The pendant dangles lifelessy. As she concetrates, a strange hand grabs her wrist. An ugly mole-like creature grabs her arm and pins her down. Hitomi screams in horror. The scream is heard by Van, who looks around, and startled, starts to run. ]


[Hitomi screams for her mother while the mole-man tries to wrench the pendant from her hand. All of a sudden, an owl flies at the mole-man's face, pecking him. He stumbles back and Hitomi is released. A tall, long-haired stranger approaches (allen)]

Allen: It's you again. You weren't satisfied with stealing, now you attack a powerless woman. Unforgivable

Mole-man: Allen?! [stuttering]

Allen: Take your punishment. [Allen flies at the mole-man and punches him causing mole-man to fly comically. Allen turns to Hitomi. ]Are you hurt miss? Why are you here? Do you have reason? [he is looking at her kindly]Anything wrong? [Hitomi is speechless. She sees Amano instead of Allen and collapses in his arms crying]

Hitomi: Amano, I was so scared. [She faints just as Van comes running in]

Van: Hitomi! [He reaches for his sword] You, what did you do to that girl?

Allen: [picking hitomi up] It's not wise to get so excited. [Van begins to draw his sword] Don't draw! If you draw you'll die.

Van: Say what?!

Allen: A knight has to use his sword against a sword. I don't draw for play. [Van draws his sword slowly and delibrately] How foolish. [Allen puts hitomi down on the grass and draws his own sword. Van rushes wildly towards Allen and strikes. Allen avoided the blow easily and flipped into the air] You have good aptitude however...[He rushes forward and strikes Van, causing him to fall unconscious] ...you didn't step forward enough. You're too good to be killed, that was the flat of my sword. [he picks up Van's sword] What should I do with these two?[he sees the mark of Fanelia on Van's sword]

[scene: a Zaibach floating fortress passing over a burning Fanelia. On the floating fortress (Vionne), Dilandau is chastising his soldiers (known as dragon slayers) who are kneeling before him]

Dilandau: Two alseides .... against those boorish knights? Two were damaged?

Two kneeling dragon slayers: We apologize!

Dilandau: [rising] step forward. [He slaps the two dragon slayers, knwocking them down] how pathetic,despite having stealth manteaux (aka cloak). Do you wish to disgrace my name?

Dragon slayers: we're very sorry! [kneeling again]

Dilandau: I won't repeat this again. The dragon slayers don't need any incompetents. Do you understand

[Scene change: folken (the strategos of zaibach) and Dilandau walking in another part of the fortress]

Folken: Dilandau, you didn't have to burn fanelia. I want you to use the stealth cloaks more effectively

Dilandau: I didn't expect you to say such things. you betrayed Fanelia Folken.[they walk into a large dark room] I've no reason to listen to advice about battle from an amateur like you.

[As they enter the room, three small pillars rise. ]

Folken: Amateur? You're too blunt.[He presses on each of the pillars, one at a time]

Dilandau: What's this room for?

Folken: this is your first time isn't it?

[a round screen in front of them begins to light up. The face of the emperor of zaibach, Dornkirk, appears. Dilandau kneels hastily.]

Dornkirk: Folken, the sahdow of the dragon that falls upon the Zaibach empire hsan't disapeared. The dragon escaped fanelia. Capture it no matter what.

Folken: Yes sir, As you wish lord dornkirk.

Dornkirk: one more thing. my destiny predictor didn't expect the column of light to appear. But I sense a shift of power in it. Get rid of the uncertain elements. The dragon is within the borders of Asturia (a country on Gaea) . Capture the dragon to revive the legendary power of Atlantis.

[scene: Hitomi is sleeping under a tree. She opens her eyes and sees Amano sitting beside her. ]

Hitomi: Amano?

Amano: you're awake? It was anemia, you lost consciousness while running.

Hitomi: I...was having a dream.

Amano: what kind?

Hitomi: A scary one. No, a sad one, I was separated from you.

Amano: don't worry, I'll stay with you.

[Hitomi closes her eyes. Normal colour returns to her face, ending a dream-like scene. When she opens her eyes again, Allen is staring down at her.]

Allen: So, you're awake.

Member of the crew: [coming from the other side of the room where a bunch of Allen's soldiers are sitting]so the princess is awake?[the men laugh, causing Hitomi to be nervous]

Another soldier: Hey cute girl, did you sleep well?

Allen: Hey stop that, she's frightened. You're faces are too ugly to wake up to.

soldier: You're mean boss.

[The men laugh. Hitomi rises from her bed and goes to the window. ]

Hitomi: I haven't returned. I'm not on earth.

Allen: What happened to you? you can tell me if you don't mind. I'm a knight of Asturia, Allen schezar. You're our guest in this fort. To protect you in this fort, as a knight, no as a man, I must do it.

[the men are listening]

Soldier: Man, how can he say a line like that without blushing?!

Soldier: That's usual for the boss

[Gadeth (one of allen's men) enters with Van behind him]

Gaddeth: Boss, the brat's regained consciousness. [Van stands behind him, looking not too happy.]

[Scene: Allen, Hitomi and Van are ona balcony, talking]

Allen: You're saying she's from the illusionary moon?

VAn: That's right, as I said earlier.

Allen: Since the king of Fanelia says so, I must believe it. [he looks at Hitomi] What's your name?

Hitomi: Hitomi, Kanzaki Hitomi.

Allen: Hitomi? Sounds nice

Van: [approaching suddenly] Allen, I apologize for entering your country without notice. So escaflowne...please give my guymelef back to me!

Allen: What are you going to do with the guymelef?

Van: Go back to fanelia. We were attacked by an unknown enemy and during the battle we were taken to this place.

Allen: It's a waste of time

Van: say what?!

allen: fanelia was destroyed. Everything was completely burned.

Van: that can't be [both van and hitomi look at allen in horror.]

Allen: Merchants from our country saw it. I'm sorry but.. What happened? If you tell me I may be able to help.

[hitomi looks at van in concern. Van simply stares in horror. Suddenly, the fort begins to shake. hitomi asks what is happening. They look up.]

Allen; Zaibach floating fortress.

[Alseides drop down from the fortress. ]

Hitomi: Those are the giants that attacked fanelia!

[scene: Dilandau and his men have an audience with allen in the fort. THey are discussing. ]

Dilandau: I request that you supply weapons, food, water. This is an emergency mobilization

Allen: I'll do the best I can.

[Hitomi is standing behind the soldiers. She wants to see what is going on]

Hitomi: Please, just a little bit?

Soldier: Damn, keep this a secret from the boss. [Van suddenly walks up and pushes through to the front. ] Hey!

[Van is now at the front, facing the pair. Hitomi is behind him Allen gives Van a warning look. ]

Dilandau: by the way allen. have you seen a strange guymelef around here?

Allen: No I haven't. DOes this have anything to do with the mobilization of the floating fortress.

Dilandau: More or less

Allen: I heard that in the west, fanelia was attacked.

Dilandau: That poor, small country? They might have been destroyed by the dragons that wander around in the valley. It's a proper ending for a country like that. [van becomes increasingly angry]Anyway, it's country of cowards and their king has disappeared. I don't care what happened to it.

Van: Cowards are the ones who don't show themselves in battle.

[Everyone turns to look at them and suddenly Dilandau marches towards Van. But he pushes Van aside and stares at hitomi. ]

Dilandau: You're wearing strange clothes, where are you from?

Allen: She's my new girlfriend. I found her in the east. [He kisses her on the cheek. Hitomi, Van and dilandau all look very startled.]

Dilandau: [turing away] you're just like rumours say, allen schezar. proceed with the resupply. [he marches out with all his soldiers. Allen's soldierssnicker among themselves]

Allen: We're out ofdanger for now. Bad rumours might circulate about you in zaibach.

[Hitomi, as allen walks away, wonders if he is the one in her vision that saved her. She imagines him sprouting wings. ]

[On the floating fortress, Dilandau is making preparations for battle. Invisible guymelefs are sent down. Back on the fort, Hitomi is sitting on a bed, dreaming. She notices van who is sitting across from her with his sword, sulking. She pulls out her tarot cards]

Hitomi: Van don't be so depressed. Cheer up. [she starts laying out cards. ] See this card l'elementita, it means stay put.

Van: what are those?

Hitomi: tarot cards. I can read your fate with these.

Van: how could those things tell my fate?

hitomi: i was just trying to help you relax. you're so tense. [she pulls out the next card, death. She is swept up into another frightening vision where guymelefs are marching in war. Suddenly Van shakes her]

Van: hitomi!

Hitomi: van.

Van: What happened?

[they hear a noise and get to their feet.]

Hitomi: what's that?

Van: stay back [he draws his sword. Suddenly the floor breaks open and a shovel and then moleman appears]

Moleman: oh is this the wrong room?

Hitomi: hey --you're the pervert from yesterday!

Van: Pervert?

[scene: allen is told that hitomi and van have gone missing. ] gaddeth: I have no idea where they've gone

allen: i do. get scherezade (allen's guymelef) ready

[scene: mole man is leading van and hitomi down an underground passage. He explains that he is a petty theif. He attacked Hitomi because of her pendant.]

Mole man: to apologize, I brought your bag. [leading them into a room] This is the hanger for the guymelefs. [looking at escaflowne] that's a magnificent guymelef, was it made in ispano?

Hitomi: WHat are you going to do?

Van: i 'll get out of here and return to fanelia. [He gets into escaflowne and starts to leave the hanger.]

Hitomi: Wait van you should listen to what allen says.

[Van ignores her. Hitomi runs after him. The hangar door opens to reveal another guymelif. The cockpit opens and we see allen]

Allen: Van I told you not to leave this fort.If you dare to do so, defeat me first.


Soldier: How many strokes do you thin he'll block?

Soldier: One attack and he'll be finished.

[The two guymelifs begin to fight. Hitomi runs after them]

Hitomi: Van, don't fight allen

[There is a crash and gaddeth catches her. He tells her not to worry and drags her away from the fighting. They prepare to fight as Allen's men say that Van doesn't have a chance. They place bets. Van strikes but is blocked]

Allen: you didn't step forward enough van! Balgus' swordsplay wasn't so dull!

Van: you knew balgus?

Allen: of course he was one of the three greatest swordsmen of gaea Balgus was my master in swordsmanship.

[Van blocks again but Allen manages to knock his sword out]

Allen: it's over, come out of the guymelif

[Van comes out, very dejected. Allen looks out of the guymelef and sees some damage -- however, it was not done by van. Hitomi comes up to where they are. As she approaches, escflowne's energist begins to glow. Hitomi is swept away into another vision. ]

Van: Hitomi?

Hitomi: Allen, run! The invisible enemy! [she sees a vision of burning and destruction]

[ending credits]

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