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Rangers C.C

Australian Churches Cricket Association
2006 Nationals Championships

10am, Boxing Day 2006, saw 19 men, smartly dressed in their Maroon team shirts make their way through the Brisbane airport destined for what would be one of the highlights of their life.

Queensland would be represented by one of the strongest teams they have fielded for years. Heading the team was Captain
Liam 'X' Excelby from the Neddys and his Vice Errol 'Ekka/Errol Dynamics' Steinback from Cavaliers.

Also from the Ned Flanders XI were
Steve 'Derka-Derka' Derksen, Brendon 'Chico/Neo' Dillon and Andrew 'Chook' McMutrie.

Hailing from the Noahsharks were
Nathan 'Woody' Woodrow, Robert 'Buckets' Bein, Jeff 'Stinky' Spalding and Team Coach; Garry 'Goose' Conners.

Rhys 'Rhys Lightning' Faulkner and Matthew 'Marto' Ramsey represented Cavaliers along with Team Manager Josh Brandon.

From the Rangers were
Sandor 'Shandy' Harris & Varun 'Fitty/Viddy' Lal and from St Bartholomews were Michael 'Charlie' Warrington and Daniel 'Worlds best scorer' Viles.

Accompanying the entourage were first aid man
David Lewey (What was his last name? We just called him Lewey!) and Ken Suthers as Tour Manager and Craig 'Wombie' Spalding as assistant Team Manager.

19 men from 5 different teams, fired up and ready to take on the might of the Churches Associations from around Australia.

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