Game Report
Rangers Vs Cavaliers
2nd-9th December
Yeronga SHS

Cavaliers got off to a flyer on the weekend in the vital match against the Rangers. Having never beaten the Rangers to date, from the very first overs, Mills and Cav’s premier batsman, Errol Steinback, immediately had the Rangers under pressure. Steinback blasted anything loose on his off stump through the field while Mills held fast at the other end.

It took a piece of luck to end the partnership of 38 when Mills lost his balance on a leg side swish, when his bat hit the stumps on the follow through. Cavs: 1-38.

Cavaliers captain came out to face his nemesis Andy Sweet and immediately Undies had him fishing outside his offstump. Unfortunately Brandon was dropped in the cordon early on off Jamie, and then was dropped again with a caught and bowled chance later on. Riding his luck, Brandon put his off-side game in the bag and punished anything off line on his legs, combining in a 100 run stand with Steinback in 28 overs.

During this time, the Rangers really felt the pressure, letting overthrows go with easy singles and misfields through some lethargic fielding.

Jamie bowled an excellent spell of line and length and was unlucky not to have several wickets to his name. Dr Elliot was brought on to give the batsmen a prescription; a leather injection. And in his 3rd over, Doc gave the Ranger’s the breakthrough it needed, bowling Brandon for 45 with a slower ball. Cavs in the commanding position of 2-146

Josh went on to recall that particular delivery.
“He came running in and it looked like he lost his run up, I thought he was going to pull out of it, the way he was stuttering in, and looking at the crease.”

Elliots’s post wicket celebration was one to watch, as he jumped into the stratosphere and gave a Sonic Uppercut that would leave Guile from Streetfighter  rather proud.

Out walked Matt Ramsey, recently selected for the QLD Churches squad, and immediately he stamped his class as he thrashed the short balls past the fielders at point and gully and endangering the passengers on the nearby train line. At the other end, Steinback was looking comfortable and breezed past the nervous 90’s to register a fine 100, laced with 18 4’s in the process. However the Doc was up for another malpractice case and put one down that sneaked under the attempted pull shot of Steinback, knocking middle stump out off the ground, out for a fine 105. Interestingly it was Steinback who bowled out Elliot also knocking out his middle stump in the first innings.

At this point Cavaliers were still in a commanding position at 3-169 , however with 2 of the top 3 batsmen back in the shed, the Rangers knew they could pull off another victory.

After 41 overs in the field, the Rangers were still looking lack luster, in the process dropping 2 more chances.  However little flashes of brilliance things kept the team pumped. Instances like;

*A cat like reflex save from Vice Captain Asa Smibert at square leg when the ball had gone past him when he stuck out a hand to save a certain 4,
*A full airborne horizontal dive from Duncan in the gully
*A close run out chance from Poe at short fine leg
*Aaron sticking out his foot to save a wild edge in the cordon
*Jamie’s constant firing up of the team with his encouragement from the cordon
* Dale’s amazing backward leap, reminiscent of John Dyson’s Classic One day catch, at Mid on, had the team in awe of his athleticism. If that catch was taken, it would’ve put his last seasons Catch of the Year to shame.

And it was Dale who made an impact with ball as he choked the middle and tail order with his renowned tight line and length but also with his new found pace, as he was easily the fastest bowler in the line up. In just his 3rd ball of his first over he enticed a leg glance down to Varun at short fine leg who juggled the catch into his 6 pack as he was carrying an injured finger.

The next ball Dale drew a leading edge as the ball popped up to Clintoff at Point, in which the team went wild as high fives were exchanged, love taps slapped and sweaty bodies embraced as it was realized that victory was a possibility. The balance of the status quo had altered. Cavs were now 5-176.

The talk on the field now reached new decibel levels, which fired up the bowlers and in turn put massive amounts of pressure on the batsmen, and it led to the Ranger’s first run out of the season, Varun firing an accurate throw from gully straight over the stumps after a suicide mix up.  Cavs still in with a chance at 6-191

At the other end Ramsey, with not many wickets left in hand, started taking to Elliot’s bowling, taking 16 off on over. ‘The Chad’ was feeling fired up and wanted the ball badly and it was ‘The Chad’ who claimed the only batsmen left between the Rangers and victory, cramping up Ramsey, playing on for 43. Cavs; 7-207

Biceps continued bowling tight, and with Shandy up to the stumps, the batsmen flashed a cut shot which slapped an edge straight into the keeper’s gloves, in which a pause graced the field, while Shandy, with an exceedingly astonished look on his face, just stared at the sudden appearance of a ball in his gloves. Then pandemonium broke out once again. Cavs; 8-214

Undies came on and wrapped up the tail, bowling the last batsmen,  Cavs all out for 218, losing their last 8 wickets for 72 runs, (Noahsharks lost their last 8 for 129 runs) in what was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for the whole 53 overs. Dale was the stand out bowler taking 3-8 off 5 overs in precision bowling and Elliot 2-44 off 7. Fitty once again bowled tidily only conceding 29 off his 12 and Undies took 2-54 off 15. Jamie’s bad luck run has seemed to come back and haunt him, bowling well however, 0-48 of ten.

Shandy spent more than 40 overs keeping up to the stumps to the fast men and spinners and only conceded 2 byes in the process, and always chirping in the batsmen ear, annoying the heck out off them. Also crying the new catch phrase; ‘It could’ve gone anywhere!’

With 17 overs left in the game, the Rangers went out and had some fun taking 107 runs of just 17 overs, losing just the 2 wickets in the process. Varun went out and smashed 17 off one over, to be dismissed in the forties for the fourth time this season, out for 44. Elliot was playing a pearler, and played the shot of the innings, a back foot drive through covers, ala Steve Waugh of the 89 Ashes series. Doc went on to make a well played 35* and Jamie, looking somewhat confused whether to block, run, not run and smash, finished on 14*, and joined the 6 club with Varun after flatbatting a shot over mid wicket into the courts.

The Mr Cricket Award, presented by ‘The Chad’, was given to Elliot for changing the course of the innings, by taking the huge wickets of Brandon and Steinback.

Good luck in choosing your player votes this week, as this game was won by many individual performances in both the batting and bowling department.
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