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Name: DALE!

Bat Model:
Gray-Nicholls Ultimate 750

Special Features:
Has a black handle grip with a big hole in it. And special dents in the face to create drag/wind resistance when I swing, cos otherwise I hit the ball too far.

Weight: Not heavy enough.

How long have you had your bat for?
Dunno, it sort of appeared in my cricket bag when my gear got sent up from TAS. It used to belong to my cousin Todd, who gave it to my cousin Stan, who gave it to me. The bat has been around since we were playing under 15ís.

How does your bat compliment your batting style?
Well, the bat is kinda hopeless. So am I. Those two factors seem to go together to make me the batsman that you see on a Saturday.

If anything, what donít you like about your bat?
It has purple on it.

If you could have any bat in the world, what would it be? Doesnít matter, I could have the best bat in the world and still not make runs.

What was your first bat?
A Kookaburra youth bat made from Kashmir willow. I think I got it in the Christmas between year 7 and 8ÖÖ.1995. I must have been 12. I was disappointed with it because it didnít have enough meat, which is the most important feature of a bat.
Name: Shandy

Bat Model:
Custom Made covered with Kookaburra Diablo stickers

Special Features:
The handle is round at the top, oval at the bottom, made with Kevlar. Slightly bowed, grade 1 English willow-7 grain, a very select sweet spot. Iím choosy about my grips, some games I may have 2, or one with plaster tape on the inside, or just one. Depends on my mood.

Weight; 2í7

How long have you had your bat for?
Since October 2005. Cost me a fortune! Took me forever to save up. Iím starting a bat fund now so when I get married, I wonít have to ask my wife. The guy who made the bat for me said;
"Ring me after your first innings. If you didnt make a 50, dont ring me. (Out of all the bats hes made only one person didnt make a 50; he got 49) Unfortunately no one cut the grass at Bray Park and it resembled that of the Amazon and I only managed 28*. However I got a 100 in my next innings. He was ok with that.

How does your bat compliment your batting style:
Its very light, has great balance and allows me to wield it with ease. Has an amazing sweet spot (when I find it!)
When it connects, it goes! Which is great cause I'm not strong like Dale. Allows me to score fluently off the back and on the front foot. The sweet spot is a touch lower as Iím a front foot player.

If anything, what donít you like about your bat? I
If I want to go the tonk, I have to find the middle, if not; it just dribbles of the pitch.

If you could have any bat in the world, what would it be?
Im a Kookaburra fan through and through. Iíll take Husseyís bat, the Genesis 1000, with a graphite backing. Or if I could afford it, another custom made one, but in a 2í8.

What was your first bat?
A Gabba 2003, My dad bought me when I was 10. Only problem it was too heavy for me, I guess that explains why I totally stunk as a kid playing cricket. I used it throughout my junior days till I was 19. Great bat!
Name Elliot

Bat Model
Hero Honda --Ton

Special Features
-Red Grip, Red Stickers and a really dodgy ĎToní burn mark at bottom.
-A bow in the bat which is so pronounced that it has been called a boomerang.
- Absolutely no meat except for about an inch from the bottom.
- Pure grade one plank wood from an Indian Bunnings

Weight: 2í7

How long have I had it?
Too Long- Nah only a couple of years. Got it from EBay... as a matter of fact you can still purchase them (approx 50 bucks)...

How does it complement me??
Well Iím a sucker for thinking Iíve gotten a great deal and my bat is a reminder that I am constantly getting ripped off.  As for playing it has no meat, no sweet spot and no powerÖ. It is the EXACT opposite to me.

What donít I like about it?
HmmmÖÖÖ this is a real hard one hmmmmmmÖÖ.  It really annoys me that the grip NEVER stays on the stupid handle!!!

Any Bat in the World???
GN FUSION 1000 small menís 2í63 (and thatís what I keep telling myself because I just bought the thing).

First Bat
Gunn and Mooreóit lasted about Ĺ hr and I cracked the handle. Took it back and got a Kookaburra- skillfully lacquered and which cracked when you hit anything with it.
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