Game Report
Rangers Vs Cavaliers
State Shield
13th January
Bray Park S.S
For some reason, the Rangers this season have had a thing for fields with jungle like qualities as they struggled to locate the pitch amidst the knee length grass up (way up) at Bray Park State School. .

After losing a clayton's toss, and Asa stuck in traffic, the new look opening pair of Dr Elliot & Aaron waded through the Bray Park bushland to reach the pitch. Unfortunately with the score on 3, Aaron was caught in the slips after the 3rd attempt by the fieldsman out for the dreaded duck. Unfortunately the team was looking forward to Azza teeing off after his pyrotechnics display in last weeks 20-20 match where he plummeted 48*.

Backing up from Nationals, Fitty looked solid from ball one and started to establish a new partnership with Doc.

However not even the faithful Fusion could rip gaps through the lengthy grass and Elliot was out going for the ariel option at mid on, out for 19. Shandy looked his normal shaky self and spent a good part of 14 balls on nought and was luckily put down at first slip due to slack shot. However a cut shot behind square left him at 4 during the drinks break while Fitty was carrying over his Nationals form and was looking as good as ever.

The Cav's bowling attack was pin point and it reflected in the score as the Rangers were 2-69 at the break at a run rate of 3.83.  However the next 17 overs the Rangers went beserk scoring at over 6 an over as Shandy went the tonk hitting his next 59 runs off 48 deliveries including 3 sixes and 6 fours, over taking Fitty in the process. He finished with 63 off 62 and knocked up 95 runs in 15 overs with Fiddy. Sam and Camo's 130 run partnership for the 3rd wicket still remains.

In came 'The Chad' and it took him only 3 balls to register his 18th six for the season. Chad proceeded to escalate the run rate and often had the Rangers losing track of the ball it was hit that hard, including a ripper down the ground leaving a trail of destruction and lawn clippings in its wake.

Fitty, who was under with a stomach bug, was providing the ideal anchor role at the other end picking up singles and timing the bad ball to the boundary with ease. Once again Viddy fell in the 'fearful forties' out for 42 in lifting the run rate, his 5th time out in the 40s this season. Chad soon joined him out for 30 off just 16 balls including another 6 to go.

The Rangers final score was 5-179, a defendable score regarding the status of the field and the accurate bowling they faced.

The Cav's chase started off with a flyer taking 8 off the first over, however a juicy half tracker from Dale's first ball had their opener Adam Perry slap an edge straight into Shandy's gloves, who was standing up to the stumps and half on the pitch due to the width of the deilivery. Four overs later Dale bowled a brilliant in swinging delivery to have Carter bowled for 16, to leave Cavs 2-35 off 6.

However this would be the only celebration for the next 14 overs as Pine and Mills schooled the Rangers attack punishing them at will over the short boundaries. The Ranger attack looked somewhat similiar to the one that got smashed by the Neddy's number 11 as they failed to bowl tight line and length as they coughed up 15 wides in the process. Things got so desperate that the Ranger's keeper, Shandy, even had a trundle from one end, alas that resulted in a few more meat pies being sent via airmail back to Brisbane.

In end it was no suprise Cavaliers, for the first time, defeated the Rangers. They won convincingly with 7 wickets in hand and with 10 overs left in the bag. Mills played brilliantly and mustve been cursing that the Rangers didnt get more runs as he was left undeafted on 91.

One event however sent the Rangers into states of ectasy as a flat, seering ball was sent in the general direction of Mid Off with velocity of a low flying 747. 'The Chad' ran several metres to his right in an attempt to even come close to the ball. At this stage everyone on the field, even Uncle Jim thought Chad had no chance. Chad, not even in the same frame of the ball threw out his non favoured hand (his right) to give the impression that he really was trying to get to the ball. Still we all thought that Chad had buckleys of getting within the same light year of the red pill.. Outstretched and outdone by the pace of the ball, Chad gave one last forelorn, go-go gadget reach for the red and amazingly had the ball slap straight into the palm of his hand! It would definatley make and win the Classic Catch segment on channel 9 cricket as this happened in the space of a few nano seconds.

We now have another nomination for Catch of the Year. Dale, who hasnt even had the ball come towards him the whole year will be hungry to get his name back on the trophy, so look out if you see a blur of muscles racing towards you from Mid On to steal your catch, just get out of the way as fast as possible or have the possibility of Mr Universe taking on a mark on your back.
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