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Kalamatiano A Greek dance tune

Rae’s Bubbly Kopanitsa A Bulgarian dance tune in 11/8 learned from Rae Marnham

Antice Bulgarian song tune

Hasapiko  Greek dance tune

Francosyrriani A Greek song tune

Balkanzdjisko horo A Bulgarian dance tune in 7/8

A school burned down This is a Greek song tune

Biz Ayrilamayiz A Turkish folk song

Ludo Mlado Bulgarian song tune

Belogradzisko Horo A Bulgarian dance tune

Sarah This is a tune I wrote,sort of an Irish – Greek tune, written in Australia by a Scotsman!

Radino Horo A Bulgarian pravo, played by Boris Karlov

Radino page 2

Radino page 3

Strumisko Petorka A Macedonian dance tune in 5/8

Karlov’s Gankino Another tune played by Boris Karlov, this one’s in 11/8

Karlov’s Daicovo Horo Boris again! This time in 9/8

Plovdivsko Horo 25/8 tune .Presumably from Plovdiv.

Lucy’s Kopanitsa Bulgarian 11/8 tune

Greta’s Romanian tune Might be called "Trilisetile", or maybe that’s the name of the dance

Makedonski Devojce A very commonly known Macedonian song

Racenitsa # 2,page 1 A fast Bulgarian dance tune

Page 2

Daglar,daglar This is a Turkish folk song 

Mustafa This is a Greek song tune 

Racenitsa # 1 – This is a fairly quick Bulgarian dance tune

Acem Asiran Saz Semai – 29kb This is a Turkish (Ottoman) classical piece in makam Acem – Asiran, composed by Misirli Ibrahim (1872 – 1933)

Ajde Jano – 16kb Macedonian song in 7/8

Beyati Saz Semai – 21kb From the Arabic classical repertoire,

this piece is believed to be from Iraq

Cicek Dagi – 31kb Turkish folk tune,the name means "Mountain Flower"

 Debka # 1 – 24kb Lebanese dance tune

Denjovo horo – 27kb Bulgarian dance tune

Devojce,devojce –20kb Macedonian song

Yangin olur biz –8kb 19th century Turkish tavern song

Cecen Kizi –23kb Turkish classical piece composed by Tanburi Cemil Bey (1871 – 1916)

Kahramana –25kb Egyptian belly dance tune composed by Farid al Attrache

Lama bada – 17kb Anon. Arabic.This is apparantly one of the most commonly recorded tunes in the Arabic repertoire.I’ve heard Spanish,Morrocan,Palestinian and Sudanese

versions,even as background music for a television program about Mali!

Mashkoto oro – 27kb Macedonian dance tune

Mevlana – 19kb Turkish piece (14th century?)

Norits yegoon – 11kb Armenian tune

Ogradjzensko horo page 1 – 27kb Bulgarian dance tune

Ogradjzensko horo page 2 – 21kb

Prisons of Oropus11kb Greek rembetika tune

Pusteno # 1 – 22kb Macedonian or Greek dance tune

Sandansko horo – 24kb Bulgarian tune in 22/8

Kjuperlika – 27kb Macedonian/Turkish tune

Sari zeybek – 6kb Turkish folk tune

Sirto # 1 – 18kb Greek dance tune

Thalasaki – 20kb Greek song

Tsamiko – 28kb Greek dance tune

Uskudara giderikin – 19kb Turkish folk tune

Vangelio – 22kb Greek song

Dance of Zalongou – 22kb Greek song

Gerontikos – 22kb Greek/Macedonian dance (Old people’s dance)


*If you would like some of these pieces in "tab" for stringed instruments email me using the link below with details of your instrument eg. Number of strings and string tuning.

The same applies if you want them written for a transposing instrument eg.Bb clarinet or trumpet.

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