Hydra Rebetiko Conference - October 2006 - Programme of Events

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The Sixth International Conference on

“Researching Rebetiko: Present Projects and Future Prospects”



The Old High School – Island of Hydra

Thursday 12 – Monday 16 October 2006


Conference Programme


The Conference programme will include the following elements:





ALI FUAT AYDIN and CENK GÜRAY [Izmir and Ankara]: “The Role of Greek Composers in the Development of Classical Ottoman Music”


ANNA BABALI [University of Surrey]: “Constructions of Greek Musical Nationalism”


HANK BRADLEY: Three Greek Musicians in the USA


ETTORE CASTAGNA: “On the Calabrian lyra” [Not confirmed]


ED EMERY [Institute of Rebetology, London]: “The Music of Dimitris Gongos (‘Bayaderas’)”


NORMAN HEALY [SOAS, London]: “An introduction to (Anatolian) Zeybeks and Zeybek music” 


NIKOS POLITIS [Athens]: “The Zeibekiko and Hasapiko dances in the Rebetika songs genre”


HARIS SARRIS [University of Athens]: “The influence of the tsambouna bagpipe on the lyra and the violin: searching for the ‘heart’ of the music of the Aegean”


OLAF SCHÄFER [Berlin]: “I Chira“: The first bouzouki-recording in Germany 1917


YONA STAMATIS [University of Michigan]: “Mikis Theodorakis and
the popularity of the Entechno Laiko Tragoudi”


KIRSTI THORSEN [Athens]: A paper on Seferis and Greek music


ZAHARR A. MANEVI (ZAHAROULA) [University of Economics, Izmir]: “Memoirs of a Greek Dancer”




Whose Song Is This? (Adela Peeva, 2003)


The Hydra Rebetiko Gathering (Emilio della Chiesa, 2006)


Musicians of the World: Greek Music in Israel (Leonidas Antonopoulos, 2006)


The Wonder of Görlitz (Konstantinos Toubekis, 2006)




Once again our director of music, KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS, is bringing a team of musicians for the Douskos Concert on Saturday 14 October. These will include

KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS (violin and baglama), MANOS KOUTSANGELIDHIS (kanonaki, vocals), KATERINA MITROPOULOU (outi, vocals), DIMITRIS MISTAKIDIS (guitar, vocals) and NIKOS MARMIGAS (bouzouki).


As usual, there will be JAM SESSIONS happening spontaneously here and there. In general, the Friday evening jam session take place at the To Steki restaurant, just up from the harbour. The Saturday evening concert takes place at the Douskos Restaurant in the centre of town.





This is prior notification of the Rebetiko Summer School to be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, London) in late June 2007. This will involve a major conference on ZEIBEKIKO AND ZEYBEK DANCE, bringing musicians, dancers and researchers from both Greece and Turkey. Anyone wishing to attend this event should contact rebetiko@soas.ac.uk




The Hydra Rebetiko Conference takes place as one of the activities of the



¶ The FREE UNIVERSITY OF HYDRA is a conference-based organisation created
with the support of the Mayor and Municipality of Hydra and dedicated to the study and research of all matters concerning the culture, economics, history and social life of all the countries which border the Mediterranean.











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