Hitomi Kanzaki - A fifteen year old, first year high school student. She lives with her mother, father and younger brother. She likes to tell fortunes using tarot cards and she is on the school track team. When she comes to Gaea she finds she begins having strange visions of the future, that are frighteningly accurate. Hitomi has a pendant, given to her by her grandmother, that seems to have some kind of connection to the stone to Escaflowne. She also cares about Van and allen. Hitomi is a very spirited girl, bright and capable. Hitomi deals with her unexpected circumstances with suprising resiliency, though at times, it does get to her.

Van Fanel - The king of the Fanelia. Also fifteen years old. He is the youngest son of the former king. He has one older brother, Folken (has wings too!). Because he is half Ryujinbito, Van is able to sprout wings. He is the pilot of the Gaimelf, Escaflowne. His unexpected trip to Earth is the reason Hitomi ends up on Gaea. Van does not usually volunteer information very readily, he keeps to himself. He is usually rather abrupt with people because of this. He is determined to avenge what was done to his kingdom and he can be a bit reckless in how he goes about it. But he will defend those he cares about at any cost. And dont forget hes the hottest character in the series.

Allen Schezar - A knight of the kingdom of Astoria, he is 21 years old. Allen is the pilot of the Gaimelf, Scherazade. His father left his family when Allen was a boy. He has a younger sister, Serena, who disappeared when he was about eleven. Allen's mother died soon after her disappearance. Although he has the reputation of being a playboy, he is actually a complete gentleman. He is very even tempered and he usually thinks things through before acting. Allen is a very honorable man and loyal to his kingdom, but that does not stop him from doing what he thinks is right. Also many people call him a girl and he tries to hit on hitomi.

Merle - A thirteen year old cat/girl who has been Van's devoted companion ever since they were both very young. She is an orphan, the Fanelian royal family being the only one she has ever had. Merle loves Van very much and she is very protective of him(see hitomi get in her way). Merle can also be very jealous. She is almost always fighting or arguing with Hitomi, because she gets so much of Van-sama's attention.

Millerna Aston -The youngest of the king of Astoria's three daughters. Even though she is only fifteen she is already quite skilled in medicine. Millerna is high-spirited and independent, but even when she does things not quite befitting a princess, she is always beautiful, graceful and polite. Astoria is an ally of the Zaibach Empire, but Millerna sees that what they are doing is wrong and wants to help Allen in his struggle against them. She is in love with Allen, although he does not seem to reciprocate those feelings.

Folken Fanel - The oldest son of Goau, the king of Fanelia, and Varie, his wife. His younger brother is Van. He is twenty-five years old. Folken disappeared 10 years ago, when he left to slay a dragon and retrieve it's energist in order to become king. He has reappeared among the forces of the Zaibach Empire. Folken is very calm and logical in his reasoning and planning. Emotionally, he seems quite cold and distant, though he is not violent or cruel. Like Van, Folken also can have wings.

Dilandau Albatou - A member of the Zaibach Forces. He leads a squadron of young men, all as attractive as he is, who are completely loyal to him. Dilandau is the pilot of the Gaimelf Alseides. Fifteen years old, he is tempermental and sadistic. He enjoys destruction, especially when it involves fire. I realy dont like this guy, I dont know, but he gets on my nerves and always talks about his face!

thanks to this site because I use the character info. thanks again!!

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