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An Archive of Rebetiko Research Materials


The Archive contains research papers from our Hydra Rebetiko Conferences [2001 to 2006] and also research papers gathered from other places. Click on titles for access. Please note that some of these links take you to a separate website.

[In alphabetical order]




Panagiotis Agiakatsikas – The Zeybek Rhythms and Dances of Greece and Lesvos Island


Ali Fuat Aydin  – Oral Transmission Techniques in the Kaba Zurna Repertoire

of Anatolian Zeybek Music


Ali Fuat Aydin – Shared Greek and Turkish tunes


Ed Emery  – Aspects of Arabo-Islamic musical culture in Greek zeibekiko


Cenk Gόray – An analysis of Zeybek tunes in respect of their makam  structure


Muammer Ketencoglu – Programme note on Zeibekiko


Spyros Peristeris – The Entry of Stavrakas into the Tekke


Nikos Politis – Zeibekiko dance: a unique example of a Greek folk dance of the 20th century, originating from Turkish Zeybek dance patterns

Dionisios Savvopoulos – A Long Zeibekiko for Nikos



Bόlent Aksoy – Music that Fell into Oblivion


Hank Bradley – Dinos Pappas: A Biographical Note


Markos Dragoumis – Kyria Koula and the "Votsis March" [in Greek]


Marc Dubin – Considerations in the Compilation of a Rebetiko CD


Ed Emery – Rebetiko – a Brief History


Ed Emery – Research Note: The Problem of the Etymology of Rebetis and Rebetiko


Nearchos Georgiadis – Politics and Popular Song [in Greek]


Gail Holst-Warhaft – World Music and the Orientalising of the Rebetika


Dimitris Hyphantis – Heroin, cocaine and morphine in Rebetiko Song [in Greek]


Zaharoula Meraklou – Memoirs of an Oriental Dancer


Nikos Politis – Censorship in Rebetiko from 1937 onwards, and a specific case involving Vassilis Tsitsanis and Markos Vamvakaris


Gerhard Steingress – Hondura and Delirio: Lessons from the Flamenco-Rebetika Meeting held in Granada, June 2005


Katalin Szabo  – Representation of place in Rebetiko song [in Greek]



A select Bibliography of recent books with relevance to Rebetiko Studies






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