March 2009 Tournament

It was a year ago that we invaded The Den at Lover's Lounge for the first time. 10 teams were on hand for this one including Sir Leo who won the opening tournament at Lover's Lounge a year ago. He and Sticky were last minute walk ons. This time around Sir Leo would'nt be around for the final. Kage mauled him and Sticky 10-4 in the opening match. The other first round matchup featured newcomers Braidz and Chip going up against Silver and The General. We have tarnished Gold now Silver. Raas! General was on form with him mout as always. Had the youngsters and their female fans rolling on the floor with laughter. Bradiz and Chip also got rolled out the door after a 10-5 loss.
As for The General, his laughter ended the in the 1/4 final round following a vicious 10-2 punishment from Rookie and Snipes. That was it for General and
Silver, they didn't hit the medal podium on this occassion. Bad Gal and Bobby Sox were involved in a family feud with Mr. Forbes and his P, Marcel. Daddy and Mommy wind up pushing aside the uncles 10-4, moving on to the semis. Boss Crew's Eyezz and Deuce went up against Ross and Kevin. That one was a close encounter but Eyezz saw his way into the semis by winning 10-8. The last quarter final match up had Kage against Gold and Popout. Interestingly, this match up is a restart after Sicky and Sir Leo's brief stay. Earlier Gold and Popout were up 2-1, when the last team was accepted. Pop and Gold inherited a bye.  Kage sprinted too an early 7-2 advantage. Popout and bronze (lol) made a spirited run at their opponents closing the to deficit to one. Kage won the final game in that 10-8 encounter. Did bronze, lol, flip or what after that game? Apparently his p made a wrong switch.
In the semis Glama and Coffee aka Kage went up against breddrens Snipes and Rookie. It was over for Rokkie and Snipes from early. They had little punch in the 10-5 affair. That loss could have cost Rookie and Snipes a shot at being number one. In the other semi Eyezz and Deuce took on Bad Gal and Bobby Sox. It was a close encounter and Eyezz and Duece Bigalow, the male gigolo, like Bam Bam Bigalow scored the pinfall. Bobby Sux's rookie brain fart cost the that match up. With 2 cards and the lead all he had to do was play 5 deuce and win back with hard 6. But Bobby briliiantly managed to block and the opponent with 3 cards, one hand ones, the other blanks that count less than 7. Sorry I have to call you out. You are #1 on Jamdom you must know better than that. LMAO!!! You other Jamdom ID should really be BOBBY SUX!! Eyezz saw his way into the final other a 10-8 lucky break.
The final was set and the Boss Crew would rule the roost either way. Kage against Eyezz and Deuce. Kage had made bold predictions. Glama predicting a 10 luv and Coffee that Glama would make 2 mistakes. So he went with 10-2. Neither were right about the score. It was 10-4 and Kage cantered home Secretariat style. After a slow start to the prelims, they hit stride. Surviving a stiff quarter final challenge from Popout and
Gold. They cruised out the rest of the way like champion thouroughbreds.

Welcome back award winning journaist. LOL!!

Massive Sekkle!
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