Camp Gilgal

"Camp Gilgal West 2002 "

What is Camp Gilgal

Camp Gilgal was established by Jews for Jesus in 1991 to provide a unique opportunity for children of Jewish believers (even where only one parent is Jewish) to learn about their Messiah and heritage with other children with a similar background. Most children who attend Camp Gilgal have at least one parent who is a believer in Jesus, but many have few, if any, other relatives who are believers. Through their experience at Camp Gilgal, we want them to come away knowing what it means to have a relationship with the Lord and to grow personally. Many parents have contacted us after camp to let us know how much they appreciated the positive changes which took place in their child's life. And several have even told us how the experience literally turned their child's life around for the better.

What kind of things do we do at Camp Gilgal? Loads of activities from exploring the restored Gold Town of Columbia, to horseback riding in the Sierra's.

What else can you tell me about Camp Gilgal? Swimming pool, sports fields, water slide, skate board park, private river with deep water holes for safe swimming, great fun, fellowship, and a time to learn more about God and our Jewish heritage in a Christ centered environment.

What about the food at Camp Gilgal? You will have to come and taste for yourself.

Do we get to eat ice cream? That is a good question and you will need to come to Camp Gilgal and find out for yourself.

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