July 2004
Guess like they say, "The third time is the charm". After the previous two attempts at a July tournament went up in smoke this time around we were able to muster up 11 teams. Well! the dancing started early as THE GREAT SHOWOFF  announced the 1st 6-0 of the nite. Shaka and Alex were the recipients as Leroy and Sherard started the show. Shortly after Jason and Marcel laid out Sanj and Chu with another quick KO punch. J/M also worked their way up to the top ranking in the prelim. New sensations Kage was the other unbeaten team in the prelim.
In the 1st playoff round the lower seeds battled for a spot in the top 8. Good Lord! I felt like I opened a domino university. I coulda travelled around the universe and back and would still have to wait to get a seat on the table. Guess no one wanted to go home in a hurry. Eventually, Paul and Kevin got past Nov and Reuben 10-7. All the players who had a bye round were coming up eager to jump into the fray. Only to find out that after more than an hour some of the scores were 3-3 or 5-3, whatever!!
After a drawn out battle Marcia and Devon stopped Karen and Nick 10-6. Seem as if a lot of these games the partners took time out to lecture each other. Is this the NBA or what. Then again Karen and Devon on the same table what else did I expect. In the 3rd game Alex and Shaka squirmed past Sanj and Chu 10-9 in a match-up that had all the players twisting in their seats.
In the 2nd round (1/4 finals) the defending champs, Ian and Clinton put "The Hammer to Chris and newcomer KJ 10-3. In Ross' absence Kevin found another salesman to direct his attention towards. He and Paul fell way off the pace against Kage. Kevin made a few funny remarks like "If you want to just give away the game we can leave now". They rallied back to 10-7 but that was it. Jason and Marcel eased past Marcia and Devon 10-5. The final matchup could have been the nite's feature. Shaka and Alex was about to keep the dancing feet grounded as well as avenge their 1st round humiliation. Both teams wrestled back and forth until it was 9-9. Down the stretch, Alex had a block studied for about 5 minutes and then opened the game. It was yours truly that had all the shots in the game. At this point I figure he had to have 5/5. Just before ah send fi mek mi P bury it I asked "How many?". Not sure if my P though the game was blocked but he showed his cards. We lost in the stewards room. Kind of a disappointing way to end the nite. For Alex and Shaka, it was a much needed breath of life.
From here on they were breathing fire and just knocking over everything in their way. They easily dismissed Jason and Marcel in the semis, 10-4. In the other semi, Ian and Clinton raced out ahead of Kage. Ryan and Coffee fought back but could only get as close as 10-7. So I/C was able to defend against Shaka and Alex.
The final was set. The defending champs against what now seem to be the team of destiny. Alex and Shaka continued to rain fire. They opened up a 6-2 lead. After a switch Ian and Clinton narrowed it to 7-6. Then, the team of destiny moved away to deny Ian and Clinton back to back titles. Lesson here? For sure, this team shook off a prelim embarassment. Survived by chance but stuck around to the end, winning when it really matters. Congrats!!!
We will now prepare for the biggest tournament at this location. Make sure that you don't miss it because we are going to go in the back, get the kitchen sink and throw the biggest bashment in the 3 years we have been around Flava.

Respec' Peeps


                                      November 2003 Summary

The November tournament had its share of excitement. 10 teams were there to start the ball rolling. At the start Kingsley was a lot hesitant to play with Karen, not sure if he crossed wires with Mike T who came with a different P. After the prelims both Mike T and Kingsley had gotten goose eggs. Paul and The Great One dished out one to Kingsley and Karen. Mike T and his p, Steve, got creamed by Ross and Kevin. The good thing about that set is Mike T got his big mouth muzzled and Kevin had no reason to call Ross a fassy. (Laugh). Mike Williams and Robert started strong whipping defending champ Brenda and her p, Novrick.  Just for your information, I have started to keep records of the 6-0's. Click here

Anyway, on to the playoffs. The cellar dwellers fought to see which ones would make the 1/4-finals and which ones would have an early nite. Jason and Marcel edged Mike T and Steve, 10-9. Kingsley had the last laugh after he and Karen trounced Marcia and Devon to get to the 1/4 finals. Mike Traitor was sent home early and Kingsley  advanced. In 1/4 final action, Paul and Leroy walloped Mike W and Robert, 10-1. Not much to say about that set except Mike and Rob could not get anything going on that nite, except for going home early. Ross and Kevin stopped Brenda and Nov, 10-7. Jason and Marcel scraped by Chevonne and Rupert, 10-9. That was the 2nd 10-9 win for J/M. The final 1/4 final game took a long dam time to play but ended in a rather unusual fashion. Trying to claw their way out of the cellar Kingsley and Karen were deadlocked with Earl and Fred and were playing the deciding game. In that final game Ms. Francis accidentally match a 5 to a 4. In other words, "Shi puddung di wrong domino". Earl quickly jumped on that opportunity and called the game because of the exposed card. Kingsley was pissed and he steamed out the door. He did not want to play wid Karen in the first place and then she fumble at a point when it seem as if they were going to send the top seeded team of Earl and Fred packing early.
Well! In the semi Earl and Fred probably wished they had left. Jason and Marcel beat the shirts off their backs in a 10-4 shallacking. Finally Jason and Marcel were able to avoid the tension of a 9-9 set. In the other semi Paul and TGO hooked up with Ross and Kevin. Neither Ross nor Kevin wanted to be seated first because they were afraid of being under the gun hand(laugh). Anyway Paul and TGO breezed to a 9-5 lead. Then Ross and Kevin, who had switched seats, started to mount a comeback. Before long it was 9-9. Ross and Kevin pulled it off ending Paul's streak of three consecutive finals.
On to the final game. This is what all the combatants wanted. Crew members locking horns, Ross and Kevin against Jason and Marcel. It was a see-saw encounter. Down 9-7, J/M won consecutive games to set up an exciting final game. For the 3rd time on the nite Jason and Marcel were embroiled in a 9-9 battle. Ross and kevin had just sqeezed by Paul and TGO, so for them this was back to back 9-9 sets. In the end Ross and Kevin got the victory. Well I suppose Kevin did not have to call Ross a fassy and all four finalists had the opportunity to go tete-a-tete with their god breddrens.
I have to give this one a DAM GOOD rating. For those who could not make it, I hope to see you in December.

As Always

                            Summary of  TOC and Season Opener

Can you say excitement? The 2nd anniversary tourney and the Tournament of Champions had just that. There were six teams that lined up for the trophies at the 2nd TOC. After battling for a couple of hours Alex and Shaka came out atop the heap with a 4-1 record. Somewhere in there, Mike Thompson could be heard above the crowd after he and partner Kingsley blanked Jason and Marcel. Yet in the end, after making a whole bag a noise he had nothing to show. Mike! Terror Fabulous done tell wi say it's all about "ACTION not a bag a mout". Ross and Kevin got the 2nd place trophies in a tie-breaker that still has Jason and Marcel asking, "why?".
Usually in the Tournaments the first tie-breaker is games won. That is because a lot of times teams won't get to play each other so the head to head would not have to be considered. However, the TOC was a round robin tournament and since all the players played each other head to head should have been atop the hierarchy. That maybe true but a last minute cancellation cause the whole set-up I had planned to change.
There were 4 other teams (beside the TOC participants) that were in the running to be crowned as winners of the season opener. Among them, Brenda and Lyn. Which is interesting because Brenda showed up to play in the TOC but was stood up by her P. That was when the call was made to Lyn who showed up on the stroke of mid-nite (not literally but just about when the tournament started). Alton and Kendal dominated all of those teams winding up 3-0, Mike W and Robert were 2-1.
So on to the playoff. The first round saw Alton and Kendal edging Dom and Reuben 10-8 to keep their streak alive. Lyn and Brenda thrashed Mike W and Robert 10-1. Ironically, due to a mix up in the schedule Lyn and Brenda started to play Ross and Kevin in the quarters. That was when Shaka and Alex pointed out that they should be playing the women instead. They sat down and 10 games later they were heading out the door wid 10-0 inna dem skin. Well Shaka and Alex you mite have the trophies, but 10-0? Wow! I am sure you must still be hurting. Then again, you still have those trophies. Personally, I would rather spare myself the embarassment, forget the trophies. In other quarter final action. Alton and Kendal continued their streak getting by Ross and Kevin,10-7. Jason and Marcel upended The Great One and Bernadette, 10-7 .Paul and Jimmy silenced Mike T and Kingsley with a 10-2 whoop ass.
So on to the semis. In the first one Jimmy and Paul finally put an end to Alton and Kendal's streak edging them 10-9. In the other match, Lyn and Brenda continued their upset run as they turned back Jason and Marcel, 10-6. So the final matchup was the defending champs against the Cinderella team. At the end of the nite the Cinderella team had a ball. The women came out on top, a fitting climax to the nite. For Brenda, it was her sixth time in the winners circle but taking a rookie to the promise land must make this her most cherished. For Lyn, when the hell will she wake up from this dream. It was truly a dream nite that will last here all life long.
All in all it was fun-tastic and I would like to congratulate the first (all) female team to win a tournament. Trend setters? No doubt! Hopefully your success will inspire others.

Til Next Time
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                                                  December 2003 Summary

Can't say I really expected a big turnout for this one. After all this is the time of year when there are just too many things going on. 4 or 5 of the regular teams had already indicated that they would not be around for this one. There were maybe another 2 that did not show because of the anticipated low turnout. We had 7 teams that did make it.
We kicked things off at around 9:30. The prelim round was dominated Brenda and Scott. They won both sets while conceding only 3 games. Sanj and Arnie was the other unbeaten duo. The quarter final matchups were all rematches from the prelim round. Dane and his dad matched up against Dom and newcomer Glen. For the 2nd time on the nite the father and son team beat Dominic and Glen. The score 10-7. Ian and Clinton matched up with Sherard and TGO. After stopping them 6-3 in the 1st round, they did it again. This time with a more convincing 10-3 victory. However, this set had its share of controversy. At 6-1, Sherrard bowed his pair of 2's. The opponents call the game based on exposure of cards since Clinton was ahead of him in the game. Sherard had 2 cards as did Clinton who would get a chance to play before him. Sherard's point was that Clinton had no chance to win the game, which was true. Anyway since he was not ahead of Clinton he should have waited. I would encourage all of you to take time out to read the rules. They are in that box with the links. Anyway, so much for that. The 3rd matchup was Marcia and Devon versus Sanj and Arnie. These teams had just battled in a 6-5 prelim round game. However, Sanj and Arnie cruised to a 10-5 victory teh 2nd time around.
In the semis, Dane and Sonny trashed Sanj and arnie, 10-2. Brenda and Scott came from behind to beat Ian and Clinton who ran into a brick wall10-6. This set up the much anticipated grudge match. Former partners locking horns in the final. It was also a family affair, father-son vs the in-laws. After being ditched by Brenda a few month ago that was Dane's 1st shot at revenge. After that match though, Brenda was feeling love-ly. Yes folks!!! A rare occurence, our points leader on the season and winningest player overall was blanked by her former P. I guess this one can be dubbed "Dane's Revenge". If Brenda is the same Brenda that we know I am sure she will be back kicking butt as always.
Nuff props to Dane and his dad. Meeeeerry Christmas all. I will see you in the new year maybe the 3rd week in January. We mite be there again for my b-day on January 3. 

So 'til then

Guidance, blessings and respec'
                                                 January 2004

As expected we had a decent turnout after a long layoff. A few new faces were in the house trying to win the first tournament of '04. Twelve teams contested the prelims and one more was added just before the playoff round started. A total of 13 teams, been a while since we had a field of this capacity.
I guess everyone musta been trying to avoid being the first casualty of the new year because there wasn't even one love on the nite. We know
that will change soon enuff.
Paul and Jimmy, reunited after a couple of months off, were the only unbeaten team in the prelims (3-0). They, Ross/Kevin and Jason/Marcel earned 1st round byes.
In the first round of the playoff Earl/Kingley rushed to a 9-0 lead against Lyn and TGO. However, The Great One worked his way out of that sticky situation but did not have enuff greatness to avoid being sent home early. E/K was vitorious 10-3. The newcomers made some noise in this first round. Anthony and
Gold stopped Reuben and Clinton 10-8. The other freshies, just went by the rather unique name Kage, won a close one beating Mike W and Robert the latter was winless on the nite. The Chrises were back and they ran over Alex and Sherard 10-6. The final match of the 1st round pitted Mike and Zeb (back from retirement) against Sanj and Chu. As we all know this one went on forever. It seems as if anytime Sanj is in a match it turns into a marathon. If I have only one wish for this year is that we NEVER see Sanj and Devon at the same domino table because that match couold take the whole month to play. Anyway, back to the match, M/Z eeked a 10-9 victory. Can't say they brought to mind they powerhouse team that was one of the dominant teams in the first year. Zeb, did you have some ring rust?
On to the 1/4 finals, Mike and Zeb got embroiled in another 10-9 affair. This time they could not escape the Kage and were toppled by the newcomers. As for the other freshies, they were no match for Jason and Marcel as they got eliminated 10-6. For Anthony and
Gold it was not exactly a golden moment but they did have a decent tourney.  For 2nd Seeded Ross and Kevin things were not so Chris. They lost a 10-9 thriller to Chris and Chris. As usually R/K had a long discussion about the loss. This is arguable the best team around based of their results but there is no doubt that Ross and Kevin b!tch the most. At least I did not hear Kevin call Ross a fassy on this nite. Earl and Kingsley faced the top seeded Paul and Jimmy and it was not even close. E/K won 10-2. During the prelim each time I asked Paul, "Who won?" His response, "Do u have to ask?". So Paul, "Who won?". Oh ! You don't have to answer. You got your wins outta the way and had nothing left for the playoffs. 
So on to the semis with the top 2 seeds gone. Chris and Chris were seeing doubles after they were next to be Kaged. the youngsters cruised to an easy 10-2 win. The 2nd semi was  just as lopsided as Jason and Marcel stopped Earl and Kingsley 10-3. The final match was set Jason and Marcel against the Kage. Kage went out front early then Jason and Marcel battled back to make it 6-6. The steams switched a couple of times trying to get the much needed leverage along with the prestige of toppling the biggest field we've had in months. In the end J/M got Kaged as the youngsters made a triumphant debut beating Jason and Marcel 10-6.
I have to give this one another DAM GOOD rating. The next one should be just after the valentines weekend. Look out for a few changes as we start building towards the year end extravaganza. I'll be seeking a couple volunteers to help me put the structure in place. So if you are willing and can meet sometime over the next couple of weekends let me know.

Til nex' time

                                                     February 2004

We opened 2004 with a bang and then in February we made an even bigger bang. With all the interest being generated I have to start thinking of ways to accomadate everyone. At the top of the list is carving out rules that make sure that we are not there until its time to go to church. So I would appreciate very much if everyone make an effort in that department. IN OTHER WORDS, WE WILL NEVER HAVE A 10 O'COCK START. As a matter of fact I am going to put it to a vote to move the time up an hour.
Anyway on to the action that took place on Saturday. I won't elaborate much on the prelim action. The top seeded team was Brenda and Garnett, 3-0. Karen and Bernadette was 2, good prelim round for the fairer sex. How about that for women on top. There was still some residue from Valentine's as 3 teams were taken to the love zone. (Check the tables on the results page). After the 1st round in the prelim we had 14 teams. A couple of teams entered the fray to start the 2nd round.Then another 2 were added just before the playoffs started. That made it a record 18 teams all together in February's tourney.
The first round of the playoffs had only 2 games to shave the field to 16. In the 1st matchup Nov and Reuben got their first win of the night when they quickly bounced Rud the last team to jump in just before the playoffs, 10-3. The other match featured The Great Flop who is going through a rut at the moment. He and partner Dom squared off against Marcia and Devon, the other team that jumped in at the start of the playoffs. It wasn't close, 10-5. Of course, Dom and The Great Flop won this match? Not quite. The owners pulled off an upset at tremendous odds. That had to be in the area of 99-1. Once again, The Great Flop was issued an early pass on a winless night.
The round of 16 had a few surprises blended in with some excitement. Last month's winner Ryan (1/2 of Kage) and his partner the other Ryan got past Tony and Winston 10-5. I suppose the real backdrop there actually had to do with Friday's drop in on the 2nd floor. It was there that Tony who was having a fair amount of successs was begging me to bring on the weak field so he could take his money and go home. Well he went home alright, VERY EARLY WIF F*CK ALL. (Laugh). Marcia and Devon fresh off the biggest upset of their lives tackled Brenda and Garnett the top seeded team. Well the score there was 10-5. Marcia and Devon? As Marv Albert would say it, YESSSS!!!  They took a big bite that deflated the dreams of Brenda and the self proclaimed King. Bernadette and Karen stayed unbeated by drubbing Reuben and Nov,10-4. The other 5 games we much closer. Kevin and
Gold sprinted to a big lead against Armand and Floyd but in the end that was whittled down to a 10-7 score. Alton and Kendal defeated Ross and Kevin, Glen and King defeated Shaka and Alex by a similar 10-7 score. Ian and Clinton stopped Sanj and Chu 10-8. Morris and Everton got past Jason and Marcel in a squeaker,10-9.
In the 1/4 finals Kevin and
Gold dusted off King and Glen 10-2. Kendal and Alton easily brushed aside defending champ Ryan and the other Ryan, 10-3. Marcia and Devon looking to continue their string of upsets played Karen and Bernadette. The final score was 10-7.There were 2 steaks on the line. M/D streak of upsets and B/K unbeaten streak. Marcia and Devon again? Uhmm!! Karen and Bernadette kept their unbeaten streak alive. Ian and Clinton edged Sanj and Chu 10-8. Newcomers, Morris and  Everton defeated Jason and Marcel in a very good match 10-9.
In teh semis Kevin and
Gold easily defeated Ian and Clinton 10-3. In the other match Karen and Bernadette had their streak on the line. After an intense battle with Alton and Kendal the match ended with a 10-8 score. Streak still alive? Not any more. As we always says it is better to win when it really counts. So the final was set. Alton and Kendal against Kevin and Gold ( I found out that I have to choose the right background for Gold's font...laugh).
Lat month Kevin sat on the sideline and watch his crew members top the field. I had some fun at
Gold's expense calling silver , bronze or brass. They were in the final to represent their crew and try to take home the gold. I must say that was one of the most intense finals I've seen. It was a see-saw affair with several lead changes. It finally ended at 10-9. Gold lived up to his name, he and Kevin made it back to back wins for their crew.
March 13th will be the next one. I know that everyone is eagerly anticipating this date. See you all on the eve of Wrestlemania....Now you know where I get the crazy talk from....Laugh

Nuff Respec'
                                                           March 2004
We just keep bettering each month's turnout. February saw a record 18 teams participating, March's tournament was one better. As promised , we started a little earlier. We started at 8:35 wid only 8 teams present. A couple other late-comers we added to the mix about 10 minutes later.Obviously most people did not get the message, hopefully it was delivered to all. By the time the playoffs rolled around at about 10:15 it swelled to 19 teams. Now that we have so many interested teams,I hope now that everyone that wants to participate will realize the disadvantage of showing up late for the tournaments.
During the prelims, Dane and Brenda opened up wid a 6-0 drubbing of former champs Dom and Paul. By the end of the 2nd game they musta piping Peaches and Herb's "Reunited and it feels so gooooood" because they dropped another love on Alton and Kendal. That 2nd prelim round was rather lovely. Alex and Shaka put one 'pon Reuben and Nov and Marcia and Devon gave Charmaine and Chris P a rather rude welcome. OOOOH YEAH!!! A third love in that round. Man I thought Valentine's was in February. That was it for all the loving. Heading into the Playoffs Mike T and Zeb were unbeaten. Sanj/Armon and Shaka/Alex won both games but were each handed a loss via forfeiture for not being present for the first round. Let this be a lesson to all. These losses will eventually affect where you get seeded. A classic case being that of Earl/Kingsley. Earl was around for over 2 hours without a P. They won their only prelim game but had to play in the round of 32. Of course, they lost 6-4. If they had played in more qualifying games they would probably be seeded higher and would make the round of 16, where the games are played to 10, and would have time to potentially rebound from a 6-4 deficit.
After all this Earl left steaming and Charmaine and Chris moved on to the round of 16. The other 1st round matches were very exciting, both ended up wid 6-5 scorelines. That might be testament to the fact that noone was willing to go home early. Glen/Sonny eeked past Dave/Sherard and Alton/Kendal edged Amos/Mikey. Again both losing teams showed up late and coulda used those warm-up games.
The round of 16 had some close games and some that blowouts. Ian/Clinton trounced last month's Cinderella team of Karen/Bernadette 10-1. I guess that carriage turn into a pumpkin real fast and K/B were left flat on their asses. Alton/Kendal checked Chu /Arnie into the smackdown hotel, 10-1. Mike W/Robert easily handled Nov/Reuben 10-3. Sanj/Armon got by Dom/Paul 10-3 as well. Mike/Zeb continued their winning ways by stopping Chris/Charmaine 10-5. Shaka/Alex d. Marcia/Devon 10-6. Brenda/Dane survived a scare from Glen/Sonny by prevailing 10-9. Ross/Kevin barely got by defending champs Kevin/
Gold by a similar 10-9 score. 
Then. it was on to 1/4 final action.  Guess tha Peaches and Herb song ended wid that all too familiar chorus of  "Na na na na, na na na na. H-e-e-e-e-y Goodbye!" Ian/Clinton sent Brenda /Dane packing, 10-5. It seems as if every month I keep saying that there is a team that shoulda save their wins for the playoffs. The team of Mike/Zeb wears that hat.Alton/Kendal served up their 1st loss 10-5. On a more serious tip, I would bet any money that both B/D and M/Z will be in contention if an imminent final. Maybe a throwback to the days when these 2 teams would lock horns as fierce but mutually respected rivals. I would love to see that. And that of course, is not meant to undermine or dis any other team out there. But you know, its a legend thing. Like Michael against Magic. These teams dominated the first year or so. Maybe this is my challenge to them to step up their games to match the new breed of players that are hungry for a champion-ship. Speaking of legends. Ross/Kevin who basically took over where the afore mentioned left off by dominating during the 2nd year, They saw action against Mike W/Robert. R/K won 10-8. Once again M/R was close, they have been on the fringes a lot but this ain't horseshoe so better luck to you guys next month. Shaka/Alex edged Sanj/Armon 10-8. At the end of the 1/4 finals all of the top 3 seeds were already out.
In the semis Alton/Kendal kept rolling after a slow start in the prelims, they blew by Ross/Kevin 10-4. It seems as if something was missing though. Not once did I hear Kevin calling Ross that all too familiar name, FASSY!!! They must have been beaten by the better hands/team on that nite. Maybe Ross gave his salesman badge back to The other semi was as tight as can be. It was 9-9 when Alex had the crucial shot. He opted to switch the game which resulted in a block. Clinton won wid 2/2. Had he (Alex) put his P's 4 back they it woulda been a whole different kettle a fish. Shaka would have Ian's 6/6 cork and Alex himself woulda probably been charged for the murder of the said 2/2 that won the game. I am not saying that Alex made a poor shot 99% of you woulda done the same thing. I was just pointing out how in a crucial 9-9 scenario one play is the difference between being able to play for the grand prize. The final was dominated by Alton/Kendal. This team had to scratch and claw from the round of 16 to the championship. There were always comfortably ahead in this matcup, although I have to commend Ian/Clinton they fought hard to make the final result 10-6. No reason for them to hang their heads. Once again, "Congrats to all that made it a success".

                                                       April 2004

It has been almost a week since the conclusion of April's tournament. But anyway. Finally!!! The summary is getting done. We had a good turnout, despite not topping last month's record. All together 16 teams had a go at the top prize. Among them a few new faces. The action started at 8:40. It did not take long for Kevin and Gold to give Patrick (Glen's P) a most inhospitable welcome. You guessed it 6-0 as soon as him siddung. In the prelims, Mike Thompson batta bruise him breddren dem, Earl and Kingsley, 6-0. Mike was a part of a patch work team put together when Zeb was a no-show. His P was Armand and they were the top seeds after the prelim round. Also unbeaten were January's winners Kage, as they eeked out two 6-5 victories. Ross and Kevin, Paul and Jimmy rounded off the top 4 seedings, all were  unbeaten.
Just before the playoffs, I overheard a convo between members of Kage and Gold. They were making plans to meet in the final. I do admire the confidence that these young men have. My comment was "In order for that to happen you will have to pile over a lot of bodies to get the Gold". Will anyone be able to shatter the confidence of these young men? Let's see. Well Kage took about 25-30 minutes to dust off Dominic and Clinton 10-2. I suppose that would only raise their confidence levels. 14th seeded Earl and Kingsley toppled 3rd seeded Paul and Jimmy 10-3. Maybe the latter team was a little rusty from all the time away (as a team). Mike and Robert got by the 4th seeds Ross and Kevin 10-5. The newcomers made their mark in the 1st round as well. Chinese 6 got by marcia and Devon 10-6. Wow Wow had a few dance steps to show Tony and Mikey. Then they showed them the door by handing them a 10-6 loss. Let me interject for a dam minute. Don't these guys realize that only one man can high step and entertain the masses. And that man the most electrifying man in the biz sat out a 2nd consecutive tournamnet. Anyway it is good to see someone giving it a try. The remaining 3 matches were slobber knockers as Jim Ross would say it. Glen and Patrick pulled off a major shocker. The bottom seed upset the apple cart by handing Mike and Armand a 10-9 defeat. Kevin and Gold were embroiled in a nail biter with Ron and Garnett. Well!! So much for that final I mentioned earlier. Gold would not have any glitter on this nite. He was beaten 10-9. The last game could have been a final. Everyone was watching this one. Well! It makes sense it was a marathon and noone else had anything to do. Dane and Sonny were trying to fend off Jason and Marcel. However in the end the surrendered a 9-7 lead and J/M advanced.
In the 1/4 finals, Earl and Kingsley stopped newcomers Chinese 6, 10-5. Ron and Garnett got by the other new team Wow Wow. Guess they had enuff time to go do/practice their dancing. What about the other team that vowed to be in the final. Kage, the top remaining seed were sent home by cellar dwellers Glen and Patrick, 10-7. Guess they can go home and dream about things to come. In the 4th match-up Mike W and Robert edged Jason and Marcel 10-8.
The tension was so thick in the semis you could slice it with a knife. Both games were worth watching. I was kept on my toes by being asked to investigate a few matters such as people not answering the proper way when questioned. Some man jus' a say stuff like "Jus play domino, man!" Or, an incident or two where a player almost pass. Lif' up him han fi knock and then find a one piece. Overall both games were good and competitive. In the end Earl and Kingsley beat Mike and Rober 10-7 and Glen and Patrick got by Garnett and Ron 10-8.
Now the final was set. I think this is the 1st time that the bottom seed and the 3rd to last seed clashed in a final. Not to mention they are the two teams that were 6-0 recipients earlier. A classic example of "win when it matters" or "look who is laughing now". This matchup was no laughing matter at all. E/K went coast to coast in a 10-3 romp. The cellar dwellers came close but like I always say this ain't horseshoe so better luck next time. Congrats to Earl and Kingsley, both of whom have been toiling on the circuit for the last couple of years and FINALLY!!! get to taste the victory. See you all on Derby day, May 1st.

Jah love and guidance.

                                                             May 2004 (Tournament 1)
On Saturday May 1st, a day when NBC claims was the day of the most exciting 2 minutes in sports.  We generated  an awful lot of excitement of our own. This day also featured the return of "The Showstopper" after a 2 tournament hiatus. There were 15 teams lined up. The real action started in the warm-ups when the self proclaimed king was dumped by his P, who took himself out of the running. Eventually, Devon teamed up with the so called king. Hope he brought his ears plugged to shut out a lot of the sh*t that king would be muttering.
Anyway, it got veeery interesting from early in the competition. After the prelim rounds 10 of the 15 teams were involved in a slew of tie-breakers. So many teams were jockeying for position. The were five 2-0 teams and five that were the mirror of those. After a few 1 game playoffs to sort them out the playoffs got started. The top seed of Anthony and Gold got a 1st round bye. The biggest surprise had the be Mike and Zeb's early exit. Not so much the fact that they lost early but the way Kage F*cked them up.They were winless on the nite and Kage topped it off was a 10-1 ass whooping. What's going on professor Mike? Maybe it is time to give the Showstopper a call to resuscitate your flailing career. After making the final last month and being dubbed the luckiest team in the tournament. Glen and Patrick was given an opportunity to prove themselves. Well! the only thing they prove is that they can tek backshat. After racing out to a 4-0 lead, Alton and Kendal ran over them 10-4. Dom and Reuben went over Ross and Kevin 10-6. As always Kevin was seeking to trade partners. Ross and Kevin did not have long to wait around for their brethren Jason and Marcel as Shaka and Alex sent them home with a similar 10-6 score. Defending champs Earl and Kingsley made The Show Stopper into nothing but a flopper. They took care of him and Ian 10-7. Who the hell is this guy always making up fancy name and still get bounced the 1st round of every tournament. Oh !@#$!! Why did I ask such a question. here is the answer. IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER BECAUSE HE IS STILL DAM GREAT. Brenda and Sean took care of Tony and Winston. That would make it now 3 early exits for Tony who was begging us to bring on the soft field so he could take their monies a couple month back. I should really check the record because I don't think he ever made it to the 2nd round. Devon and Garnett got hooked into a great duel with Paul and Jimmy. D/G won 10-9, maybe Garnett was out to prove his partner had made a mistake.
Well! in the next round he was the next one to be Kaged. Ryan and Cofee gave him a royal 10-3 beating. Alton and Kendal who were not on hand to defend last month hooked up with their successors, Earl and Kingsley. E/K won that matchup 10-2. Anthony and Gold jumped into the playoff mix against Shaka and Alex. Anthony and Gold beat Shakademus and Pliers. I mean Alex, 10-4. Dom and Reuben both of whom have been in a serious funk lately met Brenda and Sean. They made it to the final 4 with a 10-5 win. Was the funk over and done.
After the semis they were done. Done in by Kage, 10-3. A pretty decent showing by Dom and Reuben. Although they did not get the top prize which is why we compete. Both had to be happy to be past the 1st round. The other semi came down to the rubber game. Anthony and Gold Beat out Earl and Kingsley, 10-9. But look at this. Remember last month's conversation overheard by me. Well it seems as if these guys were a little premature with their prediction. As you can see this month's final was contested by those same individuals. Anthony and Gold were on top early and blazed to a 7-3 lead. Then Kage started to mount a rally. As they would say in the say in reference the the Ky derby "And down the stretch they come" Kage came back to make it 9-9. Like Smarty Jones did to Lionheart, they just blew past their opponents in the stretch. A nite when Gold turned out to be nothing but silver. He and Anthony were Kaged by Ryan and Coffee, who are now 2 for 3 in tournament action. Which is good because whereas some of us mite see them as very cocky brutes withtheir bold predictions. I say if they can back it up with the action then it is all good. Now it is up to the detractors to prove them wrong. As a matter of fact if they can do it again on the 29th I will make myself president of their fan club. See there is just one problem wid that. My ego is 10 times the size of their and I will personally take it upon myself to prove to these guys who is the real Show Stopper. It seems as if the 29th their will be a dream team in action. The Professor and the Show Stopper, like Cutty Ranks we have the stopper so all you brutes better talk to wi proper.

Se you at the end of the month.           

                                                   May 2004 (2nd tourney)

Many would say that Shaq and Kobe make a lethal duo. In our circle the much hyped twosome of The Professor and The Captain are like a most lethal combination of cyanide and arsenic. Yeah! a double dose of poison that noone can survive. Well! I won't keep the suspense going. The MEGASTARS whooped ass left, right and centre like they said they would.
18 teams, the MEGASTARS and 17 other pretenders were in an over-the-top battle royale. During the prelims not much was note worthy. The MEGASTARS dropped the only 6-0 on Paul and Jimmy on their way to being the #1 seeds. Dom and The King lost the tie-break and were seeded #2. The other 3 unbeaten teams were Ian and Clinton, Kage, and Shaka and Alex ( seeds 3-5 respectively).
In the first round of the playoffs. The cellar dwellers duked it out to see which 2 would be the first to be sent packing. Earl and Kingsley steamrolled Karen and Bernadette, 10-4. I suppose we could hear some of Bernadette's very funny lines like "Let them shovel partner". Well Karen and Miss B. Shovel your asses out of here. You can shuffle your asses out of here too if you prefer that. Laugh!!! The other match pitted Nov and Reuben against Brenda and Nick. These 2 teams had identical records in the prelim. There was no need for the tie-break because they were going the be matched up in the 1st round either way. In what I would say is a mild upset Reuben and Nov set aside Brenda and Nick 10-5.  I never woulda thought that a team of Brenda and Nick would be gasping for air at this stage of the tournament. I suppose when it ain't your nite there is not much you can do. Except of course, to hope that you will live long enough to fite another day. Good luck next time Miss B.
In the next round, Kage tossed out Paul and Jimmy. The latter , last year most dominant duo is in a real funk. Paul I have one word for you, Kryptonite! Laugh! Anthony and
Gold turned back Ross and Kevin. All of a sudden it seems as if the new blood just keep having their way with the legends. Let me call them The Legend Killers for now, just like Randy Orton. Speaking of legends getting killed by the new brood. Shaka and Alex got posterized by Gary and Faye. The duo (the former) now holds the rather dubious distinction of being the 1st team to receive 2 10-0's. That was not mis-typed it was 10-0. I think I will play one of your tunes Shakademus and Pliers. Its called "Murder She Wrote". The King and Dom took to action  against Earl and Kingsley. You could hear The Kings mouth flapping from across the room as he and Dom romped, 10-6. Tony, another loud mouth, and Sean hooked up with newcomers Brian and Julie. This time he backed up all his talk by getting past the 1st round. I should take time out here to congratulate Tony for making it to round 2. They won 10-7. Ian (The hammer) and Clinton (El Presidente) kept on rolling as they stopped Mike W and Chris by a similar 10-7 score. Glen and Mikey got by debutants Calvin and Mark, 10-8. I guess the story here is as follows. Calvin was one of the 1st people in the house. We soon found out that he knew Kage. Dom who was sitting with me was wondering if Kage had told their friends about the easy money. When we mentioned to Calvin he smiled slyly while saying "Well, they said they won". You can interpret that however. I suppose on this nite it was easier for them to head out on the road than win the money. The 8th match pitted the heavily favoured MEGASTARS against Reuben and Nov. The MEGASTARS loped along in front the whole way and cruise to an effortless 10-6 win. I can't really dis my brethren right now because they put up a good fight but had no response whe the afterburners kicked in.
The next round saw Tony making his way past the 3rd round mouth flapping in the breeze. He and Sean put the final nail in the coffin for The Hammer and El Presidente (Ian and Clinton), how ironic. The score was 10-7. The King and Dom tarnished
Gold and Anthony 10-7. According to reports, it was Gold's p me more than the opponents that deposited the sediments that covered over Gold so we could not see his lustre. I think I should interject here by saying that is another for the legends. Gold and Anthony, alongside the always dangerous Kage were the flag bearers for the new bloods. Speaking of Kage, they ran into Glen and Mikey Dread and this time they got their wings clipped. The Dread was at the control in a very close 10-8 victory. That would leave Gary and Fay as the last of the new breed. Their task was to stop the MEGASTARS. I am sure their confidence must have been brimming after that 10-0 romp. The MEGASTARS led start to finish in this one coasting home ahead 10-6. So much for legend killing all the youngster had been sent home.
The final four  was set including the top 2 seeds. The 1st match-up was The King and Dom against Glen and Mikey Dread. I suppose The King will have to be the only highlight here because they slammed the opponents 10-3. During all this they were utterings of  "Come on Dread don't waste mi time", "But ah did tell you mi come fi di Captain, just wait til ah ketch di Captain". The next semi had more drama that the World Wrasslin Entertainment. The highly fancied MEGASTARS opened up a very comfortable 8-4 margin. After a couple controversial calls, which I mite say was not in favour of The MEGASTARS, Tony and Sean gained a 9-8 advantage. This is where I will stop and give Tony his most prestigious award to date. "SALESMAN OF THE YEAR". With a block he gladly accpted. The biggest shock was seeing the 6/6, 5/5 and another big card in his hand. It was dam near 30 pts in that hand. The Professor had been quiet and focussed all nite breaks into a grin and showed about 9 points. Tony's P, Sean was totally at a loss for words wid a hand full of 4's that he would haved bowed if his p had switched the other way. At 9-9, the MEGASTARS started to dance and party their way into the final.
And the dancing continued all through the final which was not closed. The King was turned into a jester. The only mutterings were about his p not being awake, all that inspite of that fact that I can count at least 2 games where he won the games for The MEGASTARS with his silly blocks. There was a time where they closed to 7-5 and he was just about to start mouthing off but the MEGASTARS put the muzzle on and ran away in a 10-5 cakewalk. The whole room was in The Jester's corner but the MEGASTARS quieted them all. In a gallant display of two way skills . Exhibiting offensive and defensive skills the MEGASTARS shone bright. I am sure Sean is still saying that it was luck. Do you remember the old saying "What is for caesar could never be for you losers". I guess that would make the theme of this whole tournament and the MEGASTARS' slogan, "VENI, VIDI, VICI".
THEY CAME, THEY SAW A ROOM FULL OF CANDY ASSES AND THEY WHOOPED ALL THOSE CANDY ASSES. In other words, they conquered all. Now, do you believe the hype?

See you on June 19th.                              
                                                       June 2004

How much better than this can it get? Of 13 playoff games only 4 were decided by more than 2 pts. 14 teams were there all together in a rumble for the grand prize. Earl and Kingsley gave the first thrashing (6-0) to Bernadette and Mark. The other Mark (Fish) playing with Anthony, who was tossed to the side by
Gold, put some tranish on Gold wid a 6-0 ass whooping. Kevin finally got his wish to play wid someone a new P. Jason was the replacement for that "fassy", Ross. Ha!! They were one of 2 unbeaten teams in the prelims. Earl and Kingsley were seeded at the top.
In the 1st round of the playoffs, Ian (The Hammer) and Clinton nailed Dane and Dad with a 10-2 shallacking. Glen and Mikey Dread, who was not at the control today had no answers for Fish and Anthony. They were annhilated 10-2. Anthony's old P
Gold seem to have hit stride as he and Gary got by Dom and Reuben 10-5. In case you are not observant, from here on out only one game had more than a 2 pt margin of defeat. Alton and Kendal edged Kevin and Brenda, 10-8. The latter is a team that was put together at the last minute when Brenda found herself partnerless because her P was a no show. In what had to be the most controversial game in the history of the  touranments. Mike and Zeb hooked up with Bernadette and Mark. I was called to the table a few times. First there was an exposed card before the start of a game. M/Z who were trailing and gasping for air was literally begging for that game. Then Zeb asked me to warn Miss B about playing questioning the board out of turn. About 30 seconds later I was called back to that table because Bernadette had asked "How many?" on Zeb turn to play. I had to give the game to M/Z but decision like that tear me up because obviously Mike and Zeb were now clutching to their last lifeline. The thing about that game is that Bernadette already had it won because she had the hard 6 and that was why she was asking so she could win and not waste time. From there Mike and Zeb went on to close out the set 10-8. Frankly, I must say my MEGASTAR p lost a lot of his shine. Firstly for not being able to polish off a team that was most likely the weakest team on that nite. They had to resort to all kinda begging. Maybe M/Z just went from powerhouse to outhouse with the snap of a finger. The final matchup was really built up. Ryan (1/2 of Kage) had told me that he wanted to meet me in the first round and he would tell me what to write in the world famous summary. Kage streaked off to a comfortable lead wid Ryan slashing my p's doubles almost every game. Marcia then asked for a switch and things got real sticky. It came down to a 10-9 game. I can't dis Kage because it was a well fought match but Ryan the only thing I can say is "Good luck next month".
The 1/4 finals was set. Anthony and Fish continued their good run as they stopped the outhouse team 10-8. Leroy and Marcia streaked out ahead of Earl and Kingsley and clung to a 10-8 victory over the top seeds. In what turned out to be a real marathon. Jason and Kevin battled
Gold and Gary in what has to be a classic. The combatants were biting nails twisting and turning. And get this, Kevin who is always cussing his P was on the receiving end on this nite. Can't say I ever heard Jason cussing like that before. In the end J/K survived this 10-9 humdinger. I suppose the feature match-up of this round would have to be Ian and Clinton against Alton and Kendal. I/C won the 1st 6 games. Then A/K went ahead 7-6. At the time we all could see the tension mounting. When Alton won to make it 9-8 he was pounded the wall. After the next game it was "The Hammer" that was pounding the wall. After all that tension that was built up in the heat of the competition they teams exchanged hearty handshakes as A/K were eliminated 10-8. I must point out that this exemplifies the type of competition that I would love to see. In spite of the heated battles on the table, all I want at the end is a showing of mutual respect from the competitors. That is why I have to step aside from the spotlight for a second and shine it on these teams that are truly deserving.
So then. it was down to 4. Jason and Kevin ran off to a 6-1 lead against Marcia and The Captain. Another switch by Miss Smith and we were down to a one point game. In the end Jason and Kevin drew away for a relatively comfortable 10-5 win. I must stop and commend Miss Smith on that dazzling outfit. Just kidding, I must say she played like a real champ and while I was not able to emulate my MEGASTAR effort from last month. I probably felt more gratified because my p was all heart and WE KAGED RYAN AND COFEE. The next semi was a nail biter. Speaking of nails, not finger nails this time, The Hammer was somewhere around. I did not get to see any of this match because I was embroiled in my own battle but it came down to a 10-9 finish and The Hammer and El Presidente were in the final against Jason and Kevin.
How would Kevin do without Ross now that he got his wish? The final match-up was air tight the whole way. The went neck and neck, stride for stride the entire way. It was down to a deciding game that could have gone either way. But in the end it was HAMMER TIME!!! Dam good tournament. Even better!! While I am tempted to say that in terms of the sheer excitement and entertainment on this nite "can't touch this". I better reserve my judgement because we are down to the last couple at Flava. I seriously think it will be hard to top this but let see what everyone will bring to the last couple of tournaments.  

Gwaan Big Up Massive Let's see if we can close out with a bang.

                                              August 2004
Goodbye Flava!! After almost 3 years, we brought down the curtains. 19 teams showed up to get their names etched in history as the last Flava winners. On that nite where there were trophies left, right and centre. Kage, Dane/Brenda and Gary/Fay made it a lovely nite. Glen/Pablo, Mike/Robert and Devon/Marcia were not feeling so lovely after the prelims.
Ross/Kevin and Brenda were big winners during a ceremony that celebrated those that made our Flava tournaments successful. These people among others are the foundation, a host of newcomers are out there waiting in the wings to take over the torch. Then again, legends never die and most of them will still be around to make some noise in future tournaments. All I can see is bigger, better tournaments down the road.
Ross/Kevin got the trophies for the best team. With Kevin not around, we missed out on an opportunity to hear Ross getting called Fassy one last time. Brenda was awarded the trophy for being the best player in our tournaments. She reunited with Dane, the best team in our first year. A fine combo of stalwarts and newbloods.
I won't bother to go through all the games that were played as usual. As a matter of fact I will take time off from poking fun at people. Instead, I will just like to express my gratitude to all who played in our tournaments.  I will ask of all that we continue to build on this foundation. Help us to grow, more importantly help us to continue to have a fun yet safe environment. We mite eventually get bigger in numbers but Flava, Marcia and Devon gave us the opportunity to come together and enjoy ourselves. Whether or not you got a trophy or a medallion on Saturday, you are a winner because we could not have done it without you. 30 something tournaments and no fights, well everyone should get an award for that. Funny, we probably never think about this much, but there is a stigma. Domino players, especially us young folks, are often seen as hooligans and ole cruffs who do nothing but fite etc. I further realize that from talking to one or two establishments about potentially being our next venue. That is when it hit me that what Marcia and Devon did was so much more important for us. Than you again.
Kage, mite just be the hottest team this year. The only multiple winners on the circuit this year notched their 3rd victory in the finale. Mike and Robert continue to flirt with the championship, coming close once again.  Congratulations to all that made Flava the spot that it was. For those of us who climbed all those stairs to get to the attic where we slammed on many, many nites. It feels like a sad passing but we know that we have to do what we can to stay at the top. 

Peace All
                                                    September 2004
Our Season Finale!! 18 teams were crammed inside of Flava. I guess everyone had to be wondering who could stop Kage. Ryan and Coffee were looking to be the 1st team to win back to back this season as well as they were gunning for an unprecedented 4th win of the season.
Love! Love! and more love was in the air. Newcomers Tracy and Tony got severely hammered by Ian and Clinton. Earl and Kingsley did not waste any time with Brian and Julie. There was even more love to go around as Kevin and
Gold polished off the team that has gotten the most loves. Yup that would be Shaka Demus, I mean Shaka and Alex. Kevin and Gold went on the be the top seeds going into the playoffs.
In the 1st playoff round Dwayne and Ross, the fassy, got past the winless Reuben and Gale in easy fashion 10-4. By the way, why am I calling Ross a fassy that is Kevin's job. The other 1st round matchup saw Marcia and Devon edging Tracy and Tony 10-8. So then we were down to 16.
The round of 16 had a few dandy matchups or potentially so. Let me go through the undercards first. In what was a minor upset Dwayne and Ross turned back Ian and Clinton, 10-5. The latter team not only got smoked but their hopes to be team of the year went up in smokes as well. Speaking of smoke, President Clinton did you smoke that cigar? Laugh. In what had tho be considered an upset of epic proportions Brian and Julie eliminated Brenda and Dane, 10-7. Do legends really died or just go on a hiatus only to resurface somewhere down the road? Not sure what became of Brenda and Dane. Marcia and Devon put up a bold fite but succumbed 10-8 to Kevin and
Gold. Leroy and Dom had the throttle on as they stormed past Glen and Patrick 10-8. Kinda reminded me of Asafa Powell just cruising through the rounds. Well the animal kingdom was well represented by the team of Fish and Bird, they locked horns maybe beaks with Calvin and Trevor. Mr C,running off his beak, was begging me to change the matchup because he did not want to beat any of his brethren. Well logic would suggest that when there are 6 or 7 teams of u guys u must play somewhere before the final or even the semi. Anyway Calvin lived up to his word as they won in a 10-9 humdinger. In one of the so-called marquee type matchups, Shaka and Alex met Gary and fay.I wonder if their asses are still sore from being kicked so hard in that 10-0 drubbing they got the last time they met. On this nite tho S/A got some kinda revenge winning 10-5. Another key matchup had Jason and Marcel against Kage. The champs dug in deep to overhaul their opponents in another 10-9 squeaker. The final matchup featured the one and only Professor against Earl and Kingsley. Brethren and brethren. Well the Professor's mouth wa motoring before the game started. He promise to send E/K home early. At 9-7 it was looking like we had another prophet in the house, Calvin had already predicted his victory, but before you know it the game was 9-9. Another 10-9 game, no doubt when it was all over the Professor was motoring home. Hey Prof! Start the engine and lock off di mouth nuh.
In the 1/4 Brian and Julie felt the rage of Kage, they were stung 10-2. Dom and Leroy continued to roll as they ran over Earl and Kingsley 10-4. Oh! and Ross got beaten by Kevin. The other Kevin who alongside
Gold turned back Ross and Dwayne 10-8. The final matchup was one for the ages. Shaka and Alex met Calvin and Trevor. It was a gruelling 10-9 game. Calvin's biggest battle was trying to stay seated at the table for an extended period of time. After several long bathroom breaks which all together consumed between 45-60 minutes the set was finally over. Not sure if Mr C was hurting more from the defeat by Shaka and Alex or by John Labatt. Well he had the rest of the nite to sleep it off.
With my schedule now severely $#@!ed up. Remember all that rant about sticking to schedule because of the new owners. Guess there are some things u can never prepare for. So fun and jokes aside I hope my brethren Calvin is fine. On to the semis. Shaka and Alex, after all tha drama faced well rested Kevin and
Gold. Kevin and Gold outshone their opponents this time around winning 10-7. The second semi featured 2 teams that were picking up steam. Kage against Dom and Leroy. I am sure that Kage must be smarting from the loss to yours truly and Marcia a few months back when we eliminated them. However the nailbiter that we were all expecting to see did not materialize. Dom and Leroy were rope-a-doped as Kage went on to an easy 10-5 victory.
Now to the final. Earlier in the year Kage and Kevin and
Gold made plans to meet in the final. It hapened on this nite. With team of the year a mere formality at this point Kage was gunning for the gold, in a literal sense. When the match was over I guess I can add myself to the list of prophets. I kept on calling Gold "Silver" all nite. With a 10-6 score Kage won their 4th, back to back and cemented the team of the year honours. Ryan almost went on to win the scoring title for the year just edging yours truly and Jason.   
                                                    Season Opener Oct. 04

Oh what a night!!!  October 23rd 2004, we ventured outside of Flava for the 1st time in our 3 year history. First off, let me say sorry for the delay. I know that so many of you  have been eagerly anticipating the award winning summary. I wonder how much I remember so long after it has been over. Well the first highlight came when the Chief of Staff was announcing the teams. He fumbled by saying "team # 3 is Gay and Fairy". I wonder if Ivan destroyed all the real cess and left him smoking something that knotted his tongue. I suppose Fay and Gary found it rather funny not so sure that I would.
Anyway 16 teams lined up inside of Tropical Hut, including a few new faces. We had some love flowing in the air that nite. In the prelim Fay and Gary worked their magic giving a 6-0 to Mike T and "The Fassy". That would be Ross if you are still wondering. Leroy and Dom started the new season by crushing Nick and Deon 6-0 as well. Four teams came out 2-0 topped by Brian and Julie.
In the round of 16, Kellman finally made an appearance after all these year. With partner Brenda they streaked of to an 8-0 lead and cruised to a 10-2 victory over Dom and The washed up one. Shaka and Alex were in fine form as the crushed newcomers Steve and Lenny 10-2. The latter team told me earlier that they liked what we had going on and would be back with some more of their crew. I hope Shaka and Alex did not change their minds. Jason and Marcel went over Nov and Reuben 10-6. Fabulous and Mikey topped Gary and Fay 10-6. Every time now before I mention the latter team I have to think hard. Kage was gunning for an unprecedented 3 in a row but Earl and Kingsley put and end to that by stopping them 10-7.  Brian and Julie continued their great run by beating Nick and Deon 10-8. And of course Rambo was in the house. He drew 1st blood, Rambo and CB ended a disastrous nite for Mike T and Ross. The score 10-8. Ross was in a generous mood saving a double S that game back to bite him in the a** and sent him on the road.
In the round of 8, Shaka and Alex got past Brenda and Kellman 10-6. There was a little bit of controversy there. Kellman claimed that 2 of his cards fell on the table . One was exposed so that everyone could see it. The other, only he and the ref could see it. He played the one that they all saw but the ref call the game because he, the ref, saw it. Nothing could be done after the fact but I am almost sure that is not the way Kellman wanted to end the nite on his first nite out. Earl and Kingsley bested Rambo and CB, 10-7. Heck!! It sure was nice to have a celebrity make an appearance. Brian and Julie continued their incredible run by beating Alton and Kendal, 10-7. The best matchup of that round was fabulous and Mikey against Jason and Marcel. Jason and Marcel rallied from about 4 or 5 points down to win a classic 10-9 matchup.
In the semis, Brian and Julie brought out a can of whoop ass. Oh! they opened that baby on Earl and Kingsley. It was a 10-1 rout. The other semi was a dandy. As Jim Ross was say it was a Slobber Knocker. Two teams that know each other from battles over the years hooked up. Shaka and Alex against Jason and Marcel. It was back and forth to the end. It came down to the rubber game. This time Shaka and Alex came out the victors.
Speaking of Shaka and Alex, they are starting to make sure that their names get mention-ed when we talk about our top teams. What is even more freakish is that these two always, always have an October to remember. They won 2 years ago. They took home the Tournament of Champions last year. Of course I have to mention the 10-0 ass whooping Brenda and Lyn gave them. But they did bring home trophies.  
The final was set. Team October versus Brain and Julie, a team that was having a freakish nite. Halloween Havoc, one week early. Brian and Julie gained the upperhand early. They were comfortably in front all the way. As they entered the stretch the big thoroughbred started to kick in. They brought it to 9-9. They brought the crowd to its feet like Seabiscuit and War Admiral. Of course, as in any classic the climax had to be as if it was scripted for a Stealberg movie. Mr. Lex, as Alex is known had a block or open. They was not one batty that was not wiggling in its seat. Will he? Won't he? Well he didn't and if he did that would have been a tie and of course according to the rules Mr. Lex woulda just shot himself in the foot. After the fact even Shaka said he wanted the      block. So the game played out Brian had one card, Shaka had one card. Then Brian knocked, he passed. Shaka and Alex won! What a final! For Brain and Julie, who had an incredible run. What a heartbreak! For Shaka and Alex, who like the Red Sox this year came to rule in October as alway. What a finish! Can I write this script for Hollywood? For all involved and all that paricipated. As mentioned before, What a nite! 
C Ya In November. 

Jah Bless as always. 
                                                November 2004
Where is everybody? Maybe running scared, there were only 7 teams that came out to test the People Champ on this nite. 7 teams participated in the prelims and one more jumped in at the start of the playoffs. Kage came out as the only unbeaten team in the prelims. There were followed by a plelothora of teams that won 1 set. Of course everyone stayed away from the shutout.
In the 1/4 finals Nov and Reuben found their stroke against Winston and The (So-called) King. The pair cruised to an easy win over the Burger King as he was called by his P. The King got crowned. 10-4 was the score. Sanj and Chu who came in as the 8th seed pulled off an upset of epic proportions as they stopped Kage 10-4. Glen and Patrick surprised Dom and The Real Champion, 10-7 was the score there. The final match-up was Carrie and Tony against defending Champs Alex and Shaka. The former team built up a 7-0 lead but was soon gasping. At 9-9 the champs served an ace and went on to the semis.
Fresh off their upset of the prohibitive favourites, Kage, Sanj and Chu locked horns with Glen and Patrick. Look like di Heini was kicking in. Sanj and Chu obliterrated their opponent. They just missed the shutout in a 10-1 romp. The quote of the day came from Glen at the end of that ass whooping "Dem man deh a play in a different language, ah couldn't understand a ting dem play". Watever it is Glen u got your tail cut. Beaten as if u stole something. With so much time to spare maybe u can practice for December 11th in order to avoid such a vicious ass whooping. The defending champs were up against Nov and Reuben. Nov and Reuben went out aggresively and had a commanding lead. Shaka and Alex were left to prove that they were indeed the Kings of the comeback. I hear all di time dat if bucket go to di well everyday one day the bottom must drop out. That is wat happened to the champs they could not erase the deficit this time around and bowed out 10-6.
Well the final itself had a surprise element. Kage was gone! The Peoples's Champ was out as well. The 7th and 8th seeded were vying for the spoils. This matchup coulda gone either way. Sanj and Chu held a narrow edge up until the mid point. Nov and Reuben rallied to within one but in the end it was the twosome that sipped the most Heineken that pulled away for a 10-7 win. As far as this circuit goes Asia is now on the map. Hard to imagine Sanj going all the way to the final and I could still get out at 1 a.m. No PhD tonite Mr. Patel. Well the Indian and the Sri Lankan ruled on this nite. I guess I should retract that ass kicking promise. I truly belive that I run everybody away. There are a few teams/players that have been retired by the real champ. Here is a short roll call.

Paul and Jimmy
Kevin (from Ross and Kevin fame)
Zeb (of Mike and Zeb)
Devon and Marcia
Gold (turn him to bronze)

Look for more names to be added to that list in the upcoming month..

Yup!! Why I should I be a p*$$y and back down. I am going to kick ass on the 11th. Come one, come all. Fly high, fly low whatever you brutes do you will be seeing me in your dreams for a long time to come. That is the way it will be. The people's champ says "see you in Decmber, don't be scared".

                                                           December 2004
With Christmas just around the corner a few teams crawled out of their holes to see if they could get a slice of the cake. Rupert and Choppy, Mike Williams and Robert, teams that have been busy running for as much as a year finally showed up. In total there were 13. Kevin (of Ross and Kevin) and
Gold (should I say bronze) stepped out from retirement.
As always if dominoes were played with mouth then The King would have no competition whatsover. This time around it was him and Ossie that earned the #1 seeding. Mouth flapping in the breeze (well The King's anyway). Kevin teaming up with Mike T, who many consider to be the 2nd best talent, got the #2 seed. I am not sure which troops they used to dig Choppy and Rupert out of the hole they have been hiding in, but they were the other 2-0 team.  The much hullaballoed team of Karen and Glen polished off Herbert and Tony 6-0, the only love on the nite. Well I kinda envy those guys in a way because Miss Francis was looking dam fine who better to get some good loving from.  Tony and Herbert earlier just avoided another shutout as they eeked out a game.
However, this twosome that came together last minute started to win when it counted. They edged Ian and Clinton in a set where it seems like the emotions were starting to flare. Tony and Herbert eeked their way into the 1/4  finals, 10-9. Earl and Kingley escaped with a similar margin of victory against Jason and Marcel. These old rivals were involved in another classic slugfest. Mike W and Robert disposed of Karen and Glen 10-5. The defending champs, Sanj and Chu, made a good run against The Real Champ but were stopped 10-7 by Dom and The Real Champ. The final matchup pitted Kage against Bronze and Anthony. Brethren against brethren, knowing that one team would be heading out the door. Kage went on to the 1/4 by getting past Bronze and Anthony 10-7.
Well in the round of 8 a couple of the scores were not even close. The top seeded team of Ossie and The King were flogged as if they took Herbert and Tony's prized possesion. It was not a pretty sight. The only thing The King could talk about was that he sat at the wrong table. The final score was 10-2. I am not sure about the wrong table, maybe he shoulda just sat his backside in his sofa at home. The prelims don't count for much so before the mouth starts flapping one should remember to win when it counts. Maybe I should listen to my own philosophy. Matched up against Kage, The Real Champ was down 9-0. Guess that was when I kinda realize that it was not my nite, again. Like deja $#@!^ vu I get that feeling every tournament now. In spite of it all, I still remain The Real Champ in the eyes of all my adoring fans. One day I will make good on my promise but I thank you fans for staying in my corner during this loooong drought. Getting beaten 10-2 by Kage is not the way The people's Champ had envisioned the tourney outcome. Kevin and Mike T went up against Mike W and Robert. Guess Kevin shoulda stayed retired. With a supposed partner upgrade he still could not get it done. Mike W won the battle of the Mikes 10-7. A lesson for Mike Thompson here, the last time he won a tournament he teamed up with a Dam Great partner. Brute!! Do you feel like your career is flailing once again. The fourth match. All I can say is wow. Earl and Kingsley were in tough against Choppy and Rupert. It came down to a 9-9 afffair with the entire room looking on. On Kingsley's turn to play I am sure he could feel everyone's breath on his neck. Well I guess he made the wrong shot because Earl was livid. Choppy and Rupert got an early Christmas present it would seem. They were on to the semis.
Well I guess the present got returned or Santa started to kick ass. In the semis Herbert and Tony continued their run. They sent Choppy and Rupert back into their holes. The score was 10-7. So it was up to Mike W and Robert to see if they pull it off against Kage. Well it was not to be. Their wings got clipped and they along with brethren Choppy and Rupert were heading out the door. Kage won 10-8, they would have been unbeaten except they forfeited the 1st prelim game because they showed up late. A lesson for all here, "When I say 8:30 that is exactly when I will get on the way". I suppose the prelim games don't count for much but I won't be sitting around wating for teams to show up.
Herbert and Tony made it to the finals from being the bottom seeded team that was flogged 6-0 and 6-1 in the prelims. Like I said before you just need to win when it really counts. Anyway in the matchup against Kage they were handled like rag dolls. Kage opened up a huge lead and won in easy fashion 10-2. I guess Tony and Herbert ran out of stamina and like a well oiled machine Kage romped. Once again in that familiar place after 3 months, the winner's circle.

I will see you all in January. I plan to make that The Big One. With time to plan I should be able to get some trophies etc and have something the magnitude of the old Tournament of Champions. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

As always, nuff respec'             
                                                               February 2005
After 2 months away, you bet there were a lot of hungry hunters in search of this month's top prize. By the end of the nite 15 teams gave it a whirl. Deon and Tony kept the theme of love alive dropping one on Alton and Kendal. Maybe we are not big on the Valentine thing. After the prelims we had a 3-way tie for the 1st time. Oddly enuff there was also a 3-way tie at the botttom of the standing. Nickel Deuce got the top spot over Leroy/Dom and Jasom/Marcel. The top team got a 1st round bye.
Jason/Marson were definitely not elated at the fact that they drew defending champs Kage in the 1st round. The latter came out as 10-4 victors. The King teamed up with Prince. The royal team faced off against Gold/Anthony. They came out ahead 10-4. Alton/Kendal avenged their 6-0 by ousting Deon/Tony 10-5. Bird/Marson got to 6 against Mike/Ian and thought they had the set won. They were unaware of the fact that they had to get to 10 first. That did not hapen and they got bounced 10-7. Nov/Reuben built a firm lead against Lyn/Dwayne. The latter team's comeback efforts were thwarted as they lost 10-7. Dom/Leroy turned back Winston/Chin 10-7 as well. In the final 1st round match-up Fish/Calvin got by Jason/Roger 10-8.
In the 1/4 finals Alton/Kendal held off Dom/Leroy 10-7. The other 3 games were even closer. Kage got by Nickel deuce 10-8. Nov/Reuben topple Ian/Mike in a 10-9 thriller. In another 10-9 squeaker Fish/Calvin edged Team Royalty. In the semis, Fish/Calvin easily handled Kage 10-3. Alton/Kendal got by Nov/Reuben 10-7. In the final Alton and Kendal took over in the middle of the matchup and pulled away for a decisive 10-6 victory. March 12th will be the next tournament.    
                                                           March 2005
A rather sparse turn out. That was the 2nd time in 3 tournaments that the weather dictated the size of the field. This one could have been called "The Return Of The Fassy". With only 6 teams lined up Leroy and Dom was the best in the prelims. They were 2-0 as was the team of Kevin and "The Fassy".
Both teams had byes and were automatic semi finalists.
In the first playoff round. Mike T and Ian made short work of Marson and Brenda during a 10-3 romp. Bronze and Lance ran over Nov and Reuben 10-4. In the semis, Kevin and Ross put the tarnish back on Gold. They downed him and Lance 10-6. In the other semi, Leroy and Dom opened up a big lead and then staved off the challenge of Mike and Ian. The score was 10-8.
Then final was a lopsided  affair. Ross and Kevin came out of retirement and laid teh smack down. "The Fassy" returned with a vengeance. The score was 10-2 over Dom and yours truly. I retired them once and I will just have to get together a new package. If these brutes show up on April 2nd, I will personally give them the beating of their lives. Maybe this time I will retire them for good. But for now You can call yourselves champs.
Hopefully, you will all come out on the 2nd of April let us get spring off to a lovely start.

Dixon Hall Challenge

On March 18th, the folks from Dixon Hall came by for a return visit. Things were totally different though. Like last time they were ahead at the half. This time though, they lost the second half but were able tokeep the overall margin very sizeable. They were victors by 23 points. The MVP for Dixon Hall were Wendell and Joeseph. For our club it was Glen and Clinton. Be on the lookout for another one next month. I will pass on the word.
                                                                    April 05
As mentioned above there were only 6 teams. 8 of those 12 have already been to the winners circle, with over 2 dozen wins amassed among them in the 39 tourneys played, two no contests included. Plus at least a dozen appearances in the finals. Well how about that for star studded. Glen and Clinton, fresh off an MVP performance in last month's challenge was also on hand. The other team was King and Ossie, as we all know if it was a blabbing contest the King would be the runaway winner.
It wasn't, so on that nite he made a prophet out of Glen and Clinton. Just prior to their matchup in the 2nd prelim round, the prediction was that The King would be crowned. In a few short minutes the coronation was broadcasted live for the whole room. HE! HE! HE!  Earl and Kingsley were seeded at the top after a 2-0 prelim. Leroy and Dom for the 3rd straight tournament went 2-0. I am starting to feel like the Philadelphia Eagles here, just can't hit the jackpot. 
In the playoffs the games were quick and decisive for the most part. In the first round, Kage easily eliminated the defending champs Ross "The Fassy" and Kevin 10-4. The 2nd game was closer, as The King and Ossie looking to avenge an earlier thrashing fared much better. However, they could only get  7 wins against Glen and Clinton. A 10-7 defeat capped a winless nite for The King and Ossie. In the semis. Leroy and Dom steamrolled Glen and Clinton. The latter team did not look like the MVPs from last month.  They had absolutely no answer for the flurry of blows delivered by Dom and Yours Truly. 10-2 was the score in that massacre. Guess MVP now has a new meaning. Most Vicious Punishment (Laugh). Earl and Kingsley took on Kage in the other semi. They took off from the gate and opened up. Kage staged a mini rally but like Bellamy Road did to the opponents in the Wood Memorial, Earl and Kingley was long gone. They won in a canter, 10-4 the score there.
In the finals, Earl and Kingsley squared off against Dom and Yours Truly. Once again Earl and Kingsley strode off to the lead. This time the opponents were able to get the perfect stalking trip. At around midpoint Earl and Kingsley held a slight 6-4 advantage. The tide turned quickly. A few poor shots, combined with gritty opponents had things unravelling for Earl and Kingsley. Before they know it Dom and Leroy were breathing down their neck real hard, edged past. From there it was all over by the shouting. Dom and Leroy like eagles were flying high but unlike Phillly they had the winning stroke. They closed out by winning the final 6 games in a 10-6 contest. One that mite have been closer if the opponents were not so mistake proned. Hats off to Earl and Kingsley, they had a good run. Nuff props to Dom and Leroy who finally got to the winners circle after months of knocking on the door.  
Once again, I can add champ to a resume that features award winning journalism, brilliant director and organizer, among other things. I am sure a lot of you would say best trash talker, most full of -well lets say it. Either way, until any of you can tek da championship from Dom and Myself, ah doan waan hear nuttun. If any a oonuh tink say oonuh bad enuff come test. In the meantime, this ego maniac will be saying his prayers and eating his vitamins.  (laugh)

Seriously tho, nuff respect to you all and hopefully I will see you soon.

The Great One (once again)
                                                              July 2005
With a lot of apprehension, we waited for Sunday July 17th. After 2 months off, would everyone be hungry for action once again? How would we fare in another new venue? Well, 15 teams showed up to rumble. We got rolling around 3:30-3:45. The prelim rounds did not produce any major excitement. Calvin and Mark(Fish) were the top seeds after winning a playoff game against Ryan/Wong. Brenda and Dane, back from their hiatus, were the other unbeaten team.
The new venue turned out to be graveyard for the higher seeded teams. Of the 7 first round games, 6 were won by the lower seeded teams. Mark and Dread lost to Brenda and Dane in the prelims but turned things around quickly with a 10-1 trouncing to avenge the earlier loss. Ian and Marson won their first match by simply overwhelming Ross and Kevin 10-3. Jason and Marcel after a horrible start also got things going with a 10-4 romp over Glen and Clinton. Earl and Kingsley looking to better their runner-up finish last time out held off Maurice and Roger 10-7. Lyn and Dwayne pulled off a come from behind upset over Snipes and Rookie. Deon and Steve sent the #2 team packing in a close fought 10-9 encounter. Ryan and Wong lost for the first time in a nail biter but unfortunately that spelled the end for them. The real highlight of the round came when Kage demolished Mike W and Robert 10-0. The latter team was unable to speak for the duration of the tournament.
Kage continued their run towards yet another championship by discarding Mark and the Dread 10-5. Jason and Marcel kept their momentum by ending Lyn and Dwayne's Cinderella run. Midnite struck for the latter after a 10-7 loss. Deon and Steve put the final nail in the coffin for Calvin and Fish. In yet another 10-9 encounter, Deon and Steve kept rolling into the semis. The highlight of this second round came when Ian and Marson completely polished off April's finalist, Earl and Kingsley. The score 10-0. Man!! Maybe Valentine's day has been shifted the way the loving was dropping.
The semi finals had a little drama. The matchup between Deon and Steve and Kage had a dispute early in the set. Deon and Steve came out firing afterwards. They opened up a fairly comfortable lead but Kage stormed back and got really energized. Both singing along to the background beats, ran past Deon and Steve as if they were standing still. In the end it was 10-6 for the 5 time champs. Deon and Steve did not have another upset in them. They had a good tournament though considering they met there and teamed up without even getting a prelim game in. Two huge upsets derserve some kind of mention. The other semi was closely contested. Both Jason and Marcel and Ian and Marson were starting to find the right stroke after shaky starts. The momentum swung both ways as neither team wanted to go home without the grand prize. In the end Ian and Marson came out on top 10-8.
The final started off being hotly contested to the mid point. Then the tide shifted. The raging storm that is Kage swept by Ian and Marson, winning the last few games to close out the set with a 10-6 victory. Then they slapped hands, danced around a bit. The very reason why I love these guys. Not sure if too many others on the circuit feels the same way. The way I see it, these guys deserve the marquee billing they get. That is 6 tournament wins in a year and a half. They are the now team, exceeded in greatness and charisma by the star that had the night off. That star is planning to shine again in August to calm the rage that is Kage not to mention that they are currently battling for the overall lead on the circuit. There are a more to add to the retirement list. Laugh!!
Anyway peeps, August we are hoping to build on what we have here. October is just around the corner and we should have our big tournament then. I will try to decide the format in the next couple of weeks.

Aight den
                                                               August 2005
So wi saddle to the east! Once again, our east end tournament was a whopping success. 16 teams all together battling for supremacy. One or two new faces. One or two making a return from retirement. The prelims concluded with all of 4 undefeated teams, The King/Darrel (12-2) lead the field. Nickel Deuce (Roger/Terry), Alton/Kendal  and Kage were also 2-0.
Well! As we shifted to the playoffs, the loving continued. Nickel Deuce laid a seeeeerious butt whipping on Fay/Jason.
10-0!! 10-0!!! 10-0!! Yup! MVP! Most Vicious Punishment! For Fay/Jason a horrible nite ended in the most horrible fashion. Will Fay re-retire or go give Gary a call and try to redeem herself. Wong and the other Ryan cruised past flavour's owner Bobby and his P Granville. The score was 10-4. Lyn/Dwayne proved once again that they can play the spoiler role very well. This time they issued Ian/Marson a one way ticket to Loserville. For the 2nd month in a row they pulled off a major upset, the score 10-4. Speaking of huge upsets, Karen/Glen easily toppled Alton/Kendal. The former team easily romped to a 10-3 victory. The King/Darrel flew by Bird/Justin, 10-6 was the margin. Calvin/Fish edged Earl/Kingsley, 10-8. E/K was looking for redemption for the loving they got last month. Maybe next time. The real champ made a comeback against Snipes/Rookie. It was a close match-up throughout but in the end, "the champ" was asked to go back to the gym and tune up for next time. Snipes and Rookie came out ahead 10-8. The last match-up in that round had mutiple champs Kage ( Coffee and the original Ryan) going against Rambo/One. The final score was 10-6. Rambo drew first blood after almost a year away tossing the winningest team to date aside.
The 1/4 final match-ups were competitive for the most part. The King/Darrel fell behind Karen/Glen 5-1. They switched up and started to erode the gap. At 5-5 Karen/Glen switched but they could not stop their opponents' momentum. In the end The King rolled to a 10-6 victory. For Lyn/Dwayne the midnite struck. Ryan/Wong dug in to erase a deficit and got home comfortably, 10-7. Rambo/One hooked up with Nickel Deuce. The players went all out. I guess Rambo will have time to do tha sequel because in the end Nickel Deuce won by a slim 10-8 margin. Calvin/Fish went up against Snipes/Rookie in the 4th 1/4 final match. Calvin/Fish opened up a fairly comfortable lead. They had a game in the steward's room, after it was decided that Rookie actually told his P to block the game. Rookie, however, used his craft to get that game back. He knocked the table causing Calvin to expose his card. After a closely contested match, Calvin/Fish won 10-9.
The semis were up next. On table 1 Calvin/Fish faced off against Nickle Deuce. On centre court (table) Roger's brother Ryan and his P, Wong were battling The King/Darrel. This is the 1st time that we have had siblings making it this far in any of our tournaments. Table 1 was full of action as Calvin/Fish found themselves in another 10-9 match. Centre Court ended 10-7. Would there be a Venus-Serena type moment here? Well the answer is no, unfortunately. Neither Ryan nor Roger made the final. As mentioned before Calvin/Fish won 10-9 and The king/Darrel won 10-7.
The final was set. The King looking to reign on the table for once. Calvin/Fish won 3 matches by a total of 4 games and were looking to crown The King. The King/Darrel strode out, comfortably, in front. Their opponents playing in their 2nd final from 3 tournaments this year tried to rally back. However, this time around there would not be a 9-9 situation for them to come through in the clutch. The King reigned on that nite. 10-6 was the final score. Maybe now I should stop calling him the Buger King or the So-called King. After completing an unbeaten nite, he hoisted his crown.
Folks, most likely September 11 we will do it again.

Your Champ.                      
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