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Born in Ankara in 1973. He was graduated from TED Ankara College (1991) and Middle East Technical University Mining Engineering Department (1995). At the moment he is a Research Assistant at the same university. He is one of the young representatives of Turkish folk instrument “Baglama”. He has studied Baglama Technique and Anatolian Music Theory with Erhan Kurkcu, Mehmet Semiz, Okan Murat Ozturk, Veysel Aydin and Tahir Aydogdu, and studied Jazz Theory with Durul Gence and Murat Arkan.


With many different groups and with his own, he has performed in many concerts and festivals in Turkey and other countries. He has appeared in many concerts and involved in various research activites with Ali Fuat Aydin on “Zeybek” music. They have compiled many unknown melodies in Anatolia and contributed to the Turkish Folk Music Repertoire of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. They are now in the study of a CD on Zeybek Music and some concerts with Talip Ozkan who is one of the great masters of baglama.


With his “Experimental Music Ensemble”, mixing the spirits of Jazz and Anatolian Music he has performed in most of the important music and jazz festivals in Turkey. Nowadays, he is studying on a new jazz project on his compositions, featuring the leading jazz musicians of Turkey. With group “Yagmur Oncesi”, of which he is one of the founders, they are playing Anatolian melodies and their own compositions with jazz-rock sound. He is also involved in ”Bachlama” project of Okan Murat Ozturk, that contains the compositions of J. S. Bach in its repertoire.


He has also taken place in many studio recordings, radio and TV programs as a musician, arranger and producer. He is the academic consultant of the Turkish Folklore Club of Middle East Technical University and he has been teaching “Baglama Techniques” and “Anatolian Music Theory” in this club since 6 years. He has attended many seminars and conferences on music as a speaker and director, and has many written publications on music.




“Duman Almis Yaylayi” by Yagmur Oncesi, Ant Music 1998.

“Nisan” by Yagmur Oncesi, Ada Music 2001.

“THBT’li Turkuler”, mixed, Herdem Music 2001.



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