Purpose Greetings! The purpose of this site is to provide seeking minds with information about (my personal favorite anime)"The Vision of Escaflowne". Although no written summary can compare to the actual anime, we will try to appease impatient viewers who have missed or are missing episodes and/or satisfy curious surfers. To this end, we have episode synopses (in play format), a list/description of characters, and a screen capture gallery.

Warning For those of you who don't want to ruin your experience of the story by finding out details here before seeing it in the anime, be forewarned: there are spoilers here!!

Disclaimer Escaflowne does not belong to us. We cannot take credit for the plot, the characters or any thing else belonging to this anime series. It was planned and produced some brilliant minds -- but not ours. All we do is summarize and comment.


17.01.01I know, I'm a terrible person. I haven't updated in awhile (ah the joys of school). Thank you for everyone's feedback. I have yet another project to announce - it's the hidden passage, a fanfic site. I am trying to get all 26 episode summaries/screen caps up takes time. If anyone has any requests for which get done first --CONTACT me!
06.01.01Lots of links are now available. For some odd reason, there is a yahoo link on the bottom of all my pages -- I did NOT put that there. I don't know how it got there and I can't take it out. I'm working on it though. oh yah, please check out my newest project: Hitomi Vision, a shrine to hitomi kanzaki.
07.01.01Episode 3 summary and screen shots added.
03.01.01Characters for episodes 1 and 2 are now ready to look at! I also added a musings section in contact.
02.01.01 Ep. 2 screen caps now up!
31.12.00 Ep. 2 summary finished!
30.12.00Screen caps for opening, episode 1. Links for ep. downloads and fanfics added.
29.12.00 Episode 1 is finally up *phew* I didn't know it would take so long! (starting ep.2...)
26.12.00 Finally starting this site. It will take some time to get all the information I want up on this site...if you are reading this -- sorry for the delay. I expect most of the features to be up within the next two weeks (right afer new years) Thanks!
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