History of the Rangers
The Unofficial Story (Shandy's perspective)

A few years ago after coming back from my church mission, I got talking with Neil Ewing and mentioned that I used to play cricket as a junior. After much persuasion, Neil convinced me to play at least a few games with his club-Rochedale South, in the Sub-Districts comp. It was there I also met Bazza, and a few seasons later, Paulie.

A pickle with Sub-districts is that they play their finals on a Sunday. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I chose not to play on Sundays. So after 2 consecutive years missing the finals, I decided to do something about it.

After a few google searches and emails, I decided to look into the Churches competition. Funnily enough, one of the main guys at Rochedale said,
" Nah you dont want to join those just dont want to."
To which I cheekily replied,
" Why? Didnt they win the Plunkett Cup last year?"

And to add further insult, Churches won it the following year.

When forming the club, I had some friends who were interested in playing, even though they hadnt played club cricket before. I was fortunate and blessed to have Paulie, Bazza and Neelys come over from Rochedale South and help me start the team. Their experience, leadership and contagious personalities really helped the club in its first year.

When a lot of people thought it couldnt be done, we did it! The season was a success. We were an official club with our very own culture, our very own esprit de corps, our very own traditions!

However, the best part of the season wasnt winning the Premiership, or seeing Sam belt everyone around. It was the smiles and laughs shared by the guys. Seeing people who never even knew each other; hanging out & mucking around. Knowing that those friendships were started through this club, and in many, many years from now, knowing that we will still be friends, is better than scoring a century any day!
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